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If your dog limps when lying down, they have most likely have hip dysplasia or arthritis. Both are extremely painful for dogs and develop slowly. Unfortunately, there aren’t alternatives to surgery for either of them, however it is possible to get the discomfort controlled by a well-planned treatment plan.
The fact that your dog appears to be moving around after lying in bed may be very alarming. At first, they’re doing fine Then suddenly they’re walking as if suffering. It’s normal to be concerned and think about what’s causing this shift in mobility.


Understanding Why A Dog May Limp After Lying Down

There are a variety of reasons dogs may limp after lying down. They could be as diverse as bites from insects, injuries or nerve damage, stings tumors, arthritis, and many more.
To pinpoint the issue that is affecting your dog, it’s crucial to pay attention to your dog’s behaviour.
Is the beginning of this limping slow, or is it abrupt?

Sudden Onset

If the beginning in your dog’s limping appears abrupt, it could be due to your dog being over-exerted during exercises. Ice packs and rest will solve the issue however if that’s not the cause of your dog’s limping, there could be other possible causes that warrant immediate attention.
The sudden limping could result from trauma that is more serious when left untreated. It could be a sign of an injury to a soft tissue or joint caused by exercise or playing which became inflamed as your dog lay down.
For all that, dogs usually rest after playing and they won’t immediately reveal that they’ve injured their leg (dogs cover up their discomfort as long as they can).
Other issues, such as hairline fractures or a broken bones, can occur immediately instead of during a dog’s nap however, keep in mind that limping may be the result of an old injury getting worse.
If you think this could occur, look about the history of your dog’s medical condition and consider if they’ve had previously suffered an injury to the leg that they are preferring.
In the event that your dog’s limping manifests its symptoms suddenly, it’s essential to bring your pet to a veterinarian to determine what physical trauma has caused the change.

Gradual Onset

It’s much more probable when your dog’s limping begins after lying down, it’s”gradual onset. “gradual onset.”
It could be weeks, days, or even months and all of a sudden your dog’s limping becomes noticeable enough to be noticed and the reason for the limping is becoming more apparent every day.
A possible (common) reason for the gradual-onset limping can be a result of dysplasia. It is more prevalent with certain breeds like shepherds or herding dogs.
If you suspect that dysplasia could contribute to your dog’s limping, talk to your veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and determine if therapy or surgery could be suggested to address the issue.
But, keep in mind that stiffness in dogs who are old isn’t unusual and it isn’t necessarily due to serious problems such as hip dysplasia or elbow. It could be because your dog is suffering from arthritis.
Because arthritis is among the main reasons why when a dog limps upon lying down, we’ve created a whole section explaining the reasons why it happens.


Arthritis Causing Dog To Limp After Lying Down

The feeling of slipping after lying down could be easily caused due to arthritis, a frequent type of chronic inflammation in the joints of older dogs.
There are many causes that lead to the beginning of arthritis. One is the predisposition of breeds: Labradors, shepherds, retrievers and others are more likely to develop arthritis. This is in part due to their size.
However, other factors that are repetitive, like the movement that dogs might have participated in, such as agility or flyball, may result in long-term strain on cartilage in dogs which increases the risk to develop arthritis.
However, every dog is able to be affected by arthritis as they get older regardless of breed or previous activities.

Signs Your Dog Is Developing Arthritis

It is crucial to know whether your pet is suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is not able to be treated, but it is treatable.
It is crucial to identify the signs early Signs such as falling down and limping can be the initial sign.
In addition to stiffness after lying down, other symptoms like pain when touched, lethargy or a lack of desire to play or run, and difficulty getting up in the toilet are indicators that your dog might have arthritis.

Treatment For Dogs With Arthritis

Nothing is more important than a visit to the veterinarian of your dog. They can verify your dog’s movement, check the joints and provide an X-ray that confirms the diagnosis. There are a few routine treatments that you can count on your veterinarian to recommend.
Supplements like glucosamine or chondroitin may be prescribed to reduce the pain caused by arthritis and improve the mobility of your dog. They are derived from nature and pose risk to them. Fat-soluble acid supplements may also aid, and your doctor is likely to recommend the best brand.
If you are able it, acupuncture has shown promise in easing the pain of dogs. It is also a possibility to use together with supplements and other medicines.
NSAIDs (also known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines can reduce pain that is associated with arthritis. But, they can cause some potential adverse effects you should discuss with your physician and should be taken with care.


Why does my dog limp after resting?

The dog I have is limping after it rises after having a rest. For older dogs, this could be an indication of arthritis. The joints are more rigid as they get older. It is possible that after a short period of walking, lameness decreases. If your dog is still expanding, it may be a indication of joint issues.

Why does my dog limp when she gets up from lying down?

It’s the abnormality in the hip socket. As a result, the dog’s leg won’t sit properly. This can cause an arthritis-like limp, lameness and even pain. If your dog limps after lying down and you are aware that they have hip dysplasia, this could be most likely the reason.

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