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If you own dogs, you might have moments when they will not leave your closeness. They might sit at your feet, or paw at you or speak to you. These adorable moments that they lay on your feet is just one more of their cute actions, right? As we love those warm evenings with our pets by our side We often overlook the basic reasons that drive the majority of their actions.
Our dogs are extremely loyal to us and demonstrate this in a variety of different ways during the course of their day. Their actions are often a reflection about their feelings and are based on a deeply roots that go all the way back to wild dogs.
What exactly mean that our pets are always glued to our feet? In this article , we’ll discuss the eight causes behind this behavior. We’ll also offer a glimpse of the thoughts of your pet as they lay with you!


Why Dogs Love Your Feet

There are a variety of reasons your dog might love lying on your feet. It could be due to being affectionate or just instinctual. There’s always a reason behind this behavior and can be due to comfort and simply wanting to be the other members of their family. Let’s review of what might cause your dog to follow you throughout the house and to keep your feet entertained.

It Goes Back to Instincts

Although it isn’t easy to imagine our dogs being “pack animals”, they still possess those traits that are ingrained. Even our chihuahuas of 10 pounds who haven’t been outdoors, they’re domesticated from their wild relatives. That means that they’ll display some of the characteristics typical of a wild, pack animal.
Wild dogs typically move in groups. If they decide to stop for a rest at a resting place, leaders of packs will locate an area to lay on in their preferred spot, and the majority of the pack will gather for security and warmth. Imagine your house as your personal wild simulation. Within your home, you are the pack leader.
The act of sitting down and lying down at your feet could be a way of instilling a certain behavior into their DNA. Because you’re the leader you must be laid on your feet after you’ve found a comfortable place. This gesture basically tells you that they regard you as the superior to the rest of the group, and they’d like to sit at your feet to show an expression of their respect for you. It could be their personal sign of reverence and loyalty.


Do they feel safe this way?

As our furry friends view us as their leader in the pack, they see us as their super-hero. Our pets trust that we will look after themand believe that we’ll protect their interests when they need it. Remember an age when you were a young child and you entered the room in a crowd with someone whom you believed in. You likely found yourself looking towards your guardian and trying to remain in their presence always. Our dogs have the same attitude when they feel anxious.
If our dogs are anxious in a particular circumstance, they’ll run to you in order to be safe and, most likely, cling on to you feet. As the pack leader they are relying on you to ensure they are in a safe place. Although this is often the case in a brand new setting for dogs however, it could be an everyday occurrence for a dog who is submissive as well.
When you think about it this way sleep can be the most fragile time for puppies. When dogs are asleep, they appear to be unaware of the surroundings. When in the wild, it might be considered to be the most dangerous moment for wild dogs because they are invulnerable to any threats. Our spoiled dogs aren’t wild animals but they still seek an area of safety to lay their heads. Being able to simply lay on the feet of your pet and be able to feel their hand will give them the peace they require to sleep.

Is this a territorial behavior?

Like we regard our pets as their own, they view us in this way also. Because you are an amazing leader of your pet, they’ll often want to define their territory and keep out other dogs. When you’re out in public, you’ll frequently see your pet in close proximity, even at least over you.
This is their method to tell other dogs that they are their pack leader, and that everyone else should be quiet! Our dogs are very loyal to us, and this is a way of keeping us all in their own world. It is their method of saying the great pack leader you are and also how no other dog could claim your name as their own.
Although this is fine in the absence of any aggression that is associated with the act There are occasions when this behavior can be a bit frightening. Certain dogs are too attached to their owners that they fear harming other dogs who are too close. It is not the case that every person who walks into our territory is dangerous, but when your dog becomes aggressive with you, it might be time to talk with an expert trainer on ways to curb this behavior.


How Do I Stop My Dog From Sitting at My Feet?

If you’re studying this behavior, chances are you are trying to figure out the reason your dog is doing it. If you are looking to deter your dog from lying to your side, there’s some simple ways to do it and I’ll explain the options in this article.
Be aware that this behavior is not harmful. If you like it, then you should take the chance to spend time to your pet and share the love he shows. However, if you do not like the manner of behavior or simply require him to be away from your feet at times, it’s okay.

Making It Stop

The dogs will typically repeat a behavior when we have reinforced it in the past. This could be the reason why your dog will often lay on your feet. You’ve already communicated to him by your words and actions that it’s acceptable to do this in spite of not knowing.
The best thing you could do is not show him affection whenever he’s sat next to you. Be aware of the behaviour when he is around, and beware of the urge to pet or praise him, or even give him a reward for it.
However, you should not yell or kick your dog when you see him do this. You already know that the behaviour isn’t harmful but if you react in a violent manner to it could cause damage in various ways to your dog.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s an adorable act. If there was a method to let our dogs demonstrate how much they appreciate us, it might likely be done by sitting on our feet. When they lie down or sit on our feet, they are showing us how great of our job we’re doing as their leader of the pack. If this behavior is not associated with any unwanted behavior that is the normal thing to let our dogs show us how much they appreciate.

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