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If you notice dogs licking each other’s private areas, it’s in fact a normal and healthy dog’s social behavior. It’s an informal way of getting to know each other with grooming and the scent of the other. … If dogs are meeting for the first time in their lives, they beg and sometimes lick each “private area”.


Why does my dog lick other dogs?

He has been known to do it to dogs of other breeds and can be a complete personality as well. It’s normal in a way, as dogs share lots details about their own through the scent emanating from their genitals and their backs.

Why do puppies lick their private parts?

In the world of dogs it is commonplace to see a small amount of licking is a part of regular grooming habits. For instance either a male or female dog might use a genital lick after urinating to aid in the process to clean the area. If this is the situation, the licking is connected to eliminating and does not last for long.

Is it Tolerated by Other Dogs?

While these behaviors are common in many situations, it does not suggest that the dog will be able to take the behavior – at the very least, not for long.
For the most part, adult dogs, like they will tolerate the sniffing and licking of their private areas for as long as it takes before they signal to the dog that it’s got enough. Puppy dogs who lick older dogs’ paws will do this for longer lengths for a longer period, or at the very least attempt, but the more mature dog will stop after a few minutes.
So, what exactly does the meaning be when your pet doing something to a dog’s privates as well as when do you need to become concerned?
Three (3) general reasons for why dogs behave this way that can be outlined, including:

  • Basic grooming – If your dog continuously licking the genitals of your puppy, or other body parts that is prone to licking, it could indicate that it is simply trying to keep its hygiene in check with its companion. If dogs continue to lick for lengthy durations that is the most likely reason. However, while they tend to lick another dog’s ears or any other part of their body when they want to groom but they will occasionally rub the genitals of their companion instead.
  • Habits – Dogs are known to treat the genital area of another dog in a way that is not a habit. Since dogs and puppies are habitually the act of licking and sniffing around their environment to find out more about the world around them and the world around them. If they’re habitually licking the genital region of a different dog, they might continue to do it because of habit.
  • Health issues can be a problem – Sometimes dogs exhibit this kind of behavior due to something wrong and requires expert treatment by a vet. This could include issues with cancers or infections on the dog in question as well. Because dogs’ perception of smell superior to human’s, they often recognize an issue with their health before you’re able to. If your dog is constantly licking or inspecting the genital area of your puppy or other areas of his body, it could mean that something’s wrong with the pet, in which it’s a good idea to visit the vet is suggested.

If this is an activity that you do not want your dog to engage or engaging in and are confident there’s nothing wrong with the animal, then there’s methods to stop it.


How To Stop Your Dog From Licking Other Dog’s Private Parts?

In between 10 and 15 seconds, let your pet “come” to you then keep it away by giving it a treat or toy. You are able to always remind that puppy “no” or “enough,” any word that can make your dog realize that this behavior isn’t acceptable. It will not take much time for your dog to recognize that if it engages in this kind of behavior, it must only last only a few seconds, not more than a few minutes.

Problems Associated with Obsessive Dog Licking

If you now have the answers to your question, let’s discuss some of the potential issues that could arise from this behavior?
If your dog is known to be licking another dog’s private parts frequently, and you’re that there’s nothing wrong with the dog in question however, it could create some uncomfortable situations if it continues to go on unabated.
Also in other words, even if the other dog isn’t bothered by the behavior, it may result in some issues to occur that, as an animal lover will not wish to witness. Skin problems may occur when the skin is irritated and remains wet from the constant cuddling.
The continual licking could cause small abrasions aren’t apparent however, they can make the area more vulnerable to bacteria infiltrating and possibly leading to an infection.
The risk of contracting an infection is quite real in these conditions This is why the continual licking is best stopped by some training. If your dog is already suffering from an infection, the continuous brushing could make it more severe, and could result in a serious reaction later on.
It doesn’t only need been the dog’s sexual part which could be infected. Combining licking with applying extra moisture to an area or body part, such as for instance, the inside of the ear, can cause an infection in the body’s specific area.
Another reason why continuous licking shouldn’t be allowed by your pet, especially in the case of an infant since they’re more susceptible to getting infections in the first place.



If your dog is licking or smelling the body of another dog such as the private areas generally, there is not something to be worried over, but there are some exceptions to this standard. Licking excessively could indicate an undiagnosed health issue in the dog that was licked that is why a visit to the vet is required.
Additionally the behavior could lead to infections or aggravation of an existing infection in the event that the behavior does not stop. You can easily teach your dog to avoid doing this, if you want to the idea, and it may be beneficial, particularly if the dog kissed is not part of your family.
Your dog’s licking of another dog’s private space could be nothing but it could be something that is significant.
If you pay enough focus on your dog while it’s doing this, you’ll be able tell whether it’s something you should be worried over or otherwise. Remember what you should be looking for, and the rest will be simple.

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