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Our dogs often fit perfectly within our everyday lives it’s simple to forget that they’re descended from the wolves.

Dogs have probably been domesticated for many thousands of years however most of the wild behavior persists in modern breeds.

Why does my dog scratch my bed sheets?! A question you could be thinking about in case your dog is found to be doing this often. Dogs can do bizarre things to us and we require explanations from experts to comprehend why they behave in the manner they do, because we can’t communicate with them However, experts have studied and observed the behavior of dogs and other animals and they could have the best explanation.

If your dog is getting into sheets of your bed in your home, you’ll be interested in understanding the reasons behind this behavior and how you can prevent it.


Why does my dog scratch my bed sheets?

It’s sometimes fun watching our pets dig at our bed sheets , however it can be a bit frustrating particularly in the event that they are disrupting your sleeping routine or inflicting damage on your sheets. Before we give some tips for you to stop the behavior, it might be worthwhile to understand that dogs scratch at sheets for bedding in the first in the first place.

Keep in mind what we wrote at the beginning of this blog that dogs descend from wolves. Some traits that are wild remain in our furry companions.

  • Dogs are just like us and want to lie in a place that is comfortable. For domestic pets it’s either in the bed of yours or an individual bed. No matter how large the comforter or the thickness of the mattress is, dogs is likely to scratch at bed sheets or blankets in order to build the perfect nest to rest in. If you’re in nature, digging could be a method to clear off any natural debris such as rocks and twigs.
  • Your dog might also smell the food or toys that they’ve been permitted to bring into bed. If you allow your dog to play or eat while in bed it is possible that they’re searching for the item.
  • You’re sure there’s nothing underneath the sheets , but the smell that is left by these items can convince your dog to the contrary.
  • Female dogs are known to make nests when they’re about to have puppies , but also dogs that aren’t expecting. Your dog might be feeling a bit tense and finding peace by creating an inviting, safe and calming place.
  • Dogs mark their territory with the sweat glands on their feet. It’s natural for them to would like their bed to be smelling just like theirs. You might have observed your dog scratching the sheets more often after you’ve added fresh bedding. A clean bed smells great to us, but it’s not the same smell to your dog. This is why you’ll frequently find dogs walking in tiny circles before they settle (they’re leaving on their backs). Circular walking is an effective way for dogs to do a final look before they settle down.
  • Before we opened our houses to them they slept outside. the desire to build an area for a nest or a den is still very present in their behavior. Dogs would dig dirt and soil away in order to lay comfortably and mark the territories, but they also did it to control their body temperature. It’s a smart ideato do this in colder months, digging in the soil can keep their lower bodies and legs warmer, which allows them to store more warmth. In the summer it’s the opposite, since the soil is cooler.
  • The breed of your dog can influence how susceptible it is to digging. Terriers in particular were born to dig and capture small rodents . This instinct is still present even in modern day pets that are lavishly groomed.


How Can I Stop My Dog Scratching My Bed Sheets?

If you’re not averse to being a bit irritable when they dig in your bed then you don’t need to change their behavior. They’re doing what they are wired to do and can be adorable and enjoyable to watch.

  • You can apply a no-dog-friendly policy to your bed. It’ll require some education but by allowing your dog to rest in other places (in your bed or on the floor or in a crate as an example) and they’ll discover that sheets shouldn’t be used for tearing.
  • Sometimes, scratching can be a way to crawl into bed or under the sheets. This isn’t like the dog could raise them using fingers in the same way we would. If you’re content for your dog to rest in the bed, this may reduce the desire for them to scratch.
  • Take away any toys or food items away from the bed, so that your dog doesn’t be encouraged to go digging to find them.

Be aware, however, that if your behavior seems particularly destructive or getting worse, it’s best to speak with your veterinarian to seek advice.


Final Say

You should feel calm after you read and know that your pet isn’t getting rude. Whatever the reason, if they are scratching the sheets of their bed, it’s a natural behavior. What is the frequency you adjust your pillow and the cover while you’re in bed? How many times do you turn and turn throughout the night? This is the same for dogs. This could be the reason why their mattress on the floor seems to be a mess at the time they go to bed. It’s the best!

It’s also crucial to keep in mind where the dogs come from. Regardless of how domesticated they may be, they’ll always have certain behaviors that are triggered by instincts. Wild dogs need to dig to rid the area of debris and twigs to sleep peacefully.

The bed of my Border Collie owns two bed. He rarely makes use of any of them – he prefers cool wooden flooring. The one we have is carpets that gather dirt and dirt of your shoes as you enter the home. If I forget to switch it off in the evening, I’ll wake up to hear him digging it up, so that he can lie on the floor beneath.