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Dogs are known to do many strange and strange things. They get shoelaces stolen, sniff around the crotches, and run about in circles prior to sitting down to take a nap. Your dog may also prefer to lay in between you legs. Dogs are often inclined to lie in between the legs of their masters, only a few of us understand why they do it. This is one of their most baffling interests.
They are generally warm and cuddly. they may try to rest close to you or family members. Small dogs typically like to sleep on their backs, but larger dogs may also do this, if they feel comfortable.
It’s not always due to the desire to cuddle and cuddles, sleeping on your legs may be a sign of anxiety. There are several possible reasons your dog rests on your legs.


Affection and cuddles

Dogs are generally very cuddly and loving animals and that’s one of the reasons that we have such a love for them!
Be aware the fact that dog breeds are pack animal. Puppy dogs often sleep together and love cuddling with each other. This is for both warmth as well as bonding between the pack. Your dog regards you as part of their ‘pack’ like you view them as a part of your family. they may wish to be close with you.
If your dog lies asleep on your legs an indication that they’re in love with you, and that you’ve made them feel secure. It’s generally a great indicator!

Warmth and comfort

Your dog could be more cuddled during winter. We all do. If your dog loves to snuggle close to you frequently and especially during the time of cold this may be an indication that they’re not sufficiently warm. They may attempt to’spoon onto’ you, curl up onto your shoulders, or lie between you. They may also want to sleep on your legs.
If you take a moment to think about it, the space between your legs can be extremely cozy. Not just does the warmth of your body emanate from your legs it could also feel as if they’re being hugged by huge hands that are squishy and soft.
We all enjoy the extra cuddles from our dogs in the winter months, but if do not want your dog to sleep on your couch or if it’s uncomfortable to hug them as they’re sleeping, attempt to keep them warm.
To ensure they are comfortable You can consider buying their a cozy doggie coat or putting their bed close to a heating source, and including more blankets in their kennel or bed.



A dog that sleeps between its owner’s legs could be suffering with anxiety. If your dog is insistent on sleeping in between your legs and reacts in a negative way even if you inform them not to, it could be due to their anxiety. If they see you as their safety net, they’ll feel secure with you.
Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety typically need to be near their owners all the time even when they’re sleeping. They may be adamant about snuggling when they’ve been through a difficult experience.
Although a dog’s sleep between your legs may not always be due to anxiety It may be an indication that your dog requires particular attention, especially in the case of other signs of anxiety.
Other indicators of anxiety in dogs are:

  • Trembling
  • Activities are reduced
  • They are tucking their tails in between their legs
  • You are running away (either from your house or from a space in your home)
  • Urinating inside, despite training
  • Biting or licking their own skin
  • Sleeplessness
  • Fear of strangers
  • Fearful of high-pitched sounds
  • Phobias that are not explained

These events can result in your dog being afraid of things that trigger the fear. If they’ve been hit by a vehicle for instance the noise of traffic may frighten the dog and they may not want to be walking on the streets. If they don’t like the collar and leash they wear you may have seen them chained outside or hurt using leashes. For your dog, these items are a reminder of danger, so they try to avoid it in order to keep themselves safe.
Anxiety doesn’t just affect your dog’s mood. It could also trigger problems with their behavior, damage their digestive system, and impact their sleep. If their fears prevent them from eating, exercising or grooming and groomed, it could affect their overall health.
There are a variety of ways to treat anxiety in dogs. You can speak with your vet about the best treatment options available for your dog.
An effective natural remedy for anxiety for dog breeds includes CBD oil. CBD comes from plants that belong to the Cannabis Genus. CBD can be used to treat a variety of ailments in humans and it can be utilized on dogs as well. This is due to the fact that canines, like humans have an endocannabinoid endocannabinoid which is a complex system that influences tissues across the body.
The endocannabinoid process can impact:

  • Eyes
  • Hair and skin
  • Salivary glands
  • The brain and mood
  • Stomach
  • Pain perception
  • Muscles

It is well-known that CBD is effective in treating anxiety in humans, but the most recent research shows that it is also able to help dogs suffering from anxiety.
Numerous studies have proved there is CBD oil is an secure remedy for canines. It isn’t able to get your dog high as it does not contain THC which is the component of cannabis that can cause a high for human beings when they consume cannabis.
There are many methods of giving your pet CBD oil. You can drop drops of oil into the mouths, or onto their food. You can also buy CBD dog treats or create the dog’s own dog-friendly CBD biscuits.
Make sure you provide your dog with the right amount of CBD oil. If you’re unsure of the amount of CBD oil you should give your dog, take a an look at the dosage charts we have. It’s always recommended to talk with your vet regarding the benefits of CBD oil for your dog. They’ll be able to recommend a great quality brand CBD oil, and can assist you in determining the right amount of CBD oil you can give your pet.


What does it mean when dogs go between your legs?

Sometimes, dogs will go between the legs of their owners in search of security or comfort. Certain studies have found that large and medium-sized dogs tend to exhibit this behavior than smaller dogs. Lack of confidence, anxiety or excitement may make dogs seek the protection or comfort of their owners’ legs.

Why do dogs sleep by your feet?

Like many of the behaviors our dogs exhibit sleeping on your feet is one of them. It has its origins in the instinctual group mentality. This reverence for one another is frequently the reason dogs sleep at the feet of their beds instead of spread out on pillows.

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