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Even with an abundance of food available, your pet appears to eat during the evening.
What’s happening?
A dog that eats only in the evening can be alarming and you may think that it’s a sign of something going wrong. However, for the most part it’s not uncommon. Let’s look.


Why does my dog only eat at night?

They are animals of routine. If your dog has gotten used to having food just at night, it’s only eating in the evening – it’s what he’s “taught” to do. Most dogs eat only once every day, even when they’re more “comfortable” eating multiple times every day. If they are in the wild your dog may be forced to go for a long time without food prior to a successful hunt or scavenge. Therefore, your dog might have a habit of eating in the night because of routine.
Your dog could also be more at ease in the evening. If your dog is eating in an area that is crowded, like a living room or dining room, there may be plenty of people in the area and he may find it difficult eating with there are so many people. If your dog steals food and eats even when nobody is present, it’s less concern about “eating only at night” and more of an issue with “eating when fewer people are awake.”
Also the majority of dogs are more active during the day and in the evening. Dogs are able to spend 16 hours of the day in a slumber. You may notice that your dog is eating odd times of the day simply because they’re awake.

Why does my dog eat so much at night?

When your dog eating at night, or is only eating food during the night, she might be more susceptible to “gorging” herself. Because, after all your dog has to consume all the calories she requires during the daytime at once. If the food your dog is only available in the evening (or in the event that she’s uncomfortable eating during other times) it is possible that she will develop disordered eating. She may desire to eat the entire meal at once whenever she gets the chance.
It is dangerous for dogs to eat fast. If you suspect you dog is eating quickly or excessively it is best to do is to feed your dog smaller portions of food more often all day. If you do this, you teach your dog to not eat as much at any given time however, they will consume more food frequently.
If dogs eat their food too fast and eat too fast, they could develop a condition known as bloat, which could cause death. Food bowls make it difficult for dogs to consume food, which is why they have a longer time to eat. Others put things such as tennis balls inside the food, so the dog is forced to eat around the ball and thus can’t eat as quickly.


Why does my dog eat late at night?

A dog who eats late at night can be doing one of the following things:

  • He’s more active in the evening. This is particularly true when the dog isn’t exhausted in the daytime (has an excess amount of energy). It could be that he is eating due to boredom or the dog is just wandering about particularly in the evening.
  • He’s gotten habitual about eating during the late at night. This habit may develop when you feed the food bowl late at night because the freshest food will be served (and it’s going to be old at the time of morning).
  • He’s eating alone. Some dogs aren’t fond of eating in the company of other dogs since they’re vulnerable when they eat. It could be that he is waiting for quiet to eat.

Most of the time it’s not directly harmful.
Some dogs are fine with eating only once per day. Others require multiple meals every day to ensure they are at ease. It is contingent on the level of activity of your dog and often, the kind of breed (Labs or Golden Retrievers can be famous as in bottomless pits).

Is it OK if my dog only eats once a day?

Sometimes, yes.
Some dogs aren’t lively. They are usually spending their time lying down. Due to this, they’re not really in need of lots of calories. They’ll only eat once per day and be physically active for a few minutes or every day. Greyhounds, despite their speedy acceleration, are famous as couch potatoes. this.
However, that doesn’t mean all dogs will be content eating every day. Some dogs are more relaxed eating on their own (eating at any time during the day) so long they do not gain weight. Others canines are more relaxed eating several times per day.
It is easy to determine if your dog appears like they’re starving when they eat. If your dog is able to inhale his food and drinks, chances are they’re hungry and need to eat less frequently. However certain dogs will consume their food, and it will take some time to discover the reason.
There’s a reason that vets measure a dog’s body weight each time they check to. The weight of a dog can tell an entire lot about the overall health of a dog Any drastic change is an indication of a problem that needs to be resolved.


Getting Your Dog To Eat in The Morning AND at Night

If your dog is only eating in the evening and you’d like the dog eating two meals a day, instead of one it is time to gradually change your eating habits.
Here are some suggestions you can try to do to get your dog to consume multiple meals throughout the day.

Portion Control

Although it may seem cruel at first Try feeding your dog just a little bit in the evening. If you normally give your dog one portion of their food each day, provide them with half the amount.
As mentioned previously the canines are creatures that have a habit. They are aware of the exact time to eat to get their meals…but dogs also understand how much to anticipate.
It’s possible that they don’t eat in the morning due to the fact that they’re not hungry. If you cut the size of their meals in half, they will be present in the morning. Start feeding them half of their dinner at night, later, half the meal in the morning.
A brief warning warning…it may take a few days to get this method to take effect. But, if you’ve cut your dinner in half, and they’re still unable to take their breakfast in the morning after the full week, do not continue using this approach. Return to one large dinner each night to make sure that they’re getting the nutrition they require.

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