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You’re sitting in your chair of choice on a Saturday night , and your dog is sat just feet away from your feet. I’m sure this is an everyday scenario encountered in your house. Dogs are fond of lying upon the feet of their owners. Why is this a sleep habit for dogs? Are there any specific reasons that a dog would lie on the feet of a person? Is this something to do with be related to instincts? Whatever the cause is it’s a warm feeling to have your dog with you while you go to bed to sleep. On nights like these, I wouldn’t want had it any other way.


The Root of the Behavior

The primary cause for this behavior in dogs lies in their pack instincts.These behavior patterns can be observed in domestic dogs. The dogs who were raised in wild environments live in groups and sleep close together in order to safeguard their leader and themselves, and to keep warm. This instinct also draws on how the head has the optimal sleeping location, which is why they sleep on your back or on your mattress. Your position is perceived as being your leader in the group.

In puppies the natural instinct is to lie down by the mother’s side or just a few feet from her to not be hit by her mother should she rise up or fall in her sleep. This is a defensive instinct that was learned. As you can see when they are puppies, they tend to tend to sleep close together and, in this instance, more for warmth , especially since they’re still so tiny. If you study this behaviour a bit closer, you’ll observe that there are different reasons for this behaviour. Dogs may seek cool places to rest in, such as the floor next to your feet.

The fact that you sleep on your feet could also indicate that they are in need of reassurance, or scared of something. It’s an indication of a dog that is submissive. Dogs might have a need to defend you or protect you. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, he might be prone to laying on your feet when you’re at home to assure himself that they are close. Dogs can also lie or rest on your feet to show signs of indicating their territory other dogs.

There are a variety of reasons for this behavior. According to the above paragraph the most important reason the dog exhibits this behavior is because of natural instincts associated with pack behavior. It is best not to let this behaviour bother you in any way. The saying goes “You should let sleeping dogs lie.”


Encouraging the Behavior

Although lying down or sleeping on your feet isn’t an inherently bad thing or bad behavior however, it could be an issue when your dog spends the majority of its time in the middle of the floor, or so it’s said. If you’re okay with this behaviour, allow it to be. Cuddles with your dog are the most enjoyable. But if lying in your feet isn’t an ideal behavior for your dog here are a few guidelines to help encourage better behaviour.

Don’t touch your dog while they lie upon your foot. It will only cause the behavior to persist. Do not give your dog attention when he behaves such a way. Make your dog sit further away from you by throwing a treat few inches away from you, and then, when he is ready to retrieve it, teach him to lie in the zone. Encourage him with praise and positive reinforcement when he lies further far from your. Train your dog to say “lie” or “lie down.

Then show him exactly where you would like him to lay at. Recognize him for following instructions by giving him a treat or praise. When you train your dog, you must be consistent. Don’t be a slave to him. In no time you will see him learning to hide from you.

Other Solutions and Considerations

Your dog could be lying on your feet when you notice that he’s cold, or might be scared of something, like lightning, or another animal. If any is the case, give your dog plenty of love and encouragement. If your dog is feeling cold, you may want to offer him a cozy dog sleeping area to lay in.

Your dog is looking at you for the love, care and to satisfy his physical requirements. When you meet his needs, you can assure him of his place in your life. There is no reason to punish him for this kind of behaviour.

Why do dogs like to lay at your feet?

The desire of your dog to lay down or rest in your lap is among the natural instincts of dogs. They love to be close to you, as your pack’s chief. They feel secure and secure. It is essential for them to maintain your “ownership” and connection with you. The closeness allows them to mark their area of responsibility.


Why does my dog sit on my feet facing away from me?

It’s a sign of confidence. The dog is trying convince you that it’s not going to harm you, and it’s demonstrating that through keeping it’s teeth as from you as is possible. This is also making it vulnerable to you by showing the world that it trusts you. However, the majority of dogs just like being attracted to this type of area.

Why does my dog sit with his back to me?

If your dog turns his back on you, it’s a sign to you that he’s kind and is trusting you. In the world of animals facing away from anyone puts you in a dangerous position. Your dog is relying on you to ensure that you won’t hurt him by snatching him from behind.


A dog lying on your feet is a pure natural instinct, and usually a protective mode. There’s nothing wrong with this until it causes you to feel uncomfortable. You can try some of the techniques described in this article if you feel your pet’s behavior is getting too much for you. In other cases, allow him to be. Pet him and cherish him. Your dog will appreciate the affection you give him.

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