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If your dog is doing the same thing to your dog and you’re thinking of the cause and what you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand the possible causes, and the ways you can do about them.
Why is my dog love to lick my neighbor’s dog’s back? The possible reasons your dog is licking your other dog’s back could be the fact that it is your pet grooming your pet, your dog is under control, or your dog suffers from an obsessive disorder or it just likes the smell.
Your dog could be doing this for a variety different reasons and could be because of some combination of these. But, there are many factors to consider in determining the primary issue and several ways to fix it.


Reasons why your dog licks your other dog’s back

Here are some reasons why your dog may be doing this and what makes each one most likely to have been the most likely reason.


Dogs aren’t allowed to be able to lick their own backs or on the face or behind the head, so they’ll usually let other dogs take care of their own. The reason the dog you have licks on the back of another dog might be because it’s helping the other dog groom itself. It is more likely if the other dog also does the same and if your dog does the same for your dog in other places, such as its back.


It is usually an expression of respect. The reason your dog is kissing your dog’s back may be because your dog is acting submissive. This is especially likely when your dog is doing it more frequently when your dog is aggressive, and also when your dog makes other signs of submissiveness around the other dog.


Dogs also tend to kiss each other as an act of bonding. This could be the reason that your dog is playing with your other dog. It is more likely if the dog licks your dog in other locations, as well as if the other dog also licks it.

Obsessive behaviour

It may also be that your dog was doing it because of an obsessional-compulsive disorder. This is the situation where your dog is compelled to lick the back of your dog , but is unable to stop it from doing so. It’s more likely in the case of a dog that is licking your pet’s back repeatedly. In this situation it is recommended to seek assistance from a veterinarian.

It likes the taste

The reason could happen because the dog enjoys the smell of your dog’s back. It is more likely in the event that your dog does not appear like doing this regularly and doesn’t show the signs of being submissive.


Things to consider about your dog licking your other dog’s back

Here are some suggestions to think about when trying to figure out the reason behind why your dog is doing the same thing to your pet’s back.

If your dog has always licked your other dog’s back

If your dog hasn’t always licked the other pet’s back, it might be beneficial to look into what occurred when your dog first began to do it. If it started to do it at a momentary interval, the reason may be that it began becoming submissive or realized that it liked the scent of the back of your dog.

What is different when your dog licks your other dog’s back

If your dog appears to be licking your pet’s back more often at an exact moment, it might be beneficial to think about what is different about the way your dog does this. For instance, if your dog is more likely to do it when your dog is fighting, it will be more likely to be that your dog is submissive.

What to do about your dog licking your other dog’s back

Here are some options you can take when trying to deal with the behavior.

Avoid encouraging it

It could be that your dog is learning that this behavior is rewarded. It is better to stop rewarding your dog every time it licks your dog’s back, and reward the dog when it hasn’t been licking the other dog’s back.

Give it other things to lick

Another option is to provide your dog different things it can lick like bones. Doing this will help dissuade the dog’s attention from this and can help get it to stop the habit.

Get help

If your dog is suffering from some kind of infection it may cause the dog currently licking the back to contract an infection also. If you are unable to make your dog stop licking at your pet’s back, it might be helpful to seek assistance from a veterinarian. Alternately, you can consider using a dog cone to stop the behavior until your dog breaks off of this habit.


Why has my dog suddenly started licking my other dog’s back?

If your dog is kissing the back of your dog at random, it could be that your dog has come to understand that this behavior is rewarding and it has started to be at ease or discovered that it enjoys the flavor.
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What Does It Mean When a Dog Licks Another Dog on the Back?

Animal experts haven’t yet identified the exact message given by a dog who licks another dog’s back, they have discovered that when one dog licks another’s back, it is a sign it is displaying either affection or submission. Dogs also kiss their owners to demonstrate affection or respect for their owners as well.
In some instances, the lick can be a sign that the dog has the need for water, food, or go outside. Licks may be directed towards the owners or other dogs. It is believed that affection is one of the main reasons dogs will lick because of the endorphins released in dogs whenever they lick humans and other creatures. These are the same endorphins we feel in humans when they do activities like biting their nails or listening to music. The licking process helps release anxiety and provide the dog with a an experience of relaxation with their pet owner or other dogs.

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