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If your dog is throwing its head at you often and you’re thinking about the reason and how you can fix it. This article will help you understand several possible causes and the factors that make each one more likely.
The reasons your dog is doing it is that it helps your dog feel more secure and secure, or it’s a sign of protection and seeking attention, or it’s been taught that it’s rewarded or transmitting its scent to you.
Given the variety of reasons your dog is doing this, it might be beneficial to look at what might make each one more likely. When you have an concept of what is the root of the issue it will be more straightforward to decide the best way to handle the issue.


Why your dog presses its head into you

Here are some possibilities for the reasons your dog is doing it , and what might make each one more likely.


Dogs evolved to be pack animals, so they naturally feel more secure when around other dogs in the pack , or other animals. The reason your dog is pulling its head towards you might be that it is a way to feel more secure.


The reason your dog is able to push your head towards you may be due to being cautious. It is more likely if it is inclined to do it more frequently when there are other animals in the vicinity and is prone to becoming overly protective of them.


It could be because there is some anxiety in the body and is putting its head on your body in order to feel safe. It is more likely if it is inclined to do this more often when it is in situations that cause it to be anxious.
If it usually happens in the same period that you are leaving home this makes it less likely it is due to separation anxiety. This is especially likely if it exhibits indications of anxiety while you leave.

Encouraging the behavior

It may be that it has been taught that it can earn rewards by hitting its head on your body. If you are prone to giving it treats, toys, or attention, then when you do it, it’s likely to repeat the behavior in order to receive more rewards. It is better to give it rewards when it behaves exactly how you want it to, and not punishing it when it doesn’t.

Spreading its scent

The reason for doing could be because it wants to diffuse its scent over the surrounding animals so that they can get the scent which makes them less likely come near you.

It wants something from you

The reason could be because it’s in the mood for something, and wants to communicate with you. It is more likely to happen if it seems to do this more frequently during a specific time, for instance, when you typically give it food or go on walks.

It’s looking for attention

It could be that it is searching for attention. It is more likely to happen if it when you haven’t been paying it much consideration and you find yourself giving it more focus when it is doing.
If you’re looking to make it end the behavior, it’s best to pay it attention throughout the day, but not reward it for its attention whenever it tries to push its head against you. For this, you must be able to get it to stop and then wait for it to be calm, then pay attention to it and repeat the process if it begins repeating it.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to think about when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is doing this.

The type of body language it shows

It is helpful to think about the expressions your dog’s body displays when they do it. If it is showing positive signs like waving its tail, sticking its tongue extended and throwing its arms around towards you will be more likely to indicate that it is expressing affection. If it displays frightening signs, such as moving around in your face, hiding behind you or appearing smaller, it’s most likely caused by factors such as anxiety or fear.

What is different when it does it

It is also helpful to look at if it does it more frequently at certain times because the timing might be a factor in it. If, for instance, you notice it doing it more frequently in the days before you leave the house, it could be more likely to do it because of anxiety about separation.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If your dog’s behavior was not always put its head in it is also helpful to look at what else went on when it first began doing it as it could be that it was an incident which triggered it to begin. If it started to do it in a sudden manner it could be because of circumstances like being taught that this behavior will be reward-based, a change in the routine of its day or which causes it to feel nervous.

Should You Allow This Behavior?

If your dog is head pressuring you, it usually causes nothing to worry if you’ve eliminated dominance behaviors. As we’ve said earlier it is advisable to teach your dog to obey and respect you in the event that you suspect that you have dominance issues. The head pressing you on the back is among the many ways your dog communicates but do not confuse it with the idea of a dog pressurizing his head on a furniture, wall or any other object. This well-known behavior, referred to as “head pressing” could be a sign of neurological disorders. This is distinct from the time he applies it in front of you, as opposed to when he does it on the wall. If you’re not sure, consult with your vet.


Final Thoughts

If you enjoy the way you behave or not it is certain: your dog is a lover of you! If you are irritated by it and you want to train it, try by using positive reinforcements in order to reduce the behaviour. If you’re perfectly content with having your head on your neck and show him some love to him. He’ll surely love a head rub!

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