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Dogs have a variety of bizarre behaviors, and they can be fun and interesting However, sometimes they can be quite gross!
But, a lot of the behaviors dogs exhibit are a result of evolutionary behavior and are their method of communicating with each other.
One thing that appears to be a mystery to dog owners is that their dog loves to lick and nibble their ears.
Are you often wondering, “Why does my dog nibble my ear?” It’s quite common for dogs to chew and lick their ears. One of the most well-known motives for this is that it’s an expression of affection. It is a sign how your pet is at ease with you and they consider you one of them in their pack. Humping is a reference to the pelvic thrusting movement in dogs that are observed in various situations and situations.
While it can cause a pity for pet owners if their dogs are doing this in the public domain, it usually isn’t related to your dog’s desire to create puppies.
Licking is also more prevalent in more gentle dogs, which means it’s a great way to understand the personality of your dog. Knowing why your dog is doing certain behaviors can help you get to know them better and connect to them better!


Why Dogs Nibble Ears

It could be fun to see your dog offering you affection by licking your ear or it may make you freak out a little. Whatever your stance you must understand that there’s some reason for this, and it’s not simply your dog trying to determine the taste of your food!
Liking, nipping and nuzzling the ears are various ways that dogs can show they are at ease with you. It’s also is a method to show their affection.
The dogs are pack animal and a lick on your ear is an indication that they see you as a member of their pack, and as their leader of the pack. It’s more of a an act of submissiveness and shows how much they trust you as their leader.
It may also be related to the beginning of time which saw dogs roaming in the wild with no humans. Dog packs with close friends would take turns grooming each other and since ears are hard to clean and groom, they would assist one another out and then kiss each other’s ears.
It may sound disgusting however, some dogs are prone to this behavior to think that you’re in need of cleaning your ears! The ear canals will emit an odd smell to your dog and, as they lead their lives by smell it’s only natural that they’ll become acquainted with you better through your ears.

More Reasons For Nibbling

Apart from being a natural instinct and behavior that dogs exhibit Here are a few other reasons your dog could nibble on your ears!

They Are Playing

Your dog could be having some amusement by chewing on or licking your ears. She may want to play with her mouth while playing or snacking. This is more frequent for puppies than adult dogs.
As your dog develops ensure that their gentle nibbles do not turn into more painful bites! Make sure you stop this behaviour since it could develop into a problem later.

They Love The Taste

As humans, we may struggle to comprehend that, however, our dogs could be able to enjoy the taste that we have in our ears! The skin naturally produces oil as well as sweat. And canines are awestruck by this salty taste. By licking your ears they’re getting that salty flavor and grooming your ears.
Relax knowing that your dog will feel as if she’s looking after you when she is doing this!

They Need You For Something

Dogs use different methods for communicating. For instance, through a niggling ear your dog could be trying to inform you that she’s in need of something.
Your dog might have to go outside, or may be hungry. Find out what they’re trying to communicate to you. If you don’t know, they could simply be showing affection and love!


Investigating Smells

Your dog will immediately recognize any scents you introduce to them. If you’ve put some new lotion or perfume on the face of your pet, he may be interested in exploring the scents. It could result in some looking around, then chewing and licking your ears!

Showing Affection

There could be no better reason to ear-nip other than showing your love. She may nibble at your ear in order to show her affection and gratitude. Be aware that if your dog is like this, they are completely at ease around you!

Should You Allow Ear Nibbling?

It is completely harmless, however it is recommended to stop the behavior. Your dog could be showing affection through ear nibbling, however, they may not know when to stop. They could be tempted to bite you forcefully.
If your dog isn’t able to master impulse control, they may not be aware that their bites can be painful, and this could become problematic, especially in the case of children.
Here are some suggestions to stop ear nibbling
Be firm Be firm and explain to your dog if she’s hurting you. Do the same for every instance, like “no”, or “ouch”. They will stop nibbling if you’re constant.
Give chew toys to puppies, it’s an ideal idea to give them chewing toys to chew on. They may be in an eating phase and chewing on them helps reduce gum discomfort. Give them different chew toys to ensure they aren’t bored.
Positive reinforcement is a good thing. Offer treats and praise when your dog behaves in a manner that is controlled and stops eating when you instruct her to. This will eventually allow her to learn to avoid nibbling and will eventually quit completely over time.


Why Your Dog Nibbles Your Ears

A dog’s habit of licking your ears isn’t a problem however it could cause pain over time. It’s their way of showing their love and demonstrating their acceptance of the role of their pack leader. Beware of this kind of behavior, if you can, to avoid any unpleasant accidents in the future.
You should be happy when your dog is comfortable enough to lick your ears or nose – it is a sign of their love for you!

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