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You’ve probably taken your dog for a stroll and likely saw him rolling around on the ground on grass or in the snow against the excrement of animals. What is the reason dogs roll around in dirt? There are a variety of reasons to be the reason why your dog rolls in the dirt at specific time. In this article, we’ll explain the most frequent causes of this behavior to help you better understand your dog.


Why do dogs roll in dirt?

To prepare to hunt

It is important to remember that dogs are descendants of wolves. They are animals who live in the woods and need to satisfy all their needs to remain out in nature. Therefore, even though dogs are happily in your house there are certain behaviors that are ingrained in their genetic habits, and that is why they roll around on floors that emit a powerful smell to signal the other dogs that they have gone on the hunt.
The scent that is emitted by the body of a dog when it rolls on excrementfor instance it indicates that he’s been out hunting. As a result the behavior changes and behaves as if he was an important member of the herd. For your dog, humans are part of the group, and we’re still not fully understanding their behavior. That’s why when you discipline them after they troll on the floor to make sure that they don’t do it again you are sinning against their instincts from the beginning and it’s very difficult for you to modify the way they behave.

To mask their smell

Furthermore, dogs could prefer to hide their scent that is why they are known to roll around on the ground, since the majority of animals hunted to remain in wild conditions are hunting animals looking for food and trying to shield themselves from injuries. To accomplish this the wolves typically brush their the faeces of their bodies to disguise their scent and avoid being noticed by predators: it is a hunting method.
This is the reason that dogs behave in the same way, and they roll on the ground with this similar hunting instinct, even though they do not utilize it as a source of food. You can see this behavior as your dog chases the pigeons, when running after cats, or when he is attempting to catch the balls are thrown at them Although your dog is house-trained, he still exhibit these traits naturally.
In the same manner that hunters roll in the mud to hide its smell and trick its prey, animals, including the dogs, also do it. If your pet does this do not be angry with him because he is following his instincts. You will be unable to alter this behavior.


Because their skin itches

This is one of the reasons that can explain why your dog rolls around on the ground. His skin might burn or itch. Additionally you’ll see that it rolls over any surface to ease its discomfort. Therefore, it can not only roll on excrement, but also on dirt, grass and even on dirt.
If you observe that your dog is constantly rolling across the floor or on the ground, it might be itchy. There is only one way you can get rid of it is to visit an veterinary specialist to assess your dog’s. Certain diseases like dermatitis, or parasites like ticks could cause your dog to scratch.
Be aware the fact that, if your pet is sporting long hair, it’s recommended to brush it two times every week to get rid of dead skin cells as well as prevent itching.

For the simple pleasure!

Your pet may not lay on the ground because of reasons of health or genetics. Most of the time the animal just wants to express their happiness and delight by rolling around on the ground. This is why it generally does this when you walk and not often when you’re at home.
He’s trying to tell you that he’s content and is looking forward to having fun and play. Therefore, prepare yourself to enjoy an enjoyable time with your pet. It could be a way of relaxing or stretching when your pet spent all day in the house and is tired, he’ll try to relax his muscles and stretch prior to engaging in more vigorous activities.

To lose its own smell

It’s not uncommon for it comes to bathing your pet, to make use of cleaning products with an aroma that might seem pleasing to humans, however it could cause irritation to your dog since they will not be able to recognize the smell and will be determined to eliminate it as soon as possible.
Be aware that dogs’ scent sense is very sensitive and is among the methods they employ to help them find their way. If you mask the scent of their natural scent using fragrances that are particularly strong, you could confuse or confuse the dog. If they do roll onto the floor after having been infected by this smell, it’s just to eliminate the scent and restore their original scent.


Why does my dog roll in the dirt after a bath?

Dogs simply love to play in the dirt after taking a bath, but particularly playing in the dirt. It can be very frustrating. After at least an hour on him, and your back hurts when he walks off and slams into the dirt. Why? Why? Why? The answer is likely to be simple.

He could be drying off.

It’s difficult to keep your dog dry. It is not possible to achieve this by using towels. Trying to dry a dog with a blow-dryer takes an eternity. Don’t overuse heating or move your dryer to close. Dogs might like swimming but they don’t want to be wet. We’ve all heard of the famous “wet shake” where the dog shakes the water that has accumulated on his coat, onto walls, you and anything else that happens to be around the room. Perhaps he’s trying to perform a doggie dry-off. I’m assuming that the dirt does absorb the water.

He could just be all riled up.

Dogs are ecstatic when they are bathed, but aren’t able to move. It could be a case of your dog finally free to play with all the energy. We know what dogs love to do. It’s true! They’re keen to play in dirt!

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