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Dogs are known to exhibit certain odd behavior occasionally. Here’s an example you’ve probably heard of:
After a long day at working, you decide to set up an area on your couch or in bed to unwind. When you sit down, your dog gets to the top and then plops on your lap or on your stomach! The majority of owners just smile or give their pet cuddles.
Just returned from a long day and are exhausted, you take your preferred beverage in the refrigerator. You rub your dog’s head (for good manners obviously) you sip it and settle down on the sofa to unwind some. You suddenly you feel something pressure on the chest. When you open your eyes, discover your dog sitting on your.
The situation may not be exactly the same for you, but you’ll get the idea. Your dog is always wanting to lay on your back when you lay down, and this is frequently occurring. It’s so frequent that you begin thinking that this is something you would expect from your dog. You wonder “Why does my dog sit on me when I’m laying down?”


“Why does my dog sit on me when I’m laying down?”

A Strange Breed Behavior

In most cases it is the case that lying on your back is just a habit that comes naturally! Certain breeds love to pile upon one another. Wild dogs usually rest in groups.
Their backs are in contact, so everyone is woken awake if something occurs. This constant contact is a crucial survival strategy.
Your dog might be a victim of the same habits that make them want to be as close to you is
Great Danes are well-known for their desire to rest on humans in a way of bonding. They even lie on babies! Some breeds are lap dogs that are a pleasure to be around.
A lot of smaller breeds such as Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise and Pomeranians will leap onto their owners laps whenever they have the chance.

Marking Their Territory with Scent

We all know that dogs love to spread their scent by releasing urine. But, they also spread their scent by rub their bodies all over all over.
If so then why is your dog now laying on your lap? It’s possible that your dog is be feeling a little threatened. Maybe you had a pet at home or went to the dog park and received some attention from the nearby playmates.
Your pet’s owner might not enjoy that and will attempt to rub their scent on you to make others aware that you’re part of their family!
Most dogs be able to do this by wriggling on your couch or on the your bed. But, they’ll also resort to resting on you when they believe that their scent isn’t being spread out enough.
To stop this behavior, you’ll need to pay greater amount of attentive to your dog. Don’t ignore your dog. If you do, Fido might resort to more messy methods to mark their territory.

You’re in the Way

Do you have a dog that has the same favorite spot? Perhaps it’s the couch or on a particular part or section of the bed.
If you’re blocking the path of your dog in order to access their favorite place to relax Don’t be shocked that they will sit upon you. They’ve spent a significant amount of time infusing this spot by releasing their smell.
They’re not going surrender!
It’s best to implement some methods of training to end this kind of behavior. Teach your dog to remain in a different place to ensure that you don’t “give in” and weaken your role as a pack leader.


Separation Issues

Separation anxiety is a real problem that isn’t something you can ignore. If dogs are anxious to be at home, they’ll be tempted to spend all day with you.
A few cries or whispers may accompany the unusual sitting. The majority of dogs resort to being seated on your lap when you leave. This is a method of keeping your dog at home.
Of course, it’s not possible to simply ignore separation anxiety. We suggest that you seek out an expert trainer to help your dog navigate through the issues.
It will help your pet feel more comfortable even when you’re away.

Sheer Boredom

If your dog doesn’t get adequate exercise in the course of the day you may observe this odd behavior as an expression of boredom. Consider it an appeal for more stimulation!
Dogs aren’t able to communicate using conventional means, and so they must resort to bizarre actions, like placing your hand on your shoulder as you lay down. Dogs are trying to communicate with you something!
Go for a walk and enjoy a playful time playing. Engaging your dog’s energy in a positive way must address the problem directly.

A Need to Cuddle

At times, the dog would like to snuggle! They could lie on your lap to start a bonding time. There’s plenty to gain from spending time together with your pet on a couch or sofa.
If it’s not affecting your schedule or training, you can accept the message! It’s never a bad idea to lie with your pet and show them some affection.

A Quest for Dominance

In rare instances the dogs will be seen sitting on your feet to show their power. It’s not often, but it’s possible.
The act of sitting on you when you’re lying down can do two things. The first is that it makes use of you in the moment of vulnerability.
From a dog’s point of perspective, lying down can open you to attack. If you sit on your back, your dog implying that it is protecting you.
The second reason is that it puts them in a better place. This makes them feel more at ease with the situation. Apart from being a bit tense Your dog could begin to growl or bark at any other animal that comes close.
A quest to supremacy in your home is not the best thing to do. Talk to a coach to find out what methods you can use to make yourself the pack leader.



Here you go! As you can observe, your dog’s train of thought may be all around the world! Most of the time, putting your feet on your body while you lie down isn’t an issue to be concerned about. If it’s creating trouble try adopting some innovative ways of training.
It is possible to teach your dog to look for different spots to sit. If this doesn’t work, we suggest contacting an experienced trainer or a behaviourist for assistance.

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