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If your dog is scratching its back against the couch often and you’re contemplating the reasons and how you can do. This article will provide several reasons you might have noticed it, as well as the steps you can take to bring it back to a stop.
What is the reason my dog scratch itself against the couch? The most likely reasons your dog rubs itself on the couch could be because it enjoys the scent on the furniture, or it’s applying its scent to the couch, it enjoys the way it feels it is a rash, or you may have accidentally caused the behaviour.
Given the variety of causes that could be a factor that could be the cause, it is beneficial to look at what could make each one more likely. Once you’ve got a clear concept of the reason the issue should be much easier to bring it stopped.


Why your dog rubs itself against your couch

Here are some possible reasons your dog could be doing this and the factors that make their likelihood of being the most important motive.

Encouraging the behavior

It could be that you’ve inadvertently influenced the behavior by providing it with things it likes when it behaves that way. If you are prone to giving your dog items such as treats, toys or focus when it rubs itself on the couch, it’s likely to repeat the act in order to receive more reward.
Instead, it is best to try not to reward it for doing something and to reward it for the behavior you would like it to, and then make an effort to redirect its attention as it prepares to get into a rubbing motion with the couch.

It is marking its own scent

The reason it does it is that it’s marking its scent on the couch. It is more likely if it does similar things in the house and sometimes, it will make a urine mark on the floor and it could be very aggressive in the presence of other dogs around the home.

It likes the way it feels

The reason your dog is doing this might be simply because it enjoys the way it is. It’s more likely if the dog performs similar actions in other areas, and doesn’t frequently do it.

An injury or a rash

It could be because it’s been afflicted with an injury or a rash. It is more likely if it started acting up suddenly, is rub the same area of their body on the sofa, and when it was rub it against any other object, too. In this situation the best choice is to take it to the vet.

It is not likely to be dominant behavior

Many people leap into the idea that their dogs behave this way because they want to establish dominance. But, the alpha/beta dynamics has been challenged in research which show that wolves alternate in assuming the reigns.


Things to consider

Below are a few factors to take into consideration when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started rubbing itself against the couch

If your dog didn’t always rub its back against the sofa, it could be beneficial to look at what was going on when it first began doing it. If it began acting out in a hurry this would increase the chances to learn that it is rewarded when it does it.

What is different when it does it

It’s also helpful to look at what’s distinct when your dog is inclined to do this. For instance, if it does it only while you’re at the table, it will be more likely to does so because it is aware that it could bring you additional attention.

What to do about your dog rubbing itself against the couch

Here are some suggestions you can do to convince your dog to quit doing it.

Avoid encouraging the behavior

As we mentioned earlier there is a chance that it’s the case that it’s realized that it can earn rewards for doing what it wants to do. Instead, it is best to encourage the behavior of your pet when you want it to behave manner you’d like it to behave, but not reward it when it doesn’t and try to shift its attention when it appears likely to begin rubbing against the sofa.

Ensure that it is not due to an injury

If you think it could be caused by an injury or rash, or you’re unable to figure out the reason your dog is doing this then the best thing to do would be to have an appointment with your vet. If you do this you will be able get the right advice from a specialist who is specifically tailored for your pet’s needs and eliminate the possibility that it is caused by injuries.

Positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement training is where you encourage your dog to behave in a certain way by rewarding it when it shows signs of behaving that way. It is helpful to reward your dog whenever it does not rub its back against the couch when typically would be the norm to induce it to cease doing it.


Why does my dog rub itself against the couch after a walk?

If your dog is rubbing itself on the couch after the walk, it will be a good indication that the dog is trying to spread their scent around its home.

Why does my dog rub itself against the couch after eating?

If your dog is constantly rubbing against the sofa after eating or a meal, it could be that your pet is trying to disperse its scent , since it thinks that this is the perfect spot for eating.
There is a third reason to not be ignored.
Even though it is sometimes a nuisance that our dog licks the couch, in many other occasions , it can make us smile and makes us want to indulge our pet with affectionate touches and sweet words.
This is the reason that when your dog gets unhappy and is trying to get some attention from you, she will begin scratching himself on the couch. If that happens, don’t avoid him!

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