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Why Does My Dog Nibble On My Cat?

If your dog is biting your cat, you’re likely to would like to know the reason and how you can stop it.
This article will explain several reasons your dog is a biting victim to your cat, as well as what you can do to prevent it.
What is the reason my dog eat my cat? One of the reasons that your dog is a biting cat could be due to the fact that it’s a breed that has an intense prey drive, it’s still not able to control its bite, or it’s simply playing, trying to be dominant or jealous.
There are many options to consider in trying to determine the reason your dog is doing it. The cause may be the culprit, but there are a lot of things you can try to prevent it from happening.

Why your dog nibbles on your cat

The various reasons why your dog eats on your cat is likely to provide some clues.
Below, I’ll discuss the reason why your dog may be doing this and what could make each one of the possible reasons more likely.

It has a strong prey drive

The reason why it is able to nibble on your cat’s paws might be due to a prey-driven instinct. It is most likely to happen if it’s a breed well-known for its prey drive, such as an Husky as well as an German Shepherd.
The breed has been reported to go to great lengths killing cats and other animals of small size. Therefore, if your dog seems to possess an intense prey drive, it’s best to keep it from your cat as much as possible.

It hasn’t learned to control its bite

As puppies, they learn to control their bites, as puppies around them will yell and then stop playing in case they bite to forcefully. If your dog wasn’t with other puppies, it’s possible it wasn’t taught not to harm other pets, which could be the reason why it bites at your cats.
In this situation it’s best to teach your dog to be a quiet pet with the help of the techniques to be discussed below.

It is just playing

It is possible that your pet is playing when it appears to be gnawing at your pet. It is more likely if it does appear to be playing aggressively. Even even if it appears like it is playing will be necessary to teach it to keep your cat to its own devices using the suggestions below.

It is being dominating

The reason it eats on your cat’s food may be due to it dominant. This is especially true that it happens while eating as well as when the cat is doing things like sit on a higher level than your pet.
In this scenario it’s best to keep them from being together , as it could cause them to be more dominant. Therefore, it is beneficial to feed them in a separate manner.


It may be possible that your pet is jealous of your cat. This is especially probable if the dog is inclined to eat it whenever you’ve given the cat attention, or even when you’re actually giving your cat some attention.
In this instance it’s best to provide your dog with attention during the entire day. It will also be beneficial to provide it with lots of instruction to help it obey your commands and behave in the way you would like it to. It is possible to follow the guidelines below to learn the best way to teach it to behave in this situation.

Things to consider

Below, I’ll discuss some of the things you should look at in order to understand the reason why your dog is eating your cat. Once you’ve got a clear understanding of the reason, it will be more simple to get your dog to quit.

How old your dog is

If your cat is in the midst of being a puppy, it could probably mean that your dog hasn’t learned to let your cat to its own devices or hasn’t developed the ability to regulate its bite. In this instance it’s best to teach it to be a quiet cat.
In the event that your dog has become old and still doing this then it’s likely because of dominating behavior or jealousy, or having an intense prey drive. In this situation it is best to keep them separated when it is feasible.

When your dog started to nibble on your cat

If your pet didn’t always play with your cat, it is helpful to think about what transpired around the time when it started.
If it was to happen abruptly, it makes it more likely that it was caused by things like being jealous.

When your dog does nibbles on your cat

The time of the day the time when it appears to be the best time is also something to think about.
If it seems to be doing it when fed, then it’s more likely to be that it’s doing it in order to show dominance. If it appears to be doing it at random moments, then it’s much more probable that it is the result of the strong desire to be a prey animal such as a desire to play or jealousy.

How to Stop Dog Nibbling On Cat

As stated above, having your dog’s paws on your cat is generally not something to be worried about and in reality, it’s an extremely positive thing strengthening their bond.
However, if the dog’s behavior is excessive or is not liked by your cat, it may be wise to stop the behaviour.
The method you choose to use will be based on your dog’s personality as well as the reason for why he’s chomping in the first instance.

Train it early

If your pet is an infant, it is crucial to begin learning now, not just to let your cat be left alone but also to be a good pet in general. In this way, you’ll be able to teach it to be better in adulthood and prevent it from having unpleasant encounters when it comes to your pet.

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