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If one dog pees on another typically, it’s an indication of dominance. In the event that the dominating dog believes that an animal is trying to take over the territory or to become an alpha dog the dominant dog could raise his leg towards his rival. This is more frequent for dogs who aren’t neutered.
The dogs of their owners bring inexhaustible quantity of joy and love however, they also cause a lot of embarrassing moments and awkwardness!
If you’ve ever been in this circumstance, you’re not alone. Happily, the majority of dog owners accept the situation and realize that the odd behavior of dogs that aren’t easy to describe.
The good thing is that this behavior has a reason. In reality, it has several reasons. If you can figure out the reason your dog is pulling his leg over other dogs, you will be able to do the right thing to end it.
This article explains why dogs pee on dogs and the steps you can take to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.


Reasons Why Dogs Pee on Other Dogs

While there’s an infinite variety of reasons that dogs pee on each other There’s a good chance that one of the six reasons is responsible for this bizarre behavior.

Close Proximity to Other Dogs

If it only happens at least once you can be sure this is the cause. Dogs are awestruck by sniffing. It’s one of their favourite activities while they are out and about. Sometimes, the sniffing could cause them to be in places where they aren’t.
If there are more than two dogs living in the same vicinity One dog may be looking around and not be aware of the fact that another animal is about conduct their business. This could result in one dog being peed upon. It’s one of the “no harm no foul” scenarios. The dog’s behavior was completely accidental and the dog’s owner can do to do to fix it. I hope that both sides enjoy a laugh of the incident.

Marking His Territory

In their nature dogs are extremely territorial. You might notice your dog looking to mark his territory more often at home or on your daily walk more than elsewhere. If the dog sees another animal as infringing the territory of their pet and is unable to stop it, the dog may take a peep on another dog to get rid of his scent and warn the dog in question to stay clear of. The most common times for this to happen is when you welcome an animal to your home or when an animal that is new comes into your backyard. This is a clear warning to any animal or dog that they’re in a territory they’re not part of.

There is a Medical Problem

While many pets pee on each other due to territorial reasons or because of a lack of awareness the fact that they pee on another dog can be an indication that your dog is suffering from an issue with his health that is new. The dog could accidentally pee on another dog simply because it is not able to hold it any longer and doesn’t have the strength to walk away from the dog.
Some of these health problems are:

  • Bladder Infection
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Increased Urine Production
  • Kidney Disease

If this is a new behavior it’s a good idea to make an appointment with your local vet.


Not Spayed/Neutered

Female dogs are more likely to make use of urine more often to mark the areas just before they get into the heat. If your dog hasn’t been neutered or spayed it is possible that they are peeing on dogs to identify or disengage from friends. In this regard the habit of peeing on dogs of other breeds is a biological phenomenon. It’s one of the rare occasions when female dogs will have to urinate on a animal.
Male dogs may also have a pee on female dogs when they are in hot weather, though it’s not as common. If it does happen male dogs are “marking” the female dog as his. He’s trying to let the male dog in his vicinity that, even although she’s pregnant and he’s the one who will mate with her.


Like humans, dogs experience lots of emotions. If they feel scared or fearful, they might take a pee on a pet as a method to soothe themselves. This is especially relevant if something that is new to the dog’s surroundings can make them feel anxious, like the arrival of a new dog, or a fresh scent on the dog that is already familiar to him.

How To Stop Your Dog Peeing In The House

The first thing to know is that marking urine is an alternative method of communicating between dogs. It’s a fact that dogs naturally draw attention to urine marks other dogs might be leaving behind. Dogs can tell a lot simply by sniffing the urine of dogs. In particular, they are able to determine the gender and breed of dog. They can also tell their identityof the dog, and the gender of the dog. It’s also a fact that male canines are more likely to pee than female counterparts. Here are some ways you can prevent you dog’s pee inside the home:

Know the problem

It is necessary to go to the vet in the event that you’re convinced that it’s not an illness the most efficient solution to your dog’s peeing inside is to let it to enjoy more time in the outside. If the problem seems to be frequent, you could teach your dog the fundamentals of house training. If an older dog is prone to bathing in water it could be a sign that it’s experiencing arthritis. If you allow your dog to leave more often doesn’t help, it is time to start asking questions. For example is there a reason for your dog to be experiencing anxiety, like the high levels of noise. Additionally, is there an physical change, like an infant in the home? Are there any changes in the routine of your dog? Has your dog faced any emotional issues recently?


Final Word

The affection you feel for your dog shouldn’t allow you to condone any of its unruly behaviors. Make sure you teach your dogs in as to be able to distinguish between good and bad. It is possible to use certain routines for training your dog. For instance, you could exercise your dog in the morning by taking an exercise routine that includes a vigorous walk. This will let your dog go outside.

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