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The dogs will smack you on the nose with their paws all the time. It is to them an expression of affection but to you, it’s a cold reminder of their desire for attention. Dogs will often use this tactic to gain your attention for various reasons. They usually like to be petted, play with, walked or fed. Most of the time, it’s pretty clear what they’re for to pet owners, however some situations aren’t clear and simple. Some dogs perform it for totally random motives. Some do it with any reason other than the fact that you were sitting down, and some due to a mood change such as when you felt upset or sad.


The Root of the Behaviour

Dogs who touch you with their noses while they’re looking for attention usually originates as an acquired behavior. They do it because it is effective. For instance when your dog walks up to you and rubs your nose and you stroke the dog to make them stop, they’ll quickly discover that petting is your reaction to being hit by their nose. This behavior becomes repetitive and continues to reinforce itself every time you encounter that behavior. Correction of learned behaviors can be quite easy. It might be difficult to manage for a time but the main thing to remember is to avoid engaging them whenever they turn their rage at you.

In time, they will realize that it’s not giving them the response they are looking for. Dogs who smack your nose when they are upset by what you’re doing is trying to communicate with you as well. Dogs may believe that they are helping their human friend by prompting any kind of reaction. It is usually seen when the person does not appear to be agitated or sleeping while it happens. They may think the person is in danger and will try to provoke a reaction to confirm that you’re safe and sound. It’s really being a method of communication. If you’re upset or sad and your dog runs towards you and rubs you with their nose , it is most likely because they have received a positive response from you previously.

Perhaps it brought you a smile, or maybe it helped you relax. This might not be an attitude you’d like to eradicate. Being aware of what your dog trying to convey and having the right response will assist in reducing irritating and demanding behaviors but still allowing your dog to speak to you in a way that is open. This is a crucial aspect in ensuring a strong connection, however should you not like being slapped with cold, dry noses, it doesn’t need to be your way to communicate.

Encouraging the Behaviour

Dogs may gently beg you to tell you that you’re sitting on their favorite blanket. This is their method of signalling you to get up. No matter the reason for insisting on it, once you’ve interpreted what they are saying, you should consider not providing them with the item they are seeking if you’d rather you do not have to ask to get it. The majority of attention-seeking behavior is curbed by offering them something they can do to fill their time, such as bones or toys that they can play with that don’t require any human assistance. Don’t, however, offer your dog a bone to take up his time whenever he is nudges you.

This will instruct them to nudge you by their nose when they’re looking for an object. This is why having toys that they don’t require you to use is crucial. If you play with them to exhaust them whenever they are annoying you then they’ll make you feel uncomfortable every time you decide to play with them. Promoting these kinds of behaviors is not difficult, but engaging an expert trainer could be the best option. A trained professional will be able to determine the reasons behind these obnoxious behavior and what actions both you and the entire family members to adopt to stop these behaviors.


Other Solutions and Considerations

If you decide not to employ an experienced trainer, taking the proper steps can swiftly alter your behavior. Begin by identifying what they are looking for. After you’ve identified what they’re looking for determine if you are happy with how they conveyed the information. Determine if you’re comfortable with this way of communicating.

If you are looking to promote the use of this method for this particular issue and you are, absolutely, offer them the things they’d like. If you don’t want to be hit by their nose, and they attempt to steal something from you, just sit there as frozen as cold.

How To Stop A Dog From Muzzle Punching

We’ve explained the muzzle punches and how they can occur and how you can take care of them, and perhaps even prevent these from happening. Here are some expert suggestions:
If your dog engages in muzzle punches or nose pokes to attract attention or engage with you and you accept to do so, you reinforce the behavior, which means it is more likely to happen at some point in the near future.
There is a way to decrease muzzle bumps or punches to get attention by not paying attention to this behavior and rewarding your dog when they don’t display the same behavior. It is also possible to train your dog to use a different method to encourage games, i.e., removing the use of nose pokes entirely.
Muzzle punches and nose bumps can be due to a lack of physical and mental stimulation. consequently, regular physical and mental fitness is essential.
You can provide your dog with games like these prior to them having the opportunity to muzzle or nose punch. Imagine that you only do it after they’ve muzzle-punched you. In this scenario it’s possible they’ll link the act with an incentive, i.e., a stroll and playing with the doll, which means they’ll continue nose poking or kicking you in the muzzle because they’ll see it as an incentive.


The dog who is not able to ignore begging, nose prodding or barking at you, they will quickly to modify and correct the behavior. A cold , wet nose can be quite irritating, however the irritation increases when it is escalating into overbearing focus-seeking behaviors. Fortunately, these behavior patterns can be easily corrected if you give enough time and patience.

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