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Sometimes, dog behavior can be a real puzzler. There is nothing as shocking or horrifying as watching your dog lick the butt of another dog. Maybe you have a dog that is licking the other’s butts or your pet is licking his butts during doggy play dates, at doggy daycare, or in the dog park.
Although it’s not completely evident why dogs occasionally bite other dogs’ butts and tummies, it’s probably linked to why they do it. their own. Knowing why this behavior is occurring will aid you in learning how to put an end to it, and help get your dog to be healthy within a matter of minutes.


Problems with the anal glands

Anal glands are located in dogs which are also known as scent glands. These are located on both sides of the rectum. The scent glands serve as used by dogs to identify his territory to other canines. Sometimes, they be affected or infected making your dog attempt to show some playful dog behavior in order to make himself more comfortable.
Sometimes, problems with the anal gland can be a single-time problem however, for dogs suffering from particular medical conditions they may recur. For instance, if your pet is overweight, suffers from hyperthyroidism, allergies to the environment or food sensitivities, or suffers from chronic skin infections as well as yeast and/or bacteria, he’s more prone to infections or impacted anal glands.
Along with scooting around the floor, exhaling an unpleasant smell, and then focusing on the abdominal area, your dog could take a bite of his own. If he’s doing the area frequently, and isn’t able to stop, it’s a sign that there’s a problem. It could be that the anal glands are harming him or the region is leaked and he’s licking the fluid.
If you find you dog biting your another dog’s anus, the dog who is licked could be suffering from anal gland issues you must deal with. Watch out for this dog behavior, and check to see whether there is fluid that is coming out of your dog and determine whether there is any fishy or bad smell coming from your dog.

Pheromones and information gathering

It is normal for dogs to smell one other’s genitals and butts as the two first come into contact. Your dog is sensing the pheromones of another dog and acquiring details about the age of the dog is, his gender, the age and the health of the dog.
But, the act of sniffing and licking may occasionally lead to “obsessive” territory. If your dog doesn’t stop and licking at other dogs’ genitals or butts, this could mean that your pet is obsessed with the habit of licking. This is a pet behavior that you should stop as soon as you can since there are risks related to this behavior (covered in the following paragraph).


Dangers of licking other dogs’ butts

If your pet is licking another pet’s back in the dog park or when out at the park, the pet that is being who is being licked may become upset and growl or strike your pet. It is impossible to predict how a dog is likely react when he is treated to a lick, and you aren’t going to want your dog to be injured due to the habit of licking.
If your dog is seen licking the back of a dog it could be that he is inhaling the faecal matter that isn’t good for your pet. It is possible that he eats poop in other ways it could be an indication of a larger health problem. If dogs eat poop, it could indicate you that the pet is undernourished, he is suffering from an infestation of worms, or is lacking in certain enzymes and isn’t receiving an adequate diet. If he’s licking at the taste of poop it could indicate of these health problems, or something else such as Cushing’s or diabetes.
If you want to stop your pet not eating waste products your vet may suggest altering the diet of your dog and ensuring that he gets sufficient time to play and exercise and educating him so that he’s not touching other dogs’ butts.
If you observe that your pet is licking another’s butt and you are concerned about it, then in no way should you allow him to touch you or any of other members of the family. This is particularly important in the event that he loves to lick your face. You shouldn’t have any anal gland secretions , or the fecal matter to be on you also.

Training your dog to stop licking other dogs’ butts

Finding the root of the issue will be the initial step to aiding your dog. If for example, the dog is eating obsessively and you are unable to figure out the issue that is causing him stress and figure out how you can ease him back. This could mean speaking with him using a calm voice, offering the toy he loves or chews to calm him down, as well as making sure he is able to release his energy during playtime or out for a walk.
If your pet is licking another’s butt and smelling the faecal matter your veterinarian will provide some guidelines or suggestions on ways to address this dog’s behavior. When one dog suffers from anal gland problems you’ll be able to tell due to the way that they smell and behave. Perhaps , treating your dog’s anal gland problems can cause your dog to stop the habit of licking his.
In your training sessions, make sure to always reward good behavior instead of reprimanding your dog for bad behavior. It has been demonstrated to be unproductive and your dog will simply cover up the behavior from you.
While our dogs may are known to do all kinds of strange behaviors, there are methods to correct this behavior and help them behave in a way that is safe for them. With a little practice, positive reinforcement, and an appointment with a veterinarian to get your pet to quit licking at other dogs their butts.


Preventing Your Dog From Licking Their Butt

If your dog is regularly touching their butts the first step is contact your vet to make an appointment. While you wait it’s recommended to stop your pet from licking their back quarters, as it could worsen the issue. Like scratching the bite of a bug or rubbing the scab excessively licking or scooting over the area affected even though it may bring temporary relief to your pet, could increase the severity and lengthen the healing process. When this happens try to distract them by playing with toys or a loving touch.

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