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Do you wonder why dogs love socks? It is discovered that socks make a great dog toy since they can be cut into pieces, and dogs can have fun playing with them. If socks disappear from your home and you don’t know where they’re located.


Why do dogs like to chew socks?

Dogs love chewing socks as it’s an instinctual behavior. The reason dogs chew socks is a variety of different reasons, including:

  • In order to get our to pay attention (we often provide them with treats and pets after they have chewed on the object)
  • Cleaning their teeth (dogs require dental treatment just like we humans and chewing their socks could help to keep their dental health on track).
  • Socks can be delicious! Socks are made from various substances that dogs love like cotton, for instance, when they are mixed with sweat that your feet produce. Chewing socks may be tasty! However, it is important to remember that certain breeds of dog have been reported to swallow bits of fabric or other items which can cause obstructions in the intestines. If you observe that your dog is swallowing socks, you must immediately stop this behavior.
  • They are just looking for fun! Some dogs chew on socks because they’re bored or wanting to have a great time. Chewing on socks can be an opportunity to let off energy and keep amused. This could be the reason when your dog doesn’t chew on shoes, but solely socks… Have you ever provided him with an item to chew on when chewing his socks? If no and you think that’s the reason why the dog started doing it at all! It is important to pay attention to your dog also.
  • To ensure that you don’t have problems with your dog wanting to chew on socks (or any other item) Make sure you’re providing him with enough toys in the house, so that he does not feel that he’s missing socks to enjoy his time. Make sure that you’re not providing him with socks or other items he shouldn’t ever consume!

The reason why dogs might like socks

Dogs may be drawn to socks due to the scent. Since socks are placed close to the human’s feet they are able to absorb smells that dogs like. However, this isn’t always the case as some dogs have sensitive noses and don’t enjoy being exposed to these kinds of smells. Sometimes, dogs take a bite of socks if they have foodstuffs or objects stored inside, which could draw their interest. Another reason why dogs might like to have fun with socks could be boredom, much like humans, where the only option is to play with the random objects they see for fun. There might also be some element of relaxation when chewing on socks , based the degree of softness and flexible it feels against the puppy’s gums and teeth when they are teething.


How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing Socks

If you’ve ever owned an animal, socks may be something that you wish they didn’t touch. Socks are one of the objects that dogs like to chew, and it’s frustrating when the socks you love most are broken into pieces. This article will provide methods to stop your pet from chewing socks, and still give them the opportunities to have fun!
Be sure to keep socks out of the way where they can be found The most effective method is to place socks in a location that your dog is unable to be able to reach them or even view them in any way. If you keep doing this regularly enough, the chances are that, after a few days of being unable to get to socks, your dog will quit trying to locate socks!
Find a more appealing alternative If you’re able to keep socks from your dog, but you are also able to provide him with other items he enjoys chewing, make toys from socks! Take an old sock and fill it with some soft things that are suitable for dogs. It is possible to use crumpled up towels or paper or small toys such as tennis balls or squeaky toys (make sure they’re not too large) socks with no soles that are worn, etc. Once you’ve filled the sock with enough stuffing to keep its shape and tie it off with a second piece of fabric, so that it doesn’t leak out when your dog is playing with the sock.
Teach him not to chew with words: If your dog making a run to something that he knows is prohibited, like socks on the sofa while you’re watching TV, inform the dog “no”. Use a firm tone and be sure to say you’re serious about your business. It’s also beneficial to keep your dog leash, so that if your dog does get into something which he shouldn’t be or playing around with, it’s possible to stop the behavior immediately, instead of letting it spiral beyond control.
Make sure that socks are kept away from places where they could be chewed If your socks are in the reach of your dog, even just an inch or two from the bed or couch, chances are that one day your pet will come across the socks! The best method to keep socks safe is to keep them out of reach for dogs in all times.

Other Solutions and Considerations

Dogs are extremely sensitive in the sense of the senses of smell as well as taste. Since humans utilize their hands to feel and investigate all things, animals also utilize their mouths and noses. Socks, particularly when they’re dirty, have a strong smell which is attractive. This could be the reason your dog seems to be attracted to it instead of the chew toy you purchased at the shop. Understanding the reasons why dogs like chewing on your socks could be beneficial, and even choosing the right toy that has an aroma that is strong can benefit the dog quite lot. Socks aren’t harmful to chew on by animals however, they are possession of their owner.



We are devoted to our pets and they cherish us deeply. If they love us, sit on our laps or just comfort us, they’re our best friends. When we understand their behavior more deeply and understand their needs, we might be required to be willing to show them love even if that requires us to give them our stinky socks.

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