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If your dog is scratching at the side of your head, then you could be wondering why , and what you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand several possible causes and how could you do convince your dog to stop it.
What is the reason my dog love to nibble on my cheek? One of the reasons that the dog will nip at you are because the dog has become aware that it earns rewards for doing it, attempting to attract your attention, is teething or believing that it’s acceptable to poke at your face.
Given the variety of possible causes why your dog has been biting the side of your head, it could be helpful to think about what could make each more likely. When you have an understanding of the primary reason the issue should be more straightforward to determine how to stop it.


Why your dog nips at your face

Here are some possibilities for the reasons your dog might have been doing this and what could make each one more likely.

Reinforcing the behavior

It is possible that it’s doing it because you’ve actually rewarded the behavior. If you reward it with things like treats, toys or extra attention whenever it behaves the dog may have been taught to do it more often in the hope of gaining those rewards.
In the meantime, it is best to not reward it for doing something by removing your attention from it and rewarding it when it’s properly behaved.

It’s trying to get attention from you

It could be that your dog does this to get attention. It is more likely if it occurs more frequently when you haven’t been paying attention to it or if you are inclined to pay more attention to it the times it shows.
It can be helpful to give your dog some attention throughout the day through practicing it or walking it around and engaging it in play. However, it is important to not reward the dog with praise when it gets a bit on you. This can be done by getting up or going out of the room, if needed.

It’s teething

It is possible that your dog is beginning to chew and chewing on objects helps soothe its gums. This is especially likely when your dog is just a puppy and has been chewing or biting on other items also.
In this situation it is recommended to give your dog plenty of chewable items such as bones and toys. It is also essential to give it plenty of instruction now to ensure that it can understand what it is able to and can’t chew on making use of “leave it” training and other suggestions listed below.


Dogs interact with their environment through their mouths and noses in the same way as they do using their eyes, more so when they’re puppies.
The reason your dog has been playing with your face might be because it is interacting with you. This is more likely if it’s young.
If this is indeed the scenario, it’s going to be vital to train it to stop and train to not do it.

Not enough training

If you’ve not taught your dog to not bite you, it could be that the dog hasn’t been taught that it’s not acceptable to be rude to you. If not, it might be helpful to start learning by following the suggestions in the following section.


The reason it gets in your face may be because it’s overly excited. It is more likely to do this during circumstances where it is very exuberant, such as the moment you return home or when you are going out for a stroll.
In this instance it is best to stay clear of doing something that your dog gets excited about, and be patient and wait for it to stop from nipping at your face before proceeding.


Things to consider

Here are some points to take into consideration when trying to determine the primary issue.

What else happened when your dog first started nipping your face

If your dog doesn’t always kiss the corners of your mouth, it might be beneficial to look at what occurred when it first began doing it. If it started to do it in a sudden manner, it is much more likely related to things like teething, understanding that it is rewarded, or begging for the attention of.

What is different when it does not do it

If it doesn’t always nuzzle, it could aid in determining the reasons why it doesn’t.
For instance, if it doesn’t nip even when it’s had a good amount of exercise, it could be an indication that it is nipping when it is a bit tired. In this instance it’s best to ensure that it’s getting proper amount of exercise every day.


What to do about your dog nipping your face

Here are some suggestions you can choose from when trying to get your pet to quit.

Positive reinforcement training

It can be helpful to train your dog to not commit the behavior with positive reinforcement. This is when you teach your dog to reward it for taking tiny steps towards doing what you wish to accomplish and not giving it a reward when it behaves in a way that isn’t right.
If you want to use it to convince your pet to quit biting your feet, you’d:

  • Don’t pay attention to your dog every time it is nipping you. Do this by standing up or going out of the room, if required.
  • Begin to pay attention to it again until it begins nipping at it again, and then stop paying attention once more.
  • Repeat the steps above and reward yourself by giving you a treat every time it doesn’t do this the way it normally does.

Avoid encouraging the behavior

Like I said it may be that it’s been doing it since it discovered that snipping you can result in it getting what it desires.
Instead of rewarding it each time it does something Try to notice the moment it’s about to commit the act and take your eyes off it until it stops nipping and then give it a reward when it doesn’t nip.

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