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If your dog is putting your hand into your mouth frequently it is possible that you are thinking about the reason and what you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand the various reasons it could be doing this and why it is probable to have been the most important motive.
Then, why is my dog stick my hand inside its mouth? One of the reasons why the dog put your hands in its mouth is because it’s learned that this behavior is rewarded when it’s teething, bored or excited, or seeking attention.
There are a variety of possible reasons your dog may have been chewing its lips on your hand It is helpful to look at what could make each one more likely. If you have an idea of what is the most likely cause it’s going to be much easier to determine the best way to act to make your dog put down the habit.


Why your dog puts your hand in its mouth

Every one of the possible motives for why your dog has been acting in this manner will have some clues. Here are some possible causes and the factors that be the most likely cause to be among the primary factors.


The reason it’s been doing this could be that it’s seeking to increase the energy level of it. It is more likely if it has a tendency to perform it frequently often when it is unable to exercise or when it is more likely to stop doing it after exercising. It is important to make sure that your dog can receive the daily dose of recommended exercise according to its species and age.

Encouraging the behavior

It is possible that it has learned that it earns rewards for placing your hands in its mouth. If you often give it things like treats, toys or even more focus when it puts its mouth on your hand and tries to bite, it will probably perform it more often in order to receive more rewards.
It’s better to reward your dog when it behaves in the manner you would like to, and then sit up and totally disengage from your dog when it begins to try to bite your fingers until it settles down.


The reason your dog is trying to lick your hands could be because it’s in the process of teething. It is more likely if your dog is young and has begun to chew on other items also.
If it is a sign that it may be getting teething, then it will be essential to teach the animal to chew only on things that you’d like to. It is likely that a lot of “leave it” training would be beneficial to accomplish this. It is also likely to help to provide it with lots of chewable things including toys and chews for dogs.


A lot of people come into the idea that their dogs are doing this because they want to dominate. The alpha/beta relationship has been proven wrong in research which have shown that wolves rotate when it comes to taking the lead.
However the possibility is that it’s being a victim of the behavior of bullying, which is more likely if it is trying to make you move or show indications of aggression while performing it. In this situation it’s best to not encourage the behavior and get it to to behave in the manner you would like it to by using programs for training such as NLIF (“Nothing in Life is Free) dog training.


The reason why it puts your hands in its mouth may be because it is overjoyed. It is more likely if it is inclined to do this in situations when it’s very exuberant, such as the moment you get home, or out for a stroll.
In this situation it’s best to stay clear of doing the activity that it is excited about until it ceases to put your fingers in your mouth, if it is possible.

It wants attention

The reason you put your hands in its mouth is because it is seeking attention. It’s more likely to happen if you do it while you haven’t been paying it much attention for a while , and when you are inclined to pay more attention to it when it does this.
In this instance it’s best to keep it from rewarding you with your focus whenever it mouths your hand. Instead, turn your back, and not paying the animal your attention until it ceases to chew your hand.

A lack of training

It could be that your dog is doing it due to the fact that it has not been taught not to do it and doesn’t know the difference. If you haven’t taught your dog to not do this, it could be beneficial to start by following the guidelines listed below.


Things to consider

Here are some points to take into consideration when determining the reason behind why your dog is doing this and what might increase the likelihood that it will be the primary motive.
What else did you notice as your dog began placing your hands in its mouth
If your dog hasn’t always put its hand in your mouth, it is helpful to think about what happened at the time it began to do it as it could be possible that it was an incident which triggered the behavior. If it started to happen abruptly and is still a puppy, it is probably because of teething.

What is different when it tends to do it

If it doesn’t always put its hand into your mouth, it could aid in determining what’s different about it when it.
For instance, if it usually does this when you return at home, it’s most likely caused by the excitement. In this instance it is best to not pay the issue the attention it deserves until it settles down.


How old it is

It is also helpful to think about what age you have for your dog’s age. If it’s still young then it is more likely that it’s teething or may not know anything about it.
If you’re an adult then it is likely that you’ve unintentionally rewarded the behavior. You need to teach it not to do it again and to refrain from rewarding it.

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