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If your dog is frequently licking blankets it is possible that you are contemplating the cause and what you can do to stop it. This article will provide the possible causes and the ways you can do to fix them.
Why does my dog like to lick the blankets? The most likely reasons your dog is wiping blankets is because it’s stressed, enjoys the taste of dry skin or sweaty skin cells that are on the blanket, or it has a scent that is evident on the blanket, or it’s a habitual behavior.
Given the variety of reasons that your dog may be wiping your blanket it is beneficial to look at what could make each one more likely. When you have an idea of the likely reason, it will become easy to convince your pet to stop it.


Why your dog licks blankets

Below are the most common reasons dogs behave this way and what could make these more likely to constitute the most important reason behind why your dog is doing it.

Compulsive behavior

It is possible that it’s due to OCD. This is why it is in a constant state of wanting to lick the blankets, and continues to do it. This is especially likely if it’s been constantly licking blankets for several weeks. In this situation the best choice is to seek help from an animal veterinarian.


Anxiety could be what has been causing it to do it. It is more likely to happen if it begun doing it following an event that has occurred that might make it feel anxious, or if it occurs more frequently during a time when it is most likely to feel anxious. It could be that it is more frequent when someone is at your home, as you prepare to leave your home, or when there is a loud sound coming from outside.
If it does it more frequently when you’re not at home, it will be more likely to mean that it’s because of separation anxiety. This is especially true when your dog is prone to get anxious when you leave your home, or is licking the blankets you have on yourself because they will likely be suffused with the scent of the person you are on the blankets. It can be helpful to identify the reasons that it is anxious through activities like exercise and feeding it prior to leaving, to make it more likely to rest while you’re away.

It likes the taste

While you’re sleeping in bed, dead skin cells gather on your blanket, which is bitter to your pet. The reason it licks blankets may be because it is a fan of the way they taste. It is more likely if it is inclined to take a bite of blankets that have been used, and does not take as long to lick them after washing them.
If it seems to do it because of being a fan of the taste or the flavor, it could be an indication that something is wrong in the diet. It is more likely if it began doing it following an alteration of its food.


It smells your scent

It is possible that the blanket has a strong smell in it. The reason people tend to touch the blanket might be because it smells your scent and the scent makes it feel more calm. It is more likely when it does it more often when you’re not in the vicinity.

You have been inadvertently rewarding it

The reason why it is licking blankets may be because you’ve accidentally conditioned it to do this. This is probable to be the cause should you give the dog things it would like including attention, treats or toys whenever you let your blankets get licky. Instead, it is beneficial to give your dog a reward for not doing it and attempt to redirect the attention whenever it appears likely to be starting to do it.

Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to think about when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started licking blankets

If your dog didn’t always lick the blankets It is a good idea to think about what happened when it first began doing it, as it could be possible that it was an incident that triggered it.
If it started to behave suddenly it could be because of factors like if you were able to leave the blanket for longer periods, making it nervous, food or drinks sticking to the blanket , or it may have realized that it is the reward for doing what it does.

What is different when it does it

It is also helpful to look at the timing of the time your dog is likely to do it , since it is possible that the time of day has some connection with it. For instance, if the dog is more likely to do more frequently when you’re away from home, it could likely to occur that the dog is doing it because of anxiety about being separated.


How often it does it

It’s also important to think about the frequency your dog is doing it. If your dog has been constantly licking at the blankets then it’s much more probable to result in a compulsion behavior, and one you’ll need to seek help from a veterinarian or dog behavior therapist.
If it occurs more often, then it may be helpful to look at what’s different when it does it.


It is the first thing to look at the causes of behavior and begin from there. Dogs are prone to this kind of behavior more often. It’s like humans using their pen or bite their nails. It’s possible to do this but it’s not always the case. Your dog is always exploring the environment that surrounds him. If they’re licking objects that they are licking, it’s the best way to make them aware of the object or location. In the event that your dog has been being a bit agitated in a sporadic way, it is possible to change to something that is more enjoyable and useful.

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