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If your dog is eating your dog frequently and you’re contemplating the cause and how you can do to stop it. This article will provide the possible causes, and the ways you can do to fix them.
Why does my dog beg my other dog? The possible reasons the dog you have nibbled on is because your dog is that it’s playing, but it’s actually submissive, it does it by default, or it is asserting itself.
There are plenty of reasons your dog could be doing it , and it could result from a variety of factors. There are many factors to consider in determining the primary reason and many ways to fix it.


Reasons why your dog nibbles on your other dog

Below are some possible causes and the factors that could make each more likely.

It is playing

It could be that your dog engages in this behavior simply because they are playing. It’s the case if you dog exhibits indications of excitement while doing something like waving its tail. In this situation it is possible to give your dog some other toys to play with, such as toys.


Most often, people leap to the conclusion that dogs are doing this as a way of trying to dominate. But, the alpha/beta system has been proven wrong in research showing that wolves rotate in taking over the leadership.
But, it could be because of bullying behavior, that is more likely if the dog does the behavior aggressively, or is trying to make your dog’s movement, and when it exhibits indications of aggression while doing it. In this situation it is beneficial to train it to behave in the way you’d like it to through training programs like NLIF (“Nothing in Life is Free) training for dogs.

Encouraging the behavior

It may be that the dog has learned that it is rewarding. If you often give your dog items like treats, toys or more attention, when it bites the other dog, it’s likely to engage in more aggressive behavior to receive more rewards.


The reason could be that your dog is bored and seeking ways to keep it entertained. It is more likely when your dog is doing it less often after exercising. In this instance it is recommended to ensure that your dog gets the recommended daily exercise according to its dog’s age as well as breed.


Dogs may sometimes bite one another as a method to bond with one another. If your dog doesn’t attack your other dog it is likely that the dog has been doing this in response to the nature of it.


Another reason could be that the dog is submissive. Dogs can groom their dogs in a manner that is submissive in order to convincing themselves that they are not an actual threat to another dog. It’s more likely if the dog you have to do this more frequently in the event that your dog is in a hostile manner. In this instance it might be helpful to keep them apart.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when trying to determine the primary reason your dog is doing this.

If your dog always did it

If your dog was not always nibble on your pet, it is helpful to look at what else went on at the time it began to do it. If it began to do the behavior suddenly, it could be because it was taught that the behavior is rewarded, or something happened to cause your dog to become aggressive like being experiencing pain.

If it does it more at a certain time

It’s also helpful to look at the time of day the time your dog does it, as the timing could be a factor with it.
If, for instance, your dog is aggressive while the dog in front of him is aggressive the behavior is much more likely considered submissive behavior.

What to do about your dog nibbling on your other dog

Here are some suggestions that you can take when confronting the behaviour.

Avoid encouraging it

Like we said it could be the case that your dog has been taught that certain behaviors are reward. It is better by rewarding your dog whenever it behaves as you prefer and to not reward it when it is not.

Redirect its focus

Another alternative is trying to divert your dog’s attention while it is close to gnawing the other pet. Methods to do this is to offer it bones or toys to distract it or even to make it do something.

Pack Mentality

Dogs are among the most fascinating creatures to observe in the wild. The intricate social structure of a close-knit family is something that I am amazed by until this day.
Within a pack, a group’s members nibbling on each other could have different meanings. If a beta accidentally challenges an authority figure of higher-ranking pack member, slight mouthing and nibbling can be an excuse to resolve the issue.
It’s also a method to calm a potentially violent situation, thus reducing the chance of fighting.
The lower-ranking members will gnaw on the alphas as a method to show their displeasure. To show that they know who is the boss and how they fit into the ranks. An act of pure surrender to establish order and fairness.


Dog Nibbling is Normal Behavior

The dog exhibits a variety of behaviours to handle the multitude of daily situations.
From playful playtime to aggression, socialization is crucial to know your dog’s distinct character to understand the nature of their interactions.
Doing the same with the other dogs is totally natural and vital for a happy social life.
Although it isn’t recommended to encourage these types of practices, it can be equally harmful to avoid it.
If you suspect that conflict is a possibility ensure that you keep an eye on the situation at all times during your playtime.
What you’re seeing is an entirely natural and normal process that’s like a normal handshake. It’s not a reason to be concerned. Dogs are dogs!

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