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It’s a photo-worthy moment when your dog put their paws on their face. However, while the dog’s face covering is cute, what exactly makes the dog do this? Are you wondering why your dog covers their face? Learn more about it here.
If your dog is eager to play, or is telling you “I’m sorry!” After being scolded, we’ve all witnessed our dogs put their paws across their eyes. They cover their eyes but then they’ll peek out after a while and stare at us. It’s adorable! We are in love with every minute of it. What is the reason our dogs behave like this? It’s a learned behavior or is it innate? Are they doing it because they believe it’s the most adorable thing they’ve ever seen perhaps as a way of expressing respect? In case you’ve wondered the reason your dog puts his faces on their paws then read on as we’ve got the details for you!


Why Does My Dog Cover Their Face?

Dogs are heavily dependent on body language for communication and concealing their faces or covering their mouths, is one of the ways they’re trying to convey what they feel. Below are the most popular reasons for your dog to cover their face in accordance with iHeartDogs.

To Scratch an Itch

What appears to be being hidden at first glance could just be your dog’s way of scratching or rubbing an itching. Dogs do not just utilize their front paws alleviate a swollen eyes or face, they can also make use of them to clean away eye gunk and other substances that become trapped in their fur and cause discomfort. Although it’s cute when your dog makes use of their paws as hands, if you see you see them frequently doing this look at your eyes and face for any redness, discharge or other indications of irritation or infection. A persistent rubbing can be an indication that your dog is in discomfort and should see a vet.

To Express Fear or Anxiety

Being anxious or stressed could lead to a dog concealing their face. Although your dog is intelligent enough to recognize that their paws aren’t large enough to protect their face from the cause of their terror and fear, hiding their face is an indication that they’re angry. If you observe your dog hiding his face, check to see if there’s something troubling them. Make an effort to eliminate the cause of their anxiety and reassure them that they’re in safe hands. If your dog is often exhibiting the same behavior this could indicate that your dog suffers from an anxiety disorder , and it is recommended to consult with your veterinarian.

To Show Submission

Another reason dogs may cover their faces or their noses is to show respect for their leader. The fact that they cover their faces is an indication that your dog is trusting you and wants to know that they’re not threat. If that’s the reason they cover the face of their pet, it might be able to mimic the behavior by rolling their head to reveal their stomach.

To Please You

While dogs don’t possess the concept of cuteness in the way you think of it They are highly perceptive and can recognize what they think is pleasing to you. Because dogs are usually in a rush to please and are likely to repeat something they are sure will please you. Also, if your dog is putting their face on they could be just trying to make you smile.


Should You Discourage a Dog From Hiding Their Face?

Face covering isn’t considered to be an undesirable behavior, and there’s no reason not to encourage the practice, according to Wag! If the reason for face covering is an anxiety, pain, or fearof the unknown, the habit is likely to stop or at the very least, lessen after the underlying cause of the behavior has been dealt with.
The dog’s face is hidden is typically a method of communicating. As a dog’s parent it is important to take note of the messages your dog is trying to convey to you. Make sure to check on your pup to ensure they’re fine before reaching for your camera to capture the adorableness on camera.

Encouraging the Behaviour

The practice of dogs placing their paws over their faces is, by its own way, not a bad practice. It’s easy to promote it in the same way you would encourage any other behavior you’d want your dog to exhibit Give them praise and treats whenever they place their paws on their faces! Some owners may even like this way of getting attention over other methods like dogs are pawing at or jumping over them. It is possible to deter this kind of behavior through not rewarding them, and reward more gentle or less damaging behaviors. You can also train your dog to place their paws across their face when you command them, but it won’t deter the methods they employ to grab your attention (though it could be an entertaining way to impress your pals). But, it’s crucial to watch your dog. If they’re placing their paws on their face all the time, even when you’re away it may be a sign of stress or anxiety. It could also be a sign of any kind of facial irritation that is making them scratch their noses and eyes. While it’s normal for us to believe that this behavior is harmless and enjoyable, it’s crucial to be aware of the dog’s body language and be aware of when their behavior isn’t cute anymore but alarming or unsettling.


Other Solutions and Considerations

Be aware that your dog may be scratching their face or licking their paws or even smelling themselves. The gesture of paws-ons-face isn’t always a sign of affection for the person you are! Sometimes, it’s just normal dog behavior. If it’s a lot of or accompanied by facial rednessor irritation, or if your dog’s shaking their head in a recurring manner, they could be suffering from an issue or allergy that’s creating stress. In this instance it’s best to consult the vet to resolve any issues your pet may be suffering from and to ensure that they are comfortable! Your dog may also be suffering from stress or anxiety If making sure that they’re in a comfortable and secured space in your home isn’t enough to stop the habitual behavior of paws or hiding, it’s the perfect time to visit the vet. They can ensure that there’s nothing physical abnormal with your pet and offer suggestions to control your dog’s fear.


Your puppy’s paws are only one of many tools they employ to express their thoughts and emotions to you. If they’re just playing or doing something to show submission, placing their paws on their faces isn’t something you need to be concerned about. As long as you’re aware and can spot when the behavior changes, you’ll continue to enjoy your dog’s cute smile for a long period of time!

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