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Dog is always rubbing his face on objects
This is because he could be marking the area with his scent , or perhaps putting his own scent in the area. It could be the same when your dog continues to rub her face against objects it is just marking her space by rubbing her scent on furniture.
Also, what is refer to when the dog rubs its face?
An irritation such as filthy or wet fur, discomfort from a eye or tooth injury, irritation due to allergies or fleas or simply because it makes you feel good. These are just a few possible motives for dogs to touch something with its face.
You might also wonder, what is it that makes my dog go wild in my bedroom? If you’ve got a very active dog that isn’t getting enough exercise throughout time, they could notice them running wild on your bed in an act of protest. (“Don’t put your head down now, buddy! Your dog could be anticipating or have a hormonal imbalance which leads her to think that she should be getting ready to welcome puppies.
Your dog definitely isn’t an oddball! This is completely normal particularly when your dog is living in a new area or is experiencing changes.
This guide will explain the most important reasons your dog is making a fussy face against your bed. Understanding the reason for this will help make it simpler to address this behavior.


Expressing Ownership

Dogs are territorial creatures They have many ways of doing so. Every method leaves a scent. Though urination is the most commonly used method to let their scent go however, there is another method, which is to apply pressure to it.
When your dog rubs its face against the bed, they may be claiming the mattress for “theirs.” Although you might not like the idea the dog is trying to assert the bed as theirs and not yours, you should be grateful that they’re not spilling their urine or the feces that they poop on!

Health Concerns

The occasional face rub is not harmful however if it’s occurring every day it could indicate that something’s wrong.
The dogs express their displeasure by chewing or scratching. If the issue is located in a place that isn’t accessible and feel, they’ll express it by the rub.
If you observe your dog frequently rubbing his head on your pillow, take a look to check if he’s using the same area on his face repeatedly. There could be an itch, scab, or irritation that demands your care.
Below are two of the most frequent health conditions which could cause this behaviour.


Humans are allergic to allergens through red or watery eyes and coughing. Dogs show signs of allergies by their skin.
This can cause severe irritation that can result in scratching or rubbing. Certain household and food products can trigger allergies in your dog. Other allergens that are common include pollen and grass.
Make sure you are aware of substance in your home that might be dangerous to your pet and make certain to keep them away from their reach.
If you are introducing your dog to a new food or treats, begin by feeding them a small portion to ensure that they don’t suffer the reaction of an allergy.


The skin is constantly damaged caused by scratching and rubbing can result in an infection. The signs of infection are swelling and redness that could be accompanied by the loss of hair and pimples, pimple-like forms and itching.
If you spot an infection is developing, be certain to notify your veterinarian promptly. Doctors will recommend antibiotics in order to accelerate the recovery process.


Creepy Crawlers

The natural world is filled with numerous animals who will feel at the home of your pet.
Fleas, ticks, and mites are creatures that thrive in the fur of your dog. They create itching and irritation. If you see your dog scratching his face on the bed, it could be his method of relieving the itching on his face.


Every dog owner is aware of fleas. A majority of dogs will experience fleas at the very least twice throughout their lives.
If your dog is suffering from fleas, it is important to be taken as quickly as is possible. Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day, so each day you put off treatment, the infestation will get worse.
The likelihood is that fleas won’t be noticed for in the beginning or for a couple of days. After three days and four, you’ll observe your dog is constantly scratching and rubs.
The good thing is that with the right treatment, it should take just three months to rid of all fleas.


Ticks are often found in grass, brush, and heavily wooded areas. Ticks feed off the blood of your dog, just like fleas. However the quantity that they consume of blood could cause harm in the overall health of your pet.
In addition ticks transmit diseases that can transferred through bites, and trigger sickness.
What is the reason ticks can make your dog rub his face against an object like your bed? The answer is easy. Ticks are often found around the neck and ears of your dog. The dog is rubbing the place to alleviate the discomfort and itching caused by ticks.
If you spot ticks on your dog, prompt removal is vital. Do not attempt to remove the tick on your own do it by an expert.


There are a variety of mites that could cause discomfort for your dog. Mites spread rapidly from animal to animal, so if your dog has come into contact with another animal that has mites, there’s a good chance your dog now has mites.
Mites are too small to be seen by the naked eye. They may cause irritation in the ears as well as around the ears and even under the skin. If your dog rubs his ears against your mattress, then mites may be the cause.


Simple Enjoyment

While territorial claims are the main reason behind this behaviour, some dogs might simply love the sensation of their faces being pressed against the floor of your mattress.
It could be their method to find peace and comfort at home. Everyone has a favorite blanket that we prefer to cuddle up in. Dogs can find comfort in certain things too. For certain dogs the act of rubbing their heads on the sheets is a wonderful experience!
If your dog isn’t affected by creatures, this behavior is not something to worry about. Be vigilant about your pet. If it happens repeatedly throughout the day, take your dog to the vet for an exam.

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