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If you’re like most pet owners, then you’ve spent a quiet morning or evening at home , when you feel the tongue wet or feel a pair of sharp teeth on your heels or toes. Certain dogs possess a fascination for the human foot and it is often manifested as a desire for licking or bite the squishy feet. Being a human it is understandable that licking potentially smelly feet might not be an attractive idea. It is likely that your dog may have different ideas as you are when it comes to engaging in fun ways with family members. A dog’s the intimate touch of feet can satisfy some of the most basic physical and social requirements. If you’re contemplating what’s going on in the dog’s brain when he rubs his feet, here’s a list of ideas based on the psychology of dogs and physiological processes.


What’s the Root of Behavior?

Dogs are dependent on their highly responsive senses of taste and smell. There are a variety of ways that dogs could be using these senses obsessedly using your feet.
For certain dogs it is possible to lick your feet be an effective method to get acquainted with your. The oil and sweat that you put on your feet could give your dog lots of information, as do the pheromones.
There’s not a lot of research on pheromones. However, it’s plausible to think that a dog that regularly picks up and chews on your shoes and socks or even licks your feet in a maniacal manner is attracted by the pheromones you’re wearing.
In the case of other dogs, the act of licking or looking at your feet may be a sign that you’re acting as a member of the group. Engaging your feet with them may indicate that your dog would like to feed, play with, or engage with you in a manner that is in line with the needs of its. If your dog is a herder and is licking and nibbling at your shoes, then it may be trying to pull you along.
Dogs can also lick their feet due to stress and are soothed through the release of endorphins the feet are licking.
There are dogs who lick their feet just because they like the salty taste in sweat. If your dog is deficient in nutrition, it might be specifically looking for salt to replenish its nutrients.

What To Do About Foot Licking

Veterinarians advise gently deterring this kind of behavior, without threatening the dog or shouting. Keep in mind that licking is a normal habit in dogs. Punishing them for this behavior can cause them to feel unsafe with you.
Instead, you should redirect your dog’s behavior towards something that is more pleasant, such as lying down or sitting and give the dog positive reinforcement. You’ll want to focus on redirecting your dog’s behavior if it’s an avid foot-nipper. If you have toys in your pockets and you want to get the dog’s attention away from the feet, and then redirect their attention away from them.


Encouraging the Behavior

When your feet are the dog’s most-loved salt lick, what do you need to be concerned? For the majority of dogs, it’s not an issue. If your dog’s behavior is unusually repetitive you should visit the vet could be appropriate. It will be able to tell you if there’s a mental or medical issue that’s causing the problem. If there is it is, then treating the issue could assist your dog to stop off from the brushing. If all is well then you might be dealing with a foot licker on your hands. Keep in mind that this behaviour regardless of how odd it might appear, is a sign that your dog is happy with you and secure at home.

If you are licking your feet, your dog is becoming an equal members of his pack. If you’re not bothered by the dog’s licking of your feet, allow it to occur. It’s unlikely to cause harm to the dog and could increase the bond between both of you immediately and in the future. It is possible to make him lick you by putting his feet on his when he’s stressed, just as you would provide him with a warm blanket if you were a human kid. You might find that the smile in his eyes when you look at him is worthy of the occasional sloppiness in his kiss.

Other Solutions and Considerations

You may know all of this, but be squeamish, or happy when your dog touches your feet. Veterinarians suggest that if you want to stop this behavior, do it gently and without yelling at or punishing your dog. Liking is a normal instinct for dogs, and reprimanding these instincts could cause your dog to feel less secure with you. Instead, when your dog begins to lick or nibble on your foot, direct it to another, more pleasing activity, such as taking a seat or making paws.

Then, you can encourage the behavior, thereby making sure that your dog stays away from your feet, but without breaking his spirit. In the event that your pet is the foot-licking type also, preventing this behavior could be more crucial than redirecting to licking. The experts suggest having the toy in your pockets that you can hang in front of your dog as he runs for your feet. Fun balls to play with can help satisfy the herding instinct of your dog whether he’s at home or in an animal park.



While there are a few unanswered questions regarding the reason your dog decides to concentrate on your feet, rest at ease knowing that this is a natural behaviour. If your pet is healthy you don’t have anything to be concerned about. Make sure you redirect the behavior in case it’s causing problems.
It’s impossible to know what your dog’s thinking when he spends just a few minutes at your feet. So long as he’s healthy, it’s okay to maintain a sense of mystery between you and him. Keep in mind that being attracted to your feet usually means an interest in you, probably his most loved person. Relax, sit back and take in being surrounded by “puppy love!”

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