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Your dog could rest at your feet and then tuck his head towards your leg or whirl around until their rear is right next to you. Sometimes, when you are expecting to receive a smile and a hug but you may get the look of a dog’s butt instead. A dog’s tummy is far more complicated physically and socially as compared to humans. You’ve probably heard that dogs will sniff each other’s rear ends in order to make friends But what else is going under the tail? What is the reason they turn and show you their rear , instead of their face? Does this seem to be normal? What makes them believe we should have their back rather than their front?


Why Do Dogs Show You Their Bum?


A man’s bum can be an indication of confidence. Fido wouldn’t be able to face you if there’s not any trust between you and him too. Turning his back reveals the vulnerability of his character to you, which means Fido doesn’t view you to be threat. His mouth, his primary weapon, is the furthest from your face.


Dogs meet each other for a chat by looking at their butts. Why? In short the answer is that there’s a sweat gland called apocrine gland in the vicinity of the area that provides on a variety of data about dogs, including gender, age health, mood, etc. Since dogs interact in this way each other, your dog likely believes that his human is similar to him however it’s not true.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Some dogs are incredibly fond of eye contact, some do aren’t so sure. If your dog sees you as the dominant dog at times, he’ll not make eye contact with you and turn away. In the dog world eye contact is an indication of establishing dominance or challenging it. It causes them to feel uncomfortable.


The Root of the Behavior

Pets will kiss their tears in the course of their interaction. This is a crucial way dogs gain information about one the other. People might find it odd or uncomfortable however for dogs that routinely sniffs under the tail is far more efficient than handshakes or saying “hello.” Because of scent glands in their tails, dogs can detect all sorts of information. This includes what they eat and their general health and mood, sex, age, the amount they exercise, as well as their stress levels. In addition the “rear-first” method of introduction may help to avoid conflicts, since it doesn’t require direct eye contact that leads to a determination of dominance between two dogs. Because greeting other dogs by this method is a natural thing for dogs, they sometimes think that humans are feeling similar. Another behavior that dogs exhibit is known as”hip nudging. “hip nudge.” A dog’s rear being nudged by you can be a sign of friendship and apathy. Averting their eyes reveals that they are confident in that they are not in danger. Dogs will either rub your hip or bum or remain silently, while laying their backs towards you. Dogs who aren’t at ease with you will not look away and display this sign of vulnerability. They’re showing that they are farthest from you and they don’t want to hurt you. Another possibility, and related reason for dogs to show their rumps in front of you is to “claim” you. Since the smell glands beneath their tails can be a major source of chemical smells that humans aren’t aware of They could be trying to make their scents stick with you, thus claiming that you are theirs. It’s completely normal. Dogs want to let you know how much they cherish you and to be with you. Another reason is that they are just looking for a nice scratch. Dogs that have been affected by fleas might have a specific spot near the top of their tails on their backs, which is where the itchy sensation gets localized. Even if they’re not suffering from fleas, this area is a popular one for a large number of dogs.

Encouraging the Behavior

The dog’s greeting to your rear is totally normal and normal. Don’t be offended if you dog prefers to sit on your feet rather than kiss your face. Even if they appear to be a bit pushy or stubborn by their bumps that doesn’t mean that your pet is looking to dominate or control you. In reality, the opposite is the case the dog is displaying a lack of concern. A dog who shows their rear shows that they trust that you won’t to harm them and, as a result, will not harm you. This is a sign of friendship, love and trust. In the event that your pet seems persistent, or is really large, and their bumps are actually causing your children or you over Do not punish them for the hip bumps. They don’t know that their sweet gesture can be hurtful to anyone. Instead, show them love and attention during greeting (like an affectionate scratch on the top of their tail) before they strike you in the face, or keep them entertained with a toy or other item. It is also possible to consult an animal trainer to begin getting your dog to sit down and be calm for a short period of time when you greet them when they arrive at the front door, so that their bouncing backsides do not cause any knockdowns.


Other Solutions and Considerations

Because dogs are only trying to show affection and love by showing you their backs and paws, there’s nothing in showing their rears that isn’t worth a second thought. You might feel differently in the event that you’ve been woken by a dog laying upon your back, however they won’t do any harm with it. If you have a large dog and small children, you may need to work with your dog to avoid overexuberance-caused accidents, but don’t punish your dog for their hip nudges. It’s like shouting at someone who says “I love you.” If your dog has displayed other behavior, such as rub their bums on grass or carpet or rubbing their bum on the grass, it is possible consult with a veterinarian to eliminate parasites and other issues that could be affected by their behavior.


The dog’s back is a complicated body part that is used not only to eliminate gas and waste and pheromones, but also to introduce to pheromones and showing their affection and trust in you. Therefore, if you’ve dogs that love to kick into your home, treat them with the rub and pet. They will love you!

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