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If your dog is biting your nose for a while and you’re contemplating the cause and how you can stop it. This post will provide several possible causes, and the ways you can do about it.
Why does my dog nibble on my nose? The possible reasons your dog has been nipping your nose could be because it’s excited and trying to draw focus from you or or it has learned that this behavior is rewarding or it is trying to teeth.
Given the variety of causes that could be a factor It is helpful to think about what makes each one more likely. When you have an idea of what is the root reason, it will be more straightforward to determine what you can do to address it.


Why does my dog nibble my nose?

Here are a few possibilities for the reasons your dog might have been doing this and what could make each one more probable to constitute the primary cause.


The reason it is that it nips your nose may be because it’s overly excited. It is more likely to do it during times that it is extremely exuberant, such as the moment you return home or when you go out for a stroll.
In this instance it’s best to stay clear of doing something that it is excited about, and be patient and wait for it to stop from nipping at your nose before proceeding.

Attention seeking

It could be that your dog does this to get attention. It is more likely if it is more frequently when you haven’t been paying it attention or if you are inclined to pay the dog greater attention whenever it is doing so.
It can be helpful to give your dog lots of attention throughout the day by teaching it through walks, training it and having fun with it. It is also helpful to not reward the dog with praise when it bites you, by getting up or walking out of the room if it is necessary.
The dog you have adopted hasn’t figured out that it’s not acceptable to bite your nose
If you’ve never taught your dog to not be rude to you, it could be that it’s not yet learned that it’s not acceptable to bite you. If not then it is advisable to start teaching it with these tips from the following section.

Encouraging the behavior

It is possible that it’s been doing it because you’ve actually been rewarding it for the behavior. If you reward it with things like treats, toys or even more attention when it behaves your dog could have been taught to repeat the behavior in order to receive these rewards.
It is better to keep it from rewarding it for doing something by removing your attention from it and reward it for being properly behaved.


It could be that it’s started to chew and chewing on objects helps soothe its gums. It is more likely when your dog is an infant and is chewing or biting on other objects too.
In this situation it’s best to provide your dog with lots of chewable items such as bones and toys. It is also important to provide it with plenty of time to train now so that it understands what it is able to and cannot bite by making use of “leave it” training and other tricks discussed below.


Dogs interact with the world by using their mouths and noses in the same way as they do using their eyes, more so when they’re puppies.
The reason your dog is nipping your nose may be due to the fact that it is interacting with you. This is more likely if you’re an infant.
If this is indeed the scenario, it’s going to be vital to train it to stop and train it to not do this.


Things to consider about your dog nibbling your nose

Here are some factors to take into consideration when figuring out the reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started nibbling your nose

If your dog doesn’t always nibble the nose of your pet, it could be helpful to think about what occurred when it first began doing it , as there could have been an incident that triggered it to begin. If it began doing it in a sudden manner it could be due to events like learning that the behavior is rewarding or that it’s time to teeth.

What is different when your dog nips your nose

If there is a specific moment when it is more likely to make you nip the nose of your child, it could be helpful to think about what is particular about the timing. For instance, if the nose happens to occur after you get home the likelihood is more likely because of excitement, and not realizing that it’s not acceptable to kiss your nose.


How Do I Stop My Dog From Biting My Nose?

1. Getting Some Training

If your dog has begun to show signs of aggression is it an ideal idea to find an experienced dog trainer to assist in training your dog. Professional training is beneficial all over the world, but especially in the case of an infant. If your dog begins to behave in an unnatural way when he gets older You can seek the assistance of dog trainers later as well.
They’re experts due to reasons – dog trainers are aware of the best way to train your dog. They can aid in ensuring that your dog’s behavior is good.

2. Reinforce Good Behavior

If your dog is showing good behavior , then you need to be rewarding them for that. If your dog behaves in a negative way, then you should dissuade them from doing so. You must ensure that you step off from the dog every time they attempt to chew on your nose. It is also important to remain calm as you walk away. In time, your dog will realise that you’re not doing anything because your dog’s behavior isn’t acceptable.


It’s possible to feel very happy when your puppy or small dog licks your nose, but it’s not the kind of behaviour that you ought to encourage. Your dog is hoping for an immediate reaction, therefore removing this behavior and dealing with the root of the issue is the most effective method of dealing with it. It is important to train your dog to not get into this kind of behavior too early in the process.
At some point, a puppy may begin to believe that it’s fine to behave in this manner. In turn, this can lead to problems later. There are times where this kind of behavior is not acceptable, like when you host guests or when there are small children in the area.
It’s unlikely that your dog is malicious when he smacks you on the cheek, however it’s always better to be safer instead of regretting it. It is best to teach your dog to not bite your nose. For instance, you could engage a dog trainer visit and assist you with training your pet, or you could make use of reinforcements to make sure that your dog focuses his focus on other things, instead.

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