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We can’t help but sigh in resentment when we come home to see the mess our dogs created.
Pets naturally poop however, pooping in several locations can be a indicator of something more serious.


5 Reasons Why Dog Poop in Multiple Spots

Apart from looking for a cozy place to conduct your routine, your pet might be a different reason why they have to poop in different places.
Here are a few:

Diarrhea, or other digestive illnesses

Dogs who have diarrhea may be over-eating or have eaten the wrong type of food.
Certain dog foods contain a variety of fillers that could cause diarrhea as well as loose stool.

Allergies can also trigger irregular bowel movement in dogs

Some dogs might be allergic to multiple allergens.
Food allergies can range from beef to dairy and many others.

Anxiety and emotions of revenge

They might be pooping in any place in an attempt to take revenge to be absent for a long time.
Similar to humans, dogs can also have separation anxiety.
They are agitated in your absence, and this could be the reason for their unpredictability.


Dogs, as they get older begin to lose control over their bowel movements.
It becomes more difficult to manage their bowels and may also suffer from other physical ailments due to aging.

Loud Noises

If dogs are scared of loud noises and shock, they are more likely to behave differently.
In the worst case they will poop all over the house , even being well-behaved and properly trained.


What Should I Do?

It’s okay to be a bit embarrassed having to clean up the mess and your dog is grouchy and smirks at you with puppy eyes.
The first thing to do is get rid of the spots using an odor-removing concentrate for pets formula.
After that, look for your dog’s behavior in a strange way and consider the possible reasons for it. Finally, observe your dog’s behavior and think of the possible causes behind it.
Take note of their behavior patterns If any, and their responses to stimuli such as anxiety or emotional instability after you leave home.
Verify its poop for abnormalities like:

  • loose stool
  • parasites
  • blood

If you notice any of the symptoms above you should consult your vet for advice on treatment.
Check the dog’s meals for food additives.
It could be the cause. Feed your dog the food recommended by your vet.
Foods that are high in wheat and grains could affect your dog’s digestive tract.
There are human-based foods which are a healthy selection for your dog, like fresh coconut, strawberry, along with green peas. Give them small portions
Your dog might require some new food to heal.
The diet should be adjusted to the needs of your dog.
If your pet has stomach issues You can offer them fruit and vegetables as part of the diet of bland pets.
If the problem is due to the excessive amount of food consumed, you should create an eating schedule for your dog. Stick to it.
Make sure your dog eats every day at least twice and to poop only in a certain area.

Why is my dog pooping in multiple places?

Dogs pick their spots in order to communicate with dogs. One way they communicate is marking their territory. Poopy poop signals to the other dogs that they’re there, but also what they ate, depending on whether they’re friends or foe, and even when a female is in hot. Your dog may prefer grass to dirt or cement.

Why does my dog poop three times in a row?

A dog must void their bowels at most once a every day. Some will do it twice or three times per day. If you’ve got your dog who is peeing more than 3 times per day, don’t worry! If the dog’s stool is not spongy and has a consistent consistency, and does not contain blood, it’s likely to be normal for them.

Why does my dog poop multiple times on a walk?

Pooing while walking is one method by which your dog will let their scent go. Walking puts pressure on these scent glands, which leaves an additional scent of their personal scent for other dogs to examine. Scent glands can also be a large part of the reason that some canines “wipe their feet” after walking outside.


Why does my dog leave small pieces of poop?

Bowel Incontinence is a problem for your dog. The dogs don’t have the ability to control their muscles of the anus sphincter , and they are prone to dropping tiny pieces of feces, without the proper awareness. In addition to the small pesky poop balls, you could be able to notice inflammation and redness within the dog’s recumbent.

Do dogs revenge poop?

Do Dogs Poop for Revenge? The answer is no, dogs don’t do it to show revenge. Being not capable of expressing such emotions is what makes training dogs simpler. It is possible to look at the dog’s behavior with a rational mind, unlike what you conduct with other children or people.

Do dogs poop to mark their territory?

The cats and dogs do mark their feces with urine, but it’s not as frequent. Your pet isn’t spayed and neutered. Females and males that are intact are more likely to leave a urine mark than neutered or spayed animals. However, even if you pet glimpses another animal through a window or window, he could have a desire to identify his home territory.

Is it normal for a dog to poop 6 times a day?

It’s the Normal Bowel Movement For Dogs It’s not necessary to worry about frequency however as it will differ according to diet, age, as well as general health of the digestive system. If your dog consumes too much food, it’s possible that he’ll perform his routine more than five times a day , or more often.

Why does my dog poop 4 times in a row?

It’s vital to be aware of the amount of poops you scoop every day to see what your dog is doing. If they shift from a daily, once-a-dayer to having to go through the process four or more times, it might be suffering from digestive issues and require a visit to the vet.


Certain dogs exhibit unusual behavior such as peeing in the middle of the road as indications of physical or emotional discomfort.
To aid in their recovery to help them recover, slowly introduce an entirely new diet. If you have the time you can walk your dog around the area.
Make time to get outdoors more frequently.
If you’re out most of your time, it is possible to employ another person to reduce their anxiety over separation.

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