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If your dog comes up to you and starts the rub of his body against you, there is a good chance that you’ve thought of a million reasons the reason your dog does this. But, as it is a typical dog behavior and you’re not the only one and many dog owners are unsure about what exactly is happening.


8 Reasons your dog keeps rubbing on you

1. He wants to get his scent on you.

This isn’t an issue, but when you think about how dogs came from an extensive family of animals that were part of a pack, it’s easy to link certain behaviors with their past ancestors.

In their role as pack pets, canines typically rub against each other to scent their own. This indicates connection and bonding between them. Your dog may be inclined to show the same behavior to you, in the hope to make the bond between you stronger. It could be because you dog marks its area of territory, similar to the way you place things in the room to indicate that it’s yours.

2. He wants you to move or get your attention.

If your dog would like to be let off of you, then the most effective method for him to accomplish this is to lick and nuzzle himself against you. This way, he’ll be able to attract your attention faster rather than simply sitting on your feet for instance.

He may want to rub you on the back to signal you play with him or get you out of your troubles. Be aware of his body language to understand what he’s trying to convey to you and determine if it is something that requires immediate attention or you can delayed for later.

Alongside the desire to move around, he could want to draw the attention of you on something else, most likely something to do with his health or mood. His body language can aid you in narrowing your choices.

3. He wants to get your scent too.

We have previously discussed the way dogs sense scents from each other to aid in bonding. The dog will also rub you to create a scent, and it operates in the same manner as that the smell of a member of the pack could.

It is more often when you’re rising from bed or working hard, such as working out in the fitness center. Why?

Since dogs love the scent you have created that is not those perfumes, or even the smell of cream. Finding your own scent is how your dog will get to know and love you better.


4. He likes it.

Your dog could be doing a lick on your body because it feels good to feel your body against his fur. Dogs enjoy physical contact. Sometimes, they want to get a more enticing feel than a simple rub on the head or belly rub. If you are noticing that your dog is doing this simply because they like it and is not a cause to worry.

Instead of dissuading him instead, let him rub you on the back and have fun doing it as well. Be sure to look for any fleas or open sores to ensure that you don’t suffer any adverse reactions.

5. He gets rewarded anytime for it.

Do you constantly take your dog’s hand whenever you rub him? Do you give him praise and refer to him as a good dog? Do you offer him treats or toys whenever you notice him doing this? If you’ve done any of these either knowingly or unknowingly given him a reward for touching you.

Dogs are fond of treats and positive words, and they are always looking for opportunities to get treats. Based on the way you view it, it could be encourag or removed. If you are not happy with it or wish to decrease the frequency of it, you can dissuade him by yelling at him gently for a few minutes.

6. He is submissive.

If you are watching television on an ordinary day, and then your dog suddenly comes to your feet or climbs on top of you and starts to rub his body on your It might be the sign of submissiveness. It is possible to ask yourself why your dog seems to be in a state of submission, particularly if you have never requested submission before or do not show any indications of dominance.

Submissiveness [1] indicates that he is recognizing your authority and is advantageous because it puts any potential dominance under control. But, if it happens in the wake of a harsh discipline or scolding It could be because the person is becoming scared of you.

Reassure him that you don’t dislike him, and you are simply fixing his bad behavior. It is also helpful to not penalize him too harshly or brutally, as it could cause him to be fearful and anxious and withdrawn, which are not characteristics that an animal that is healthy.


7. He is showing you he loves you.

Dogs can show affection in a variety of ways. showing affection, for example, kissing your face or snuggling to you. They also show their affection for you by placing their bodies upon you. This is the way to tell you that he cherishes and cherishes you.

If you notice that your dog is prone to this behavior frequently and often, that’s a sign that you’re in a relationship with him to the point that he would like to be close to you at all times. Some people find this irritating because this is the manner cats behave. Animals are affectionate to each other, whether humans or one another and there is no reason to be worried about it.


If there aren’t any risk to health or negative results from your dog’s fur upon your skin, touching can be a wonderful opportunity to get your dog’s body and appreciate the company of his owner. It could result in a wonderful time of bonding for both you and your dog. We’ve provided some tips that you can apply to decrease the amount of rubbing you get in the section above.

This article gives you to look at your pet’s body language: understand what’s going on examine his body and get a better understanding of the mood of your pet. We hope that you enjoyed this article and could be able to better understand your dog’s behavior by reading this post.

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