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If your dog is known to nibble on your clothes often it is possible that you are thinking about the reason and how you can do to stop it. This article will provide five reasons dogs do this and how you can make it stop.
Why does my dog chew on my clothes? One of the reasons that your dog is a biting your clothes are due to enjoying the smell, boredom or liking the taste or learning that this behavior is rewarding.
Your dog may be doing this for a variety of different reasons . It could cause a mix of these. But, there are aspects to take into consideration when trying to determine the root reasons, and there are a variety of ways to fix these.


Reasons why your dog nibbles your clothes

Below are some possible causes , and what might make each one more probable to represent the most important cause.


The reason your dog is having trouble could be because it is teething. This is especially likely if it’s just a puppy and it begun to do it in a sudden manner and it’s chewing on other items often too. In this instance it’s best to provide it with other items to chew on instead.

Encouraging the behavior

Another possibility is it is because your dog been taught that it will be rewarded if it chews on your clothing. If you often give the dog more attention, toys or treats when it licks your clothes you’re likely to let it perform the same action to earn more rewards. It is better to stop it from causing harm to the clothing by ignoring it and be attentive after it has calmed down.


The motive could be that it’s bored and is looking for ways to keep it active. It is more likely if it is inclined to do it more frequently when it isn’t getting any exercise. It is important to make sure that it can be getting the daily recommended exercise according to its breed and age.

It likes the taste

It is possible to happen that the clothes you wear exhibit an unusual taste because of sweat and dead skin cells that have accumulated on the clothes. It is possible that your dog eats the clothing because it enjoys the taste they give. It is more likely to happen if it chews on other items that you utilize, such as your pillows or sheets for bed.

Separation anxiety

It’s also likely that your clothes bear a distinct scent. It could be that your dog is eating the clothing because they have a tendency to calm down when you’re not around. It’s more likely if the dog seems to only be doing this when you’re away and you are getting ready to go your home. It could also be more likely if your dog displays signs of anxiety as you leave the house through actions such as crying or pacing.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when determining the reason behind why your dog is doing this.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If your dog didn’t always nibble on your clothes it is helpful to think about what else happened when it first began to do it. If it began doing it in a sudden manner, it could be due to factors like learning that the behavior is rewarded by teething, or some other reason that caused it to be anxious.

What is different when your dog nibbles on your clothes

It’s also useful to look at the timing of the times it seems to nibble your clothing. If it does more often at a specific moment, it may be that the timing is to be related to it.
If, for instance, it is a habit to nibble your clothes as you leave your home the problem is likely to be caused by things like separation anxiety.
If it does it more often when you haven’t been paying any attention to it the possibility is that it’s doing it in anticipation that it will get paying attention to you.

The body language it shows

Another thing to think about is the body language communicates.
If it exhibits indications of excitement, such as with its tail wagging, it’s most likely the result of excitement and the knowledge that this behavior is rewarding.
If it exhibits signs of being anxious , such as performing actions such as crying, pacing or shaking then it’s more likely to be it due to something that is causing anxiety.


Why Does My Dog Only Chew My Clothes?

It’s likely that if your dog chews on a particular person’s clothes more than others regardless of whether it’s yours, the kid’s or someone else you know, it’s because they’re missing the person or would like to be able to stay longer playing with them. their pet.
This is a normal indicator of separation anxiety.

What To Do If A Dog Bites Clothes And Won’t Let Go

The first rule is to not react. If your dog bites at your clothes and refuses to allow it to go away, then they’re probably seeking reactions. The dog should be allowed to release the clothes after less than a few minutes , provided you don’t reward them for holding it.
If they aren’t able to let go of your clothes after a couple of minutes, ask if anyone can assist you in distracting your dog by offering other things. Make them a call or use an item to redirect their focus.
When your dog is able to removed their clothes and is calm, bring the dog to their kennel, or another room in which you can shut the door for a short time. It is likely that your dog was stressed and requires a time to settle down. Also providing them with a lot of attention right now will likely inspire them to do the same thing.
Take a break from the dog , so they can relax before returning to make-up. You may provide your dog with more time or playtime when you get them out of their kennel. But be cautious not to give too focus on your pet when they are inside the kennel.

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