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Dogs are fond of licking their owners. It is one of ways they show their affection. However, what happens when it’s followed with a nibble inside the ear?
Bizarre behavior, right? This article we’ll examine the implications of this and suggest some things you can address this issue.


Why Does My Dog Nibble My Ear?

The canines in your life depend on their mouths to discover their surroundings, hence the tendency to lick things including animals, their human companions. The reason for this behavior could be traced to genetic make-up of dogs. The habit of licking is inherent to them. It’s also their method to communicate, possibly to tell you that they’re happy with you or require some thing from you.

Reasons Why Dogs Nibble Your Ear

In the event that your puppy is an infant, this could be the primary reason they’re chewing on your ears. It is obvious that this is the case when it started abruptly and your dog is chewing on other things as well.


Your pets exhibit different behaviors when they’re excited. The ear nibbling could be one of the signs. Be aware of the time they are doing this.
If you’re in time to get at home or go to the park, that’s probably the reason.

Signaling a need

Dogs can nibble your ear due to boredom. They’re telling you they are bored and want to play. Dogs have a lot of energy.
If they aren’t engaged enough, they could adopt bizarre behaviors like this. Make sure to keep them engaged by taking them for walks.
If this isn’t optimal in any way, particularly with health protocols in place You can still play with them in the comforts of your own home.

Showing affection

Watch your dog’s licking the other pet’s ears Particularly when they’re in close proximity? It’s because they are grooming each other.
Ears are prone to getting dirty as your furry pet isn’t able to clean it on alone, they have to rely on the help of others.
The person you select is typically one that your dog enjoys. It’s an indication that they’re comfortable enough with their pet to let them wash their ears.
Take note of both animals. Most of the time, the sensitive one is the one who licks. This gesture shows respect for the other.
If you apply this to the issue of ear licking by the owners’ ear This can be your dog’s method of communicating to them that they feel safe with you.
They also appreciate and cherish you. In the dog world the submissive dogs can lick the ears of the Alpha to show respect.
In this scenario the alpha figure is you. They use this method because they view you as a member of the pack they admire.

An inclination for gross objects

If you aren’t convinced that the reasons listed above could be the cause of that dog’s behavior then must accept what is true.
The furry creatures have a natural tendency to be disgusting and like disgusting things. They might just enjoy the flavor of ear wax.
Ear wax can be an excellent treat for dogs with a unique taste. Additionally, your dog may be attracted by the sudden change in smell if there is a discharge in the ear in the vicinity.
If suddenly they show an interest in your ear it is recommended to have it checked since this could indicate an infection in your ear.


Why Do Dogs Nibble On Other Dogs’ Ears?

There are several reasons dogs eat the ears of their companions. The most likely reason is that they’re just playing and this is particularly typical of puppies. Your dog may be trying to show their pal that they’re in control by nipping their ears.
It’s a method used by animals to interact with one others and played a crucial role in the days when dogs were in packs and had a system of hierarchy.
Licking and niggling at ears can also be a method for dogs to groom one the other. If the dogs are at ease together, they could feel like they are members of the same pack. This makes them feel at ease enough that they can groom one another.
Dogs gnawing on other dogs’ ears is not a problem as long as it’s done in a gentle manner and doesn’t lead to fights. Allow your dogs to communicate in by this method and discover their own place in the group. If the dog becomes violent, you’ll need to isolate the dogs and perhaps take them for behavior classes.

Establish an agreement

If your puppy is teething it is possible to establish a set of guidelines with your puppy. Explain to them what items are safe to chew and what’s not. The use of treats will be beneficial when you teach this lesson.
If your dog is overly excited You may want to be careful not to reinforce the behaviour. Let them settle before giving them the things they would like.

Distraction method

If you are concerned the dog may be about bite your ear, stop them. Find their favorite toy or show them love.
Some pet owners especially enjoy food puzzles for a way to distract their dogs. It is as simple as placing your pet’s food inside the shape of a toy. In this way, they’ll need to be focused in order to win the reward.
If you are using treats to distract your dog make sure you are aware of the time. Do not offer treats once your dog begins to nibble. In the event that they believe that you reward them for it.
Of course, you’ll be able to also take them for short walks. If you observe that your dog’s behaviour is about to begin but it’s not the “walk time,” you could simply mention walking, or reach to your dog’s leash. This can get your dog so excited that it will forget about your ears.



Since dogs cannot speak, they depend on various parts of their bodies to perform the talking.
One of their most loved things is their tongues, which is why they enjoy using it and licking objects. Some might find this adorable or funny.
On the other hand, there are those who find this to be horrifying. Whatever the case, it’s crucial to comprehend this behaviour from an evolutionary standpoint.
It could be difficult to eliminate since it’s inherent. However, if it’s not doing any harm, you can simply let it go.
In the end, it just signifies that they are genuinely grateful and love you. If it’s the reverse it is possible to use positive reinforcement to get rid of the issue.

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