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If your dog is scratching at the couch frequently and you’re contemplating the cause and what you can do to fix it. This article will provide the various possible causes and how you can do to address each one of them.
What is the reason my dog scratch at the couch? Common reasons for dogs to scratch their couches are because they naturally to make the floor more comfortable to lay on, or to avoid getting something to be stuck in the sofa, or perhaps learning that this behavior can be rewarding.
There are plenty of possibilities for why your dog is doing this, and it could be caused by a variety of factors. But, there are several factors to consider in determining the primary issue and there are several ways to fix it.


Reasons why your dog scratches the couch

Here are a few possible explanations for why your dog might have been doing this and what could make each one more probable to constitute the most important motive.


Wild animals would frequently scratch the ground in order to create a more comfortable environment before lying down. It is possible that your dog is scratching on the sofa prior to lying down because of its nature. It’s most likely to happen if the dog doesn’t scratch excessively, and if it also scratches other areas prior to lying down.


The reason your dog is doing it might be because something is that is making it feel anxious. This is especially true should your dog do it more frequently when they are more likely to be stressed, such for when you’re getting ready to leave the house.

It wants something stuck on the couch

It may be that it does this because it has something stuck to the couch for instance, food, it would like to. It is more likely to happen if it scratches the same spot and it also acts in ways like licking the couch.

Encouraging the behavior

It may be that it has come to understand that it is rewarded for its behavior. If you are prone to giving the animal additional attention, toys or even treats, when it gets scratched on the couch, it’ll likely repeat the action in order to receive greater rewards.

Mental issues

It could also be possible that it’s been acting out due to some more serious issue. It is possible that it is an issue with the mind that is responsible for it. It is more likely when your dog is experiencing other strange behaviors like being dizzy, vomiting frequently or suffering from seizures. If this is the case the best choice is to bring the dog to a veterinarian.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

It is possible that it’s caused by an obsession-compulsive disorder where your dog is feeling the urge to scratch at the couch but can’t resist the urge to scratch. It’s more likely if you have been doing it continuously and over long periods of time. If it’s been doing it for a long time, it is recommended by taking it to the vet for a medical check-up.


Things to consider

Here are some points to think about when determining the primary reason.

What else happened when it first started

If your dog was not always scratch at the couch, it is helpful to think about the other reasons why the first time it started to scratch. If your dog began doing it in a sudden manner, it could be because food was stuck to the couch or getting used to the idea that it is rewarding.

What else is different when your dog scratches the couch

If it doesn’t always scratch on the couch, it could be beneficial to think about what makes it different when it doesn’t. For instance, if it does not do it every time you’re about to leave the house the reason could be because of separation anxiety.


What to do about your dog scratching the couch

Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when determining the primary reason your dog is doing this.

Avoid encouraging it

Like we said as mentioned above, it could be you dog been taught that certain behaviors are rewarded. Instead, it is beneficial by rewarding your dog whenever it behaves in the manner you’d like it to, and not reward the behavior when it is not. It is also helpful to redirect your dog’s focus prior to it starting scratching on the couch, to keep from rewarding the behavior.

Remove food from the couch

It can also be helpful to get rid of any food items which may have gotten stuck to the couch or inside the sofa’s gaps.


It could also be helpful to train it to keep off the couch. For this, you can be rewarding it whenever it shows indications of not being onto the couch as it usually would. Watch this video to learn how to do it.

Get help

If your dog is being excessively active and hasn’t been to your vet to get a visit every once in awhile It is also a good idea by taking your pet into the veterinarian for a visit. In doing this you’ll be able to receive professional advice that is tailored to your dog’s specific needs and determine if it being related to mental health issues.
If it’s healthy, it might be beneficial to seek out assistance from an animal instructor or behaviorist. In this way you will be able to determine the root of the behavior and then figure out what you can do to encourage your pet to stop the behavior.
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