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Dogs are the best of family members. They’re always there for us in times of need or when we’re feeling sad, and they bring joy and happiness to our lives each day. But that isn’t enough to stop our furry balls from sparking a few times of trouble.
For instance, let us poo on our beds, as an instance.
It’s never pleasant to discover that your pet has gone missing in one of the areas within your home that you would like to be cleanest and most comfy. In the event that your dog has been peeing in your bedroom, you need to find the root of the issue prior to rushing to the point of utter anger. Although this is an issue that is fairly common however, it could indicate a deeper issue.
In the next article, we’ll discuss the main reasons your dog could be peeing upon your mattress (or sitting on your couch or even on other furniture). We’ll also provide suggestions on what to do regarding the issue. Let’s get started.


Why does dog poop on my bed?

Although it’s certainly uncomfortable to receive a “surprise” in your bed from your pet, keep in mind that this isn’t atypical. A lot of dog owners have issues with their dogs peeing on their bed.
Most of the time there are a few causes will be at the root:

They’re scared.

It’s true that having your pet poo on the bed can be a frightening experience for your pet more than for yourself! A lot of dog experts have linked the act of pooping in odd places within the home to psychological issues, including fear.
Consider, for instance, the time(s) your dog peed on your mattress. What else was happening in the immediate time ahead of it?
The most frequent reason dogs are found to poo in strange locations in the house is that of thunderstorms. The majority of dogs are scared of thunderstorms and might run around in a frenzied manner, pant, sprint as they hide or perform other bizarre actions in the course of them. It’s not uncommon to discover unsettling surprises within the corners of your basement, or in the bathroom or, you’ve guessed it the bed after an intense storm.
As with storms, fireworks could also cause anxiety to your dog like gunshots firing and other loud noises in or out. If you’re having repairs done to your house such as painting, this could trigger your dog’s anxiety.
Other reasons why your dog could be afraid and poop on your mattress are being scared of going to the vet and having guests or visitors to the home or having the addition of a new pet or pets in the home or having a confrontation with a pet or dog outside.

They’re nervous and anxious.

Anxiety and nerves are linked to anxiety and fear. However, sometimes, the anxious and nervous feelings in your dog are permanent than acute. Also, instead of being scared of a single storm your dog may be struggling with chronic anxiety issues that you must address with the aid from your vet.
This constant anxiety may be a result of previous traumas, particularly when you took your dog from the pound, or saw them roaming about. It could also be due to an health issue. We’ll discuss what medical issues that are underlying could cause you to vomit on your mattress ahead of time.


They haven’t had a chance to get outside and go to the bathroom.

In certain instances there are times when your dog isn’t capable of going outside regularly enough, so they’ve been forced to use the bathroom for a lengthy period of time, but they’ve decided to take it in the house.
Why are you sleeping on your mattress? It’s probably because it’s comfy, and they love to lie there. They know you like to sleep there too and they appreciate the smell of the bed that resembles you.
If you suspect that this issue might be the cause of your dog’s poopy poop on your bed, it’s on you to take action to correct it. It’s important to figure out methods to allow your pet go out more frequently.
Remember that If your dog is getting old or on the older side, their toilet habits might have changed and they might need to go outside for a bathroom trip more frequently than they did previously. You must adapt to this change, and go for longer walks, or let them roam around the backyard more. If they are in a secure space, you might want to consider installing a doggy gate to let them move in and out at their own pace.

They’re bored and have excess physical energy.

Bored dogs with a lot of energy might end up peeing in odd places, such as in your mattress.
Certain breeds require an increased amount of physical power throughout the course of the day. For instance border collies, golden retrievers must be taken for at least at least three walks each day. Ideally, they should be able to play and run all day long.


Why does my dog poop on my couch or furniture?

If your dog is pooping on your sofa, your chairs, or any other furniture There’s a good chance that one of the causes mentioned above could be the reason. Pets might poo in the living room, or on furniture due to fear or bored or just need to be out more frequently. It could also be a health issue that is underlying.
In reality, it’s most likely that an medical illness could be the reason for the dog’s poop on furniture, especially in the case of frequent. Pooing on your bed is an instance. It could be an isolated event following the rain or you brought your pet to the vet but they’re upset about it..

How to stop my dog from pooping or peeing in the furniture?

If you are concerned of a medical condition within your dog, it’s imperative to schedule appointments with your vet immediately. Your vet can provide your dog a thorough physical exam , and will run any tests necessary to determine if a medical issue is the cause of this condition.
If you’re certain that the problem isn’t related to a medical issue or you’ve already visited your vet, you should consider the possible causes mentioned at the start the article. Each of these causes may cause your dog to pee or get peed on on your mattress or furniture.

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