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You sit down at night to relax, read a book or catch up on Netflix Your dog chooses to lie down with you too and lay down beside your feet, or perhaps perched on your feet. It could be their favorite spot to relax to sleep.
What is the reason your dog might does this? Is this something you need to be concerned about?
The simple answer is that it’s instinctual pack behavior in response to different situations. For your dog who is domesticated, you are their pack that’s why they would like to be with you.
In this article, we’ll explore the specifics of what exactly happened you and your pet could be acting this way, regardless of whether they are acting out in a territorial manner, or just trying to stay warm.
In general, staying in the vicinity of your feet a normal behavior for dogs and shouldn’t be something to be concerned about. However, it could become an issue if it’s an indication of anxiety or stress or is coupled with aggressive behavior or if the dog is taking the behavior to the extreme and you’re running over your dog while they attempt to remain close to you.


Reasons Your Dog Sleeps At Your Feet

Let’s look at the top six reasons your dog may choose to lie at your feet.

The Dog Pack Instinct

Even though your pet’s sole owner may never have been part the pack of dogs the behavior of pack dogs is instinctual. Every dog is forced to behave as they would traveling with the pack.
We will continue and provide a variety of other reasons as to why your dog is seated on your feet, all have a connection to the pack instinct. Dogs are naturally inclined to believe to stay close to their leader is the proper choice in various circumstances.
It is clear that there is an example of this as you watch dogs in packs. When the pack comes to take a break at a certain point, the leader will be laid down in a high position that has a great view of the surroundings. The rest of the dogs will either lay down or sit around the leader.
This happens for various reasons. They gather to warm themselves They stay to ensure safety and arrange their bodies in a manner that shows the order and unity of the group.

Seeking Protection

One of the primary reasons dogs gather close to the leader of the pack is to protect themselves. They are drawn to the leader, who is usually the strongest and largest of all the dogs and is rewarded for their position by safeguarding the group.
Your dog may have come to realize that you as their protector and have come to understand to trust you as the only one that can provide them with help in times of need.
Therefore, sitting on your feet can help them feel more secure and more likely to be relaxed. It is the most dangerous moment for dogs because their awareness of the environment is reduced. When they are sleeping at your feet , they’ll think they are in “backup.”
In this way, you may notice your dog acting this way more frequently when there’s been a trigger that has caused them to be anxious. It could be because of someone new (animal as well as human) or even a thunderstorm or even a smell inside the home that is a little different from the norm.
However, the protection offered is in the form of reciprocity. Dogs do not just enjoy the safety from their leader, but also have a responsibility to safeguard them too.
Your dog could also be able to sit on your feet if they feel you require some security, for instance from the threat of another animal or human.
It is okay when it’s limited to being in a position and paying attention to what’s going on in the surrounding area. But it is problematic if they’re inclined to show a little bit of aggression in the face of these intimidating visitors.


Marking Their Territory

While you may view your dog as a part of them, they may consider you to be similar way. You are their human and they’re unlikely to let other dogs, human or cats too close.
This is just one of the many reasons dogs must be socialized properly as part of their education to learn to interact with the other members of the home and not become aggressive or overly territorial when other dogs are too close.
If you have several pets you may be aware that if your cat gets on your lap, they will jump right over in order to remind everybody of their bond to you.
It is true that this behavior isn’t a problem when it’s limited to staying close to you as an indication. However, certain breeds can be aggressive at these times. This is a negative behavior that must be taken care of.

Seeking Warmth

Your dog may want to be near you while they snuggle just because they’re getting chilly. They take from you even if it’s solely your feet, will provide them with vital warmth.
It is likely that if they are motivated by this then they’ll try to be as close as they can and will therefore be niggling and bouncing around frequently while settling down to make as much contact with the skin as they can.
This is most common for smaller breeds as they are more difficult to regulate their body temperature when it gets cold.

They Love You

Sometimes dogs like to cuddle with you due to the same reason that humans would like to cuddle up with you You are loved by them and are just looking for a small amount of intimacy.
It is likely that this will be characterized by more than being seated at your feet. They’re likely to desire to jump at you, kiss you, and may even give you a few nice kisses.
However, if none of this is possible, they’ll prefer to sit on your feet to gain a little intimacy.

They are being careful

The invitation to a guest has caused your dog to alter the way they sleep. No matter what you do, they’re in awe of your feet.
This is due to the fact that dogs are very cautious creatures.
The study found that strangers can disrupt a dog’s social aspect. Dogs’ attention to detail can make them look and evaluate. This is why they like to rest on your feet.
This kind of behavior encourages an instinctive approach to protect. This also lets dogs test whether they can identify them with the other dog.


How To Discourage Your Dog From Sitting At Your Feet

If you decide you don’t want your dog be a teddy bear There are a few actions you can take to dissuade the behavior.
In the beginning, avoid giving them any reward while they engage in this type of behavior. If you provide them with an affectionate scratch behind the ear or any other form of affection or reward while you are on your foot, they’ll realize that this is a positive result of their behavior and will likely to repeat this behavior more often.
You should instead urge them to get away from your feet and move to the right place. It’s best to have a suitable space ready, like a comfortable bed, especially when you suspect they are cosying up in the warmth. If they do decide to move from your feet to bed, you could give them a reward for their positive behavior.
It is important to put the bed in a place that is near you, as your dog will be sitting on your feet to be near you. If you have to take them away to another area, it could be perceived as a punishment for a completely normal behavior.

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