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If you’ve experienced this circumstance, you’re not being the sole one. The good news is that most dog owners are understanding of the situation and realize that the odd behavior of dogs which we are unable to describe.
The good thing is that this behavior does have a cause. Actually, it comes with several reasons. When you understand the reason your dog is leaning his leg over dogs, you will be able to do the right thing to end it.
This article examines the reasons dogs pee on each other and the steps you can take to stop it from happening in the future.


Reasons Why Dogs Pee on Other Dogs

There are an innumerable number of reasons why dogs pee on each other There’s a good chance that one of the six explanations could be the reason for this bizarre behavior.

Close Proximity to Other Dogs

If it only happens at least once it’s likely that this is the cause. Dogs are awestruck by sniffing. It’s one of their most favorite activities when they are out in the open. Sometimes, the sniffing could place them in areas where they shouldn’t be.
If there are more than two dogs living in the same vicinity One dog may be sniffing around but may not be aware of the fact that another pet is about to go about their business. This could result in one dog being peed upon. It’s one of the “no harm no foul” scenarios. This was a completely unintentional behavior and the dog’s owner can do to do to rectify it. I hope that both sides have a laugh out of the incident.

Marking His Territory

As a matter of fact dogs are territorial. It is possible that your dog is seeking to identify his territory more often at home or along your walking route more than elsewhere. If the dog sees another animal as infringing their territory and is unable to stop it, the dog may go peeing on another dog in order to get rid of his scent and warn that dog to stay clear of. Common times this happens is when you welcome new pets to your home or when the new animal is found in your backyard. This is a clear warning to any animal or dog that they’re on territory that doesn’t belong to.

There is a Medical Problem

Though the majority of canines pee on their own dogs due to territorial reasons or because of a lack of awareness or lack of awareness, peeing on another dog may be an indication that your dog is suffering from an illness that has just been discovered. The dog could accidentally pee on another dog simply because the dog isn’t able to hold it and doesn’t have the strength to walk further away from another dog.
Some of these medical issues include:

  • Bladder Infection
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Increased Urine Production
  • Kidney Disease

If you notice this is a new behavior it is possible to make the appointment to see your local veterinarian.

Not Spayed/Neutered

Female dogs make use of urine more often to mark their areas prior to when they get into the heat. If your dog hasn’t been neutered or spayed and is peeing on other dogs in order to locate or repel their other dogs. In this regard the habit of peeing on dogs of other breeds is a biological trait. It’s one of the rare instances when a female dog is able to have to urinate on a pet.
Male dogs also have a pee on female dogs when they are in hot weather, though this isn’t as frequent. If it happens one male can be seen “marking” the female dog as his. He’s trying to let all males know when she’s not in heat it’s him who will mate with her.


As humans, dogs are able to experience many emotions. If dogs are anxious or fearful, they might take a pee on a pet as a method to soothe themselves. This is especially the case if something different in the dog’s surroundings causes him or her to feel anxious, for example, an animal that is new or a fresh scent on the dog that is already familiar to him.


Certain kinds of infections may cause dogs to pee more often and cause them to pee in unnatural locations. For instance urinary tract infections and bladder infections can cause dogs to pee frequently.
Usually, dogs get a small amount of urine out but must go more often throughout the day than they do. Therefore, if you’re talking to a friend with a dog tied, Fido may be unable to keep it in place and run free on the dog of your friend. It is essential to seek treatment for infections as early as possible to avoid any other problems.


What Can I Do to Help My Dog Stop Peeing on Other Dogs?

The way to get your pet to stop peeing on other dogs is dependent on the root cause. After having read the information above you’ll be aware of the reason behind this behavior. When you’ve identified the root cause then you can find the solution.

Keep Your Distance

If you believe that this behaviour is an accident, a simple technique you can employ to assist your dog to stop peeing in public is to make sure your dog stays off other animals. This could mean that you have to keep your dog in a leash or in a secure space in your yard. If your dog isn’t close to other dogs, he won’t be permitted to go peeing on them.

Training Classes

Doggie obedience classes will teach you strategies to help you in dealing with your dog’s habit of peeing. They typically teach about how to conduct yourself, how to give instructions to your dog and also how to socialize your dog.
Furthermore, trainers are equipped to solve problems with dog urine and offer you specific methods to help your dog stop this behavior. This issue is often resolved it’s self when your dog is appropriately socialized.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog

Because peeing on dogs could be connected to mating, getting your pet neutered or spayed could help in resolving the issue. It is best to get it done as soon as possible after you’ve noticed the issue, as it is more difficult to stop an issue that has been present for a long period of time.
Neutering your male dog will also make them less territorial. This could stop them from the habit of peeing upon other dog.


Final Thoughts

There’s nothing worse as watching your pet pee other dog’s. But, if you decide to ignore the issue the likelihood is that it will never disappear.
If you take the time to research and resolve the root causes and root causes, you will be able to bring it under control in a matter of minutes!

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