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Have you ever returned from work, took off your socks and shoes and sat on the couch only to find your dog cuddle up to your legs, and then begin to lick your feet? This bizarre and uncomfortable habit might be something you’d like to eliminate from your pet however, before you start make a decision, you need to be aware of the reason your dog is kissing your feet.


Reasons Your Dog Licks Your Feet

Showing They Are Submissive

Dogs love to lick their owners’ feet to demonstrate that they are aware of the order of pecking in the pack. Dogs view your family members as a pack , and at they regard their owner(s) is the leader of the pack. Dogs that are naturally than submissive, will show their respect towards the leader of the pack by applying a lick to their feet. Your dog will be content with this behavior and feet licking is one part of the way they communicate with you.

Attention Seeking

If your dog is desperate for your attention, they’ll try everything they can to earn it, even the owner’s feet being licking. Your dog is likely to first signal that they’re looking for attention through the way they express themselves, for example looking at you with a sharp stare and leaning against your back as well as wiggles and vocalizing however, when these tactics aren’t working, they might show other signs of affection, like jumping, pawing or barking. Smaller dogs and those with shorter legs tend to lick or play with their owners’ feet for attention.

Getting to Know You

Dogs learn about their surroundings via thousands of receptors that are found in their noses and mouths. Dogs’ memory for scent is more powerful that their memory for visual and they’ll be able to recall who you are more on your smell than you appear to be. Humans release scents, salt, pheromones and waste through sweat. Dogs are known to be seen licking sweaty spots on the body of their owners as well as their feet to learn more about them.

Because You’re Dirty

The dog’s licking of your feet could be a sign that your feet aren’t completely clean. Have you stepped into the food? Are you walking naked outside? Your dog might be licking your feet since there’s something in those feet your dog is looking for.


Stress Relief

Pets love to lick things because of the same reason that they like chewing on things – it’s a fantastic for stress relief. The act of chewing and licking releases endorphins in the brain of your dog that help to relax and manage stress. If, however, your dog is licking your feet or any other object like couches or the floor, this could be an indication of compulsive behaviour that has to be dealt with through training or perhaps medications from a veterinarian.
How do you stop a dog from kissing your feet
As we’ve already explained that dogs will lick your feet isn’t always an undesirable thing. It can be a sign of a the most solid and healthy bond with your pet. However, it is unsanitary and a negative experience for many. This is why it is possible to try to stop the dog from licking our feet. To do so, we can:

  • Distract their attention: redirecting the dog’s attention to a different task can be a beneficial option to get your dog away from this kind of behavior.
  • Positive reinforcement: positive reinforcement could be an extremely effective method to help your dog learn. If your dog begins to do something like licking the soles of your shoes, you are able to be firm and tell them to stop (do not punish or punish the dog). If they stop their behavior and stop it, you can reward your dog with an treat, or other positive message that will help them to understand that this is something to be avoiding.
  • Basic education: it isn’t just a useful means to stop your dog kissing the soles of your shoes, it is also a crucial aspect of any dog’s health. In basic education training you’ll be able to train your dog to recognize specific commands. “No” and “stop” are two essential commands. If you’ve managed in teaching them the commands you will be able to apply them to stop the licking behaviour.
  • Find an ethologist. Dog trainers and ethologists are able to assist us in times of need when we’re not able to fix a problem with our dog. They are able to use their expertise and skills to analyze the dog’s health, figure out why they’re doing this and then use useful techniques to avoid this behavior from happening.

For all dogs it is important to ensure that the education (or the reeducation) that your pet receives can be accomplished by following the rules of three P’s that is patience, practice, and perseverance. When we are respectful of our dog and allow them to have time to learn, we will observe that they develop quickly and quickly.

Is it bad for my dog to lick my feet?

It’s not necessarily bad that your pet kiss your feet from time to time. But if he’s always doing it and is not able to stop, he could be experiencing something. He may be stressed and requires your assistance. If you’ve recently moved into a new house or adopted a pet or has moved in the dog could begin to become stressed and may lick your feet more frequently. As time passes, he will adapt to the new environment however, you should offer him the best toys, snuggle with your pet as often as you can and give him a comfortable bed to sleep inside when you’re not there to ease his stress.
It’s just not good for your pet to rub your feet when you’ve got any kind of chemical on your feet , such as medicines or lotions for example. For instance, suppose you have mosquito bites on your feet and applied the cream to treat it. The ingredients it contains could be harmful for dogs. If your dog is licking your feet but then starts to vomit or appear irritable or is suffering from diarrhea, then bring him to the veterinarian immediately.



Dogs may be able to be able to lick your feet in order to gather data, show your affection and love, show acceptance, or ease tension. It’s a common practice and only becomes an issue in the case that your pet is doing it repeatedly or is licking toxic lotions or cream from your feet. If you aren’t happy when your dog is licking your feet, avoid him when he is doing it and reward him when you are near to your feet but doesn’t touch them.

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