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If your dog is kissing your dog’s face, then you could be wondering what the reason is and how you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand the possible causes and how you can do to address them.

What is the reason my dog love to lick my neighbor’s dog’s face? The possible reasons your dog is licking your other dog’s face is because your dog grooms your pet, your dog is under control, or your dog suffers from an obsessive disorder or simply enjoys the smell.

There are a variety possible causes why your dog is kissing your pet’s face. It could result from a variety of factors. There are many options to think about in determining the primary reason and several options to address the issue.


Reasons why your dog licks your other dog’s face

Below are some possible causes, and what might make each one more than likely to cause the primary reason.


Dogs aren’t able to lick their own face , therefore other dogs often make their own faces lick. The reason your dog will lick your dog’s face may be because it’s aiding your dog to groom itself. It is more likely if the other dog does the same and also licks the other dog in different areas, like its back.


Licking can be an expression of respect. The reason your dog is or licking the face of your dog could be because the dog is acting submissive. This is especially likely when your dog is doing it more often when your dog is aggressive or when your dog makes other signs of submissiveness around your dog.


Dogs also love to lick each to form a bond. creating bonds. This may be the reason your dog is playing with your dog. This is especially likely if the dog licks the other dog in different locations, as well as if the other dog also licks your other dog.

Obsessive behavior

It could be that your dog was doing it because of an obsessional compulsive disorder. This is the situation where your dog is compelled to kiss your pet, and is unable to stop it from doing so. This is especially likely in the case of a dog that is licking your pet’s face continuously. In this situation it is recommended to seek help from a veterinarian.

It likes the taste

It could occur because your pet enjoys the smell of your dog’s faces. It is more likely in the event that your dog doesn’t appear at all frequently and doesn’t show any signs of submissiveness.


Things to consider about your dog licking your other dog’s face

Here are some suggestions to think about when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is that way.

If your dog has always licked your other dog’s face

If your dog’s behavior was not always lick your pet’s face, it may be beneficial to look into what occurred when your dog first began doing it. If your dog began doing it in a sudden manner, the reason may be that it began being submissive , or it realized that it liked the smell of your other dog’s face.

What is different when your dog licks your other dog’s face

If your dog appears to be licking your dog more often at a specific moment, it might be helpful to look into what happens when your dog does this. For instance, if your dog is more likely to do it when your dog is fighting, it will be more likely that your dog is submissive.

What should you do if the dog that is licking your pet’s face?

Here are some suggestions you can consider to deal with the behavior.

Avoid encouraging it

It could be the dog been taught that this behavior is recognized. In the meantime, it is best to stop rewarding your dog every time it licks the other dog’s face, and to reward the dog when it hasn’t been licking the other dog’s face.

Give it other things to lick

Another suggestion is to offer your dog things can be licked, like bones. This will help stop the dog’s attention from this.

Get help

If you have a dog with an infection on the face, it could be causing it by kissing it. In this instance, if you can’t convince your dog to stop licking at your pet’s face, it might aid in obtaining assistance from a veterinarian. You could also use a cone for your dog to stop the behavior until your dog has gotten off of this habit.


Why has my dog suddenly started licking my other dog’s face?

If your dog is to lick your pet’s face it could be that your dog learned that it is rewarded for this behavior and it has started to be more submissive, or perhaps it has realized that it is a fan of the flavor.

Final Thoughts: Dogs Licking Faces

Domesticated adult dogs are known to be licking the faces of each other due to their wolf puppy origins. It is likely that it is your pet licking at a dog’s face to get attention, however, it could also be a sign of respect or a way to relieve hunger-related pains too.

You can attempt to deter the behavior of your pet by distracting it or training it to not do the same however we don’t suggest this method. Since dogs are genetically predisposed to do this, preventing this behavior is nearly impossible.

Furthermore, this behavior isn’t considered to be aggressive or generally not considered acceptable until it is out of control. Apart from dogs who get enthralled with licking, licking enables them to interact with dogs in a manner which is respectful of the other dogs. The most important thing is not to teach your dog to be awkward in social situations!

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