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If your dog isn’t a fan cuddling, you may be thinking about why and how you can fix it.
This article will provide several reasons your dog isn’t a fan of snuggle and how to take action to fix it.
What is the reason my dog not want to cuddle? The most likely reasons your dog isn’t keen cuddling is that it’s injured or sick or is scared, sad and doesn’t want to do it by default or would like to exercise more.
There are many factors to think about in determining the reason why your dog doesn’t would like to do it. If the reason is a cause there are various options you can do to address it.


Why your dog doesn’t like to cuddle

The various reasons that your dog isn’t keen to snuggle will likely have a few indicators of how it behaves.
Below, I’ll discuss several reasons as to why it could be and what makes the possibility more likely. Once you’ve got an understanding of the reason, the dog will be much easier to convince it to desire to snuggle more.

Previous owners

The reason it isn’t a fan of snuggle could be because it was mistreated by its previous owners. It is more likely in the case that you have recently adopted it from an animal shelter.
In this instance it is likely that it would become more comfortable with you over time. It will to make it feel more at ease with you if you pay the dog lots of attention through exercising, training and playing.

Illness or injury

An injury or illness could be the reason. It is more likely if the dog used to cuddle previously however, it abruptly stopped doing so. It could also be more likely if it had been acting strangely in other ways , and if it is having other symptoms of being sick.
If you believe that injury or illness might be the reason, then the best thing to do is to go to a veterinarian.


It is possible that something has caused your dog to become fearful. It could be because the dog was mistreated by someone else or it is causing it to fear the environment.
It may be that it is scared when you attempt to hold it. It’s more likely if the animal has always did not allow you to hug it. It seems to be scared when you try , but does not behave in a normal way.


It may be that it’s innately reluctant to be cuddled. This is likely if it’s been averse to cuddling and hasn’t suddenly stopped wanting to be hugged.
This isn’t unusual as dogs aren’t always showing affection in the manner we’d like them to. Another way that your dog is trying to show affection might be to come up to you whenever you ask it to and being excited when you get home and following you on walks.


The reason your dog isn’t keen to snuggle could be because it’s still a young dog. When they are young, dogs are active and less likely to be secluded. If you dog an infant, it’s likely to become more prone to cuddling as it grows older.


It wants exercise

Dogs require lots of exercise. According to what breed they belong to, they could require up to an hour of physical activity per day, and for certain breeds like Huskies and poodles, that’s not enough. If they don’t receive lots of exercise, it may lead to behavior issues. This may be the reason why your dog does not want to remain within your home.
If your dog isn’t receiving the recommended amount of exercise required for the breed, it could aid in ensuring that it is.


Dogs can suffer from depression, just like humans. the reason why it might avoid cuddling could be due to depression. This is especially likely if it started doing this after something happened which caused it to become depressed. The reasons could include someone moving out or another dog being killed.

How do I get my dog to be more affectionate?

Tips: Similar to how you’d use food items in reward-based training to help teach your dog to follow the commands you give him, so too can make use of your own love to show appreciation for physical gestures of affection. Trust is essential for the bond to be strong and healthy between dog and pet owner and can influence the way they interact with you.

Why is my dog not very affectionate?

There are a variety of reasons dogs do not show an abundance of affection. For starters, if your dog was adopted, then his previous home might not have properly looked after him or worse, hurt him. If this is the case the dog you adopted may be suffering from concerns about trust or may be fearful of humans. In addition, like many human beings, your dog might prefer his space.


Why does my dog not cuddle with me but does with other people?

If your dog isn’t able to cuddle with you, but does with other dogs it could be that you’ve been encouraging your dog’s behavior or had to intimidate your pet. It could also be that other dogs have been trained by others to the dog to cuddle or your dog does it due to the fact that they are the ones who feed it and exercise it. It can be helpful by rewarding your dog every time it shows affection to you, and also to be the one who feeds it and exercise it.

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