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As a dog’s owner you’ve probably witnessed your pet resting their head on your shoulder at one point or another. You might also be wondering what it means and what your dog might be trying to communicate to you! This article we’ll examine the dog’s body language and how dogs lay their heads against you and the best way to comprehend what this is indicating.


Dog Body Language: An Overview

Humans communicate a lot through communications via voice. Although body language plays an important function in our communications, we also communicate clearly using just our voice.

It’s the reverse for dogs. They communicate mostly through their bodies.

The subtleties and nuance of the way dogs communicate their bodies is interesting to watch after you’ve mastered the details. Although the majority of dog owners are aware of body language that shows that a dog is playing or excited for example, a play bow or a paw smack, the body language that indicates that a dog is anxious or stressed is often overlooked.

A few common signs that indicate an animal is stressed are salivating, licking their lips slow blinking or turning their head towards something else, or running.

However, this doesn’t mean that every when your dog yawns, or rubs his lips, they aren’t worried, but. If you’re reading the dog’s body language, you need to take all body language and the context into account.

If you have an amazing treat in your palm the possibility of them licking their lips could be a normal reaction towards the meal. The habit of rubbing their lips at bedtime is likely to be a typical behavior.

If food isn’t available or it’s midway through the day, the habit of licking their lips or yawning is more likely to be indicators of stress. This is particularly true if you observe other symptoms of stress at the same in the same moment.

Learning to read the body language of your dog requires practice and time and practice, but your dog will be grateful for it! You’ll be able communicate more effectively with your dog, and comprehend the needs of your dog more easily.


So, why does my dog put his head on me?

We recognize that dogs communicate using their body language so it makes sense that they’re trying to communicate with us by placing their head on our shoulders. There are many most common reasons why dogs put their heads on a person. The background of the entire situation can help you figure out the reason why your dog might be showing this behavior.

Many times, the reason dogs lie their heads on your shoulders is because they want attention and affection. It’s a simple way that your pet can demand something. In this instance, giving your head for pets could bring them the result they’ve been hoping for!

It’s also a wonderful method for dogs to beg for your attention, instead of screaming or jumping up on you. Therefore when your pet rests their head on your shoulder in search of attention, be sure to reward them with your affection. It can help to train your dog to prefer to rest your head rather than running or barking.

In certain situations it is possible for your dog to lay their eyes on you but they’re seeking food rather than focus. This could mean that they want to eat the food you’re eating and are eagerly waiting for a bite. Or it could mean it’s time to eat!

As we’ve mentioned earlier that the context is vital when you are trying to figure out why your dog has their head on yours.

If it’s not near the time for meals and you’re lacking food for your dog, he’s likely to be demanding attention, not food.

In addition, certain dogs may have their heads resting upon you when they’re anxious. If you observe other indicators for stress on your dog such as yawning or lip licking, as we have discussed in the previous article, they could looking for the comfort of their owner. Contrary to what some believe it is not possible to increase the fear of your dog therefore when your dog approaches you in search of comfort, it’s best to offer them an area of safety by giving their the love and affection they desire. It will help your dog be calm and more relaxed about the issue and in the near future!

It wants something from you

The reason could be that it is trying to extract some thing from you. It is more likely if it is inclined to perform this behavior more often during meals or around the same time when you usually give it food or other items.


It could be because I’m bored and want to work out. It is more likely if I tend to exercise more frequently prior to exercising and then ceases doing it after receiving exercise. If your dog is healthy it is important to make sure that your dog can be getting the daily recommended exercise for their species and age.


But What About Dominance?

In reality, dominance is viewed as a matter of context when it comes to the behavior of dogs. Find out more about dominance among dogs, and what it really means on the website of the professional dog association Trainers’ website.

In essence dogs aren’t known to show dominance over humans. Additionally that dominance is a way to control of the resource rather than a characteristic of behavior.

Regarding our dogs who rest their heads on our shoulders it’s not because they are controlling an animal or telling us that they’re in control. They just would like to be with you and to share their love with you!

If your dog is resting its head on yours, nearly all the reasons come into your pet trusting you, wanting something, or simply looking for to show some affection. Although you may be able to determine the reason behind it by taking the entire situation into consideration It’s an excellent indication that your dog is wanting to lay their head on your shoulder!

It’s more than acceptable even if your dog does not rest their head on yours. Some dogs don’t show affection or request for something the same way It isn’t a sign that your dog isn’t fond of you if they don’t display this type of behavior.

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