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If your dog is kissing the ears of your dog You may be thinking of the cause and what you can do to stop it. This post will provide several possible causes, and the ways you can do to address them.

Why is my dog like to lick the another dog’s ears? One of the possible explanations for why your dog is licking the ears of your dog’s companion could be that the dog you have groomed the other pet, your dog is submissive or your dog suffers from an obsession disorder, or it just likes the taste.

There are a variety possible causes for why your dog may have been doing this, and it could have a mix of causes. But, there are many options to think about in determining the primary reason and several ways to fix these.


Reasons why your dog licks your other dog’s ears

Below are some possible causes and what could make each than likely to cause the most important factor.


Dogs aren’t able to lick their ears by itself, therefore the other dogs are more likely to have their ears licked for them. The reason your dog is licking the ears of another dog might be due to the fact that it’s helping the other dog groom itself. It is more likely if the other dog does the same and if your dog is licking your dog’s other areas , such as its back.


It is usually an expression of respect. The reason your dog is at times licking the ears of another dog may be because your dog is acting submissive. It’s more likely when your dog is doing it more often when your dog is aggressive, and also when your dog makes other submissive gestures towards your dog.


Dogs can also lick one in a bid to strengthen creating bonds. It could also be the cause your dog is playing with your dog. It is more likely if the dog licks your dog in other locations, as well as if the other dog also licks it back.

Obsessive behavior

It could be that your dog is doing it because of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is when your dog is compelled to rub your dog’s ears and cannot stop by doing so. It is more likely in the case of a dog that has been licking the pet’s ears for a long time. In this situation it is recommended to seek help from a veterinarian.

It likes the taste

It could happen because the dog enjoys the smell of the ears of another dog’s. It’s more likely in the event that your dog doesn’t appear at all frequently and doesn’t show numerous signs of submission.


Things to consider about your dog licking your other dog’s ears

Below are some points to take into consideration when determining the primary reason your dog is playing with your dog’s ears.

If your dog has always licked your other dog’s ears

If your dog’s behavior was not always clean your other pet’s ears, it might be helpful to think about what occurred when your dog first began to do it. If it began to do it in a sudden manner, the reason may be that it began getting submissive, or perhaps it realized that it liked the taste of another dog’s ears.

What is different when your dog licks your other dog’s ears

If your dog appears to be more aggressive during a specific period of time, it may be helpful to look into what is different about the way your dog exhibits this behavior. For instance, if your dog seems to do it more when the other dog is behaving aggressively, it will be more likely that your dog is submissive.

What to do about your dog licking your other dog’s ears

Here are some solutions you can consider when dealing with the behavior.

Avoid encouraging it

It is possible the dog been taught that this behavior is rewarded. In the meantime, it is best to not reward your dog every time it licks the ears of another dog and be rewarded when it isn’t doing the same thing to your other dog’s ears.

Give it other things to lick

Another option is to offer your dog things it can lick like bones. This will help keep it from doing this.

Get help

If the dog you have with you has an orifice, it might lead the dog affected to develop one too. If you are unable to make your dog stop licking at your pet’s ears, it might be helpful to seek assistance from a veterinarian. You could also consider using a dog cone to stop the behavior until your dog has gotten away from the routine of it.

It’s Soothing For The Licking Dog

Everyone has their individual nervous tics. Dogs are also afflicted with nervous tics. One of the most popular ways that dogs soothe themselves is to lick. Sometimes, they’ll just lick their feet, while other times they’ll even lick their dogs’ ears.

Licking can be extremely soothing for dogs. If you have a nervous or stressed pet, this may be the reason for them to be constantly licking other dogs’ ears. The good thing is that this is a simple behavior to correct. If you don’t need to end the habit of licking process, it’s just a matter of redirecting it to another location.


It’s Normal For Dogs to Lick Each Others Ears

It’s a bit unsanitary, but it’s common for dog breeds to kiss their ears. The most common reason behind this is grooming. The dogs are simply trying to keep one another healthy. That means there’s no reason to worry about this kind of behavior.

If you believe that the amount of licking is excessive it could cause irritations and sores for the dog that is being treated. In this case, you should consider giving the two options that were mentioned earlier a shot. It’s always a good idea to make an appointment with your vet.

Why has my dog suddenly started licking my other dog’s ears?

If your dog started to lick your dog’s ears in a sudden manner, it could be that your dog discovered that the behavior is rewarding, and that it began to be submissive, or maybe it’s realized that it is a fan of the flavor.

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