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According to a well-known legend that if your dog sits or lies on your legs, he is seeking to control you. However, this is not the case.
A lot of dogs form an intense bond with their owners and develop close relationships with them. Whatever the location where owners go, their dog follows. Then, the moment their owner sits down, their seat and sits down, the dog will lay down or lie in their own feet, or on their legs. This is a positive sign of the connection and bond you share with your dog.
It’s time to look at in depth the most frequent reasons for this habit, and the best way to go in the right direction to stop the issue.
Sometimes, dogs will go between the legs of their owners in search of the comfort or security. Certain studies have found that large and medium dogs are more likely to display this behaviour than smaller dogs. Lack of confidence, anxiety or excitement may make dogs seek the protection or comfort of their owners’ legs.
Why does my dog always sit on my feet?
It is a common occurrence that dogs will settle on their owners feet. It could be a method to show love, just like you’d choose to sit with your loved ones or a friend. Certain dogs prefer to lie on the floor rather than being seated right next to you on the couch which is why they are usually right next to your feet or even on the top.


The reasons why your dog will sit between your legs

Considering you a member of their pack

Puppy dogs sleep on top of each for a sense of security This same desire persists as they grow older as well. There is a chance that your pet could simply see you as one of them in their “pack” if they are lying on your legs, particularly starting in their puppy years. If you are considered a part within your “pack” by them, they’ll try to cuddle whenever they are able to.

Trying to get your attention

The dog is man’s best companion and the ability to let your dog sit on your lap is among best ways to show the amount of love they have for and appreciate your presence. This could be an effective way to express gratitude for your love and attention, food or love.
If your dog isn’t causing any discomfort or issues it’s not bad to let them enjoy the comfort of lying on you for just a brief duration. It’s nothing different from allowing a toddler to lie upon your lap to be content.
Your dog was unintentionally taught to lie between your legs
In certain situations it is possible to unintentionally encourage an unintended behavior within our dogs, without even realizing that it is. If we reward and praise our dogs for their good behavior, whether it’s with love or by giving them something they truly enjoy, they are less likely to replicate the behavior.
If you scratch or touch your dog’s belly as you are letting him rest or lie down in between you legs you’re sending a message to your pet that you appreciate him and that it’s beneficial for him to remain there. In a different way, you’re indirectly informing your dog to do this.

Your dog is anxious or scared

Your dog might be scared by unfamiliar surroundings, people thunder, or other sudden and loud sounds. They won’t abandon you when they are in a stressful situation, since it’s the only where they feel safe. So close as they are able to be to you, typically lying on top of your feet or putting themselves in between you and your legs make them feel secure and most secure with you.


It’s also possible that your dog is sat between your legs in submission. If you observe in nature, the more dominant dogs will show their power by staking out canines in an un-sexual fashion. When they perform the sitting/laying down routine in front of you, your dog probably trying to prove that you’re the more dominant dog by crossing your legs.


Comfort and warmth

Dogs love physical contact even when they’re asleep. One of the main reasons why your dog would like to rest their legs on yours is the warmth and comfort it brings to them. It could also be due to the fact that our legs are usually smooth and soft, offering them with an instant warming pad upon which they can relax their exhausted muscles.
Additionally, it’s advantageous for you and your dog since the body heat is able to transfer in either direction to one another. The dogs are most likely perform this kind of behavior in winter, which suggests that they’re not warm enough. lying on your back is the most efficient and comfortable method of warming up.
Furthermore, it is crucial to be aware that puppies and a variety of toy breeds cannot regulate their body temperature efficiently, particularly at night or in the colder months.


It could be that your dog has been snagging between your legs as it’s trying to defend yourself from something. The probability that this happens is greater when it is happening more often when people are in the vicinity. An angry grin at strangers who are close to them will enhance the probability of this kind of behavior.


Separation anxiety

Your dog could be suffering from separation anxiety if is one of the “velcro” dog. If it’s time for bed some dogs curl up with you to take a nap.
Pets that are stressed after you go away tend to exhibit a chaotic behavior that includes screaming, grunting and pacing or becoming anxious. To ensure you don’t let them go you should keep them between your legs for as long as they can.
The most effective way of decreasing anxiety over separation from the pet you love is to let your pet for short periods of time, and give them a reward immediately upon your return. Repeat this process many times and increase the amount of time you let them on their own each time until they are familiar with the practice.

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