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Everybody has their unique bedtime rituals that are unique to us, but what is the reason pets scratch their beds prior to when they go to bed? You might be aware that, in addition to making a few circular movements your dog has to scratch and dig around their sleeping space before they settle down to sleep.
Do not be worried, however this seemingly destructive act is also known as “Denning,” is normal and doesn’t necessarily mean anything wrong. It’s possible that you find this behavior a bit irritating particularly if you’ve put your money in the top pet beds to ensure that they are as comfy as they can be, only to have the bed being destroyed every night, however, aside from the possibility of cost, there’s nothing to worry about.
Digging wherever is a part as a puppy. you can find out more about the reasons you see them do this in our article ‘Why does my dog digging in the first place?’. The pawing and scratching of rugs, carpets, sofas, blankets, beds and beds, while slightly different from digging holes, is part of the same instinctual behavior.


Why do dogs scratch their bed? The 6 most common reasons

Dogs’ habit of scratching their beds stems from an array of natural and developed behaviors that will tell your dog that scratching and pawing at their sleeping space is the correct way to go about it. Here are the six most frequently cited reasons for dogs to scratch their beds prior to going to bed for the night.

Natural instinct

When they were in nature, the dogs developed to scratch and dig at their sleeping spot to create a more comfortable place to sleep in. By putting up leaves, moving sticks, and ridding the area of sharp stones could provide them with a more relaxing area to lay. Scratching – and even the circling behavior to clear space has become an instinctive habit that they do this even in comfortable blankets and pillows.

Territorial behavior

Dogs don’t only mark their territory with small messages to one another by peeing on mailboxes or automobile wheels. They also mark their territory using the scent glands that are found within their paws. Pawing and scratching create scents onto their sleeping space, signalling to other dogs that the area is already theirs and must be left to its own devices. This is the reason why you could observe an increase in the amount of scratching on the dog’s bed after a new pet is added to your dog’s family.

To hide

Making an area to rest in the wilderness would aid dogs in hiding from predators. This is the reason dogs often crawl into their beddingand leave just their eyes to peek through their freshly constructed bed. Do not be afraid to encourage this because hiding in this manner can make your pet feel more secure and tranquil as well as making them look adorable!

Body temperature

Dogs have discovered that digging a shallow soil sandbox, it can provide access, based on temperature of the day, to soil that is cooler or warmer. It’s not necessary to dig a lot to uncover soil at a higher temperature than the one on the surface. Usually, scratching the surface can be enough to access the soil.
This helps maintain their body temperature by aiding them in cooling down during hot weather or locate a more comfortable location to rest on colder days. This is why they burrow in leaves, as it allows them to get shelter from the harsh weather and extreme temperatures.

A learned habit

If your dog hasn’t ever scratched or circled their bed prior to now it, but they begin when another dog comes into their house and marks their boundaries, the reason for this change may be because your dog has observed the new dog behave like this and has learned to mimic the behavior. Dogs enjoy copying their peers and it could be a new trick they’ve learned from this brand new and fascinating pet!

Maternal instinct

If you are a mother of a pet, you might observe an growth in bed digging. Female dogs are known to dig and dig holes for their pups in the wild. This is now a common trait in domestic dogs. They’re just trying to provide a space for their children to be warm, safe and cozy within. Some female dogs do this even though they’re not pregnant, to prepare to be ready for when they become pregnant.


Strategies for Managing Scratching Behaviours

If creating a cozy space to sleep your dog can stop the craziness of scratching at the bed, then the life of pet owners. Even the finest dog beds aren’t able to eliminate the your dog’s natural instinct. Here are a few suggestions to assist you in keeping your family in good order.

  • Try adding more blankets your dog’s bedding, or offer soft textures.
  • Set one massive, heavy blanket on your mattress.
  • If your dog scratches your flooring and leaving marks, you should consider taking the possibility of training classes or nail caps.
  • You can try moving the bed to a private space.
  • Choose a premium dog bed that offers the best in comfort, durability and support.

How do I stop my dog scratching their bed?

This is the bad information for you: it’s extremely difficult to avoid natural behavior such as the curious digging of your dog at night. Although it is possible to have this behavior taught, it’s extremely difficult to stop it. It’s also something that dogs find soothing and therefore teaching them that this behavior isn’t right could increase the anxiety levels of your dog.
But, if they’re always tearing the stuffing out of their dog beds or destroying carpets, there’s a few things you can try to lessen the damage they do. By trimming your pet’s nails on a regular basis will slow their progress in cutting and shredding objects since their claws will not be as sharp. It is also possible to add distracting toys to their bed including the best dog toys so that they have an activity to engage with instead of scratching for too long.


If you have room to make an area for cardboard boxes in a specific area of the home that doesn’t contain any valuable items that could be destroyed , will protect them from furniture and other soft furniture. A spacious porch or an outhouse that they can use to make a mess of their cardboard shelter without damaging anything else costly to replace is the perfect. It is also possible to consider purchasing a sturdy and durable pet bed that is able to stand up to the pounding.

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