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Do you hug or pet your dogs right after you come back from a long day at work? You’re not alone. Many dog ​​owners do the same. Some dog owners are greeted with a soft cry because their dogs are hungry while others are greeted with kisses and excited tails wagging their tails. Most will be greeted with a purr. This sound may remind you of the purring of a cat, but is it true?


Do Dogs Purr? Dog Purring Growl

The sound of purring isn’t something that dogs do. If you hear a sound similar to the one your dog makes, then it could be a gentle growl. Dogs make this sound only when they are experiencing extreme emotions such as joy or even sadness. There are a variety of reasons why dogs make this sound , and it’s unique in the family of felines.
There’s a difference in the frequency at which cats purr, and the rate at which dogs let loose their soft growl. Most cats purr when they’re happy, however, for dogs, the opposite is the situation. Although dogs aren’t able to make a loud growl, it’s not a change to how adorable they are. cute when they make that sound. This article will explain the reasons dogs do that sound will be explained.


Excitement is one of the reasons that a dog-especially a puppy, would make that purring sound, and dog lovers and owners would agree that it’s a heartwarming sound to hear. Five reasons your dog are likely to make this sound when they are excited are listed below.


Dogs are awestruck by playtime. their play time is as important as their food. They scream with joy with their tails wagging and making purr-like noises when you give them an exciting new toy. The dogs make the purr sounds when they play with their toys and you. Being around other dogs is fun, but initially your dog may feel annoyed, but that doesn’t alter the excitement that is abounds when they play with another dog. they may even growl.

Food Time

Food time is an enjoyable moment for dogs. It’s common for dogs to growl whenever you pour it in a soft. It’s a bowl for dogs. Dogs love food and it’s important to provide your dog with a high-quality diet so that they don’t complain.
But, if your dog starts whimpering as you eat or pleads with to eat with you in the mealtimes of your family, it’s not something you should encourage. To prevent this crying when your family is eating and eats, make sure that you do not feed your dog while sitting at the table. It may be something that is difficult to accomplish however the advantages over the long run will be worth the effort.
Many owners put their pets in a crate once they get old or need to eat. This is a way of avoiding begging on the table.



We are incredibly happy when our beloved ones return do we not? The same goes for dogs. They become excited when their owners comes home. The excitement can cause them to make that sound that appears like purring , but it’s not.


Even though they’re domesticated, the instinct to hunt other animals could be triggered. It can make them happy. When they are out hunting in the backyard may make this sound. It’s your responsibility as the dog’s owner to shield it from harm, that is it from becoming wild.

Triggering Words

Dogs are smart creatures; because of this, they are able to quickly link words with actions, particularly when they are often used. For instance, words like “catch” used when telling dogs to go fetching toys can be extremely exhilarating for it. In addition, words like treat or sit, or its name can get the dog giddy.


Another factor that could cause your dog growl softly or create a sound that is like purring sounds is sadness. Even though the sound isn’t an oblique growl when a dog is sad, it’s more of a whining, which is different from what dogs do. Things that could make a dog sad include:

  • Being left out: Always letting your dog out so that it’s not able to come inside. This could make it whimper as it is unhappy that it’s being kept out of the excitement happening inside the house. Also, keeping your dog in the house while all the family is out playing would make the dog feel sad.
  • Toilet Time: If your dog is in a cage for a long time without ever being allowed to go to the bathroom and it makes your pet unhappy. So, it’ll whine to show your frustration.

Delayed Meals

The dogs make the sound of whimpering to remind you to remind it to remind you of feeding them if you’ve forgotten to.

Water Break

If the dog’s water bowl is dirty or empty It will whimper to signal that it requires water, or for you to clean the bowl. It’s not something to ignore since dogs also require water and when their bowl is filthy, it could cause some illnesses that you don’t want to pay cash at the vet’s office for.


The third reason to cause your dog to whimper could be anxiety and anxiety. The dog may whimper due to anxiety and fear due to the following causes:


Unfamiliar People

If your dog has to be left with someone they’re not acquainted with, they will often produce whimpering sounds. The sound they make will depend on the sound and the pitch. If it’s a high pitched sound, it’s because they are trying to play with the person. If it’s a low-pitched whimpering sound is more likely they’re scared, anxious and uncomfortable around the presence of the person.

Weird Noises

If there’s a sudden alteration of routine around your home and you notice a sudden strange, loud noise this could cause your dog anxious since it’s not sure what’s happening.


Like weird sounds, dogs are terrified of thunderstorms. People might view thunderstorms as a chance to chill and relax however there’s no chilling for dogs in the midst of a thunderstorm. The dog’s anxiety rises and it’s often restless because of the inexplicably loud sound that the storm makes.

Other Dog Sound and their Meanings

Barking It is the sound we all hear as dogs bark for a variety of reasons. It may be due to the fear of, or demand for or pleasure, or even an attempt to warn you. There are many different kinds of barking dogs and knowing how to distinguish between the different types is an excellent method of understanding the emotions your dog may be experiencing at any time.

Baying The bark is a long and loud bark. It’s commonplace when your dog is chased by prey or is confronted by an stranger. Scenthounds are famous for their loud squealing sounds.

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