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When you go to the toilet, you see your pet in an awkward and embarrassing position.
It’s true… It’s moving its muzzle over your soap of choice – once more!
You’ll be left wondering, “Why does my dog rub his face on soap?”
There are only a handful of plausible explanations for why your dog will rub his face with soap.
This, for instance, seems like a bizarre behavior may be a way to ease anxiety. Because the soap might contain your scent and your friend’s scent, they may find it particularly soothing.
In other situations it is possible that your dog is engaging in an instinctual behavior called ‘scent rolling’. This behavior is linked to their genetic heritage- that goes back to the days when there were no wolves.
While rubbing your hands in soap isn’t very hazardous but you should try to avoid it as long as you can prior to when it become obsessive. This is particularly vital if your soap contains dangerous ingredients like coconut or aromatic oils.
Prevention can be achieved through a variety of methods, such as counter-conditioning, behaviour training, and simply replacing the soap with something safer for your dog to roll on!


Why Does My Dog Rub His Face On Soap: 2 Possible Causes

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Anxiety Relief

Relief from anxiety and soap rubbing might not be connected to each other in any manner. To comprehend this strange connection, it is necessary to learn about the evolutionary background of dogs.
Dogs are the descendents of wolves and can be found as family pack. They typically consist of a male, female and offspring of different years, a pack of wolves offers a crucial social structure. Much like humans depend on their families and their friends, wolves also depend on to be with each other.
To locate pack members the wolves utilize scent. If a member of the pack leaves due to any reason, other wolves of the pack are able to find them by their own scent.
The dog’s ancestors haven’t lost their ability to sniff. Scientists have estimated that dogs’ perception of scent is between 10,000 and 100,000 times more precise than our sense of smell. It means that they will smell the soap you use long after you’ve stepped out of the shower.
To this day the dogs have a love for pack-like structures. This may explain the reason your dog loves to rub his head on your soap. They view you as a member of the pack and, most likely, the leader of the pack. Therefore everything that smells or tastes like you indicates security and comfort.
If your dog licks the soap while you’re away from home It’s likely that he associates the scent of your soap with your own scent. It’s possible that they’re rubbing the soap to alleviate anxiety when you’re not there.

Scent Rolling

If your dog has been rubbing his face with soap even at home It’s likely not to have anything to do with anxiety relief. It could be an instinctual behavior. The wolf-like dogs and their ancestral ancestors engage in a habit called scent rolling.
Rolling in the smell is much more prevalent or at the very least, more apparent when dogs play in foul-smelling objects. Many pups, once released from their leash, will sprint toward the nearest pile of dung decaying flesh, and happily toss around in it- much to the chagrin of their owners.
But scent rolling isn’t only restricted to items that smell. Any scent that’s intriguing or strong can trigger a dog to engage in scent rolling including soap.
It’s a bit odd to roll around in an odorous substance may seem strange from a human’s perspective but it’s natural from a dog’s point of perspective. Although scientists and vets aren’t completely certain, they believe that the act of rolling in scents is tied to communication between packs.
If a wolf is able to detect the scent of a new one the wolf will stop in their tracks, drop and then move about in the scent. They’re trying to fix this scent on their coats. Then, once that Wolf returns to their group, other wolves will look into the unusual smell.
Your dog might not have a pack to share their scent stories with it doesn’t mean that the desire to share the scent is gone. The behavior is embedded in the DNA of their dog! When they come across an intriguing smell, everything they do suggests they be able to rub or roll against it. It’s just a good feeling.


How To Stop Your Dog From Rubbing His Face On Soap

If you’re trying not to let your dog rubbing his face against your soap, it’s important determine the reason you’re doing this.
If the cause is separation anxiety, you may apply specific training techniques to change or stop the behavior.
If your dog is smelling of soap, it may be difficult to get them off. In the end, they’re acting on their instincts. But, there are options to reduce the amount of soap that rubs.

Correcting Separation Anxiety

A lot of dogs suffer from separation anxiety whenever owners leave the home for reasons of any kind. As per the ASPCA owners can reduce the anxiety of separation with the counterconditioning process or through desensitization.
In counter-conditioning, the goal is to link your leaving with some sort of special and time-consuming reward. Puzzle toys that contain treats appear to be the most effective in this regard.
The rubber Kong toy filled with frozen cream cheese or peanut butter can keep dogs happy and entertained for hours. This means they’ll stay clear of your soapy shower!
Of course, it’s essential to remove the toy when you return. This way, your dog will only be able to link the toy to you when you’re absent.
When it comes to desensitisation, pet owners employ gradual absences to gradually prepare their dogs to be at peace. It takes patience, time and consistent training.
As your dog learns to live on their own, you’ll need to keep the door of your bathroom closed. If they don’t, they’ll probably go back to their soap-rubbing methods when they get angry.


How to Stop Scent Rolling

If your dog is smelling of soap, there’s only one thing to do. Scent rolling is an instinctual process that will not stop.
When a wolf is convinced that an aroma is appealing and they return to the exact spot repeating it over and over- taking a walk in it each time!
Training properly can assist you in controlling the behavior, however. Particularly effective is a properly-trained recall. Recall is the term used to describe your dog’s ability to respond when you call.
Most dogs will be there to you when you call their names during dinner. However, if they’ve come across something interesting, such as the brand-new soap bar you’ve bought, they may ignore your call.
The act of rolling in soap isn’t the most harmful thing an animal could do however it is an unwelcome behavior. It is important to keep the soap away from reach of your dog and teach him to remove the soap behind. Also, do not neglect to give praise for good behavior when you are training your puppy!

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