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If your dog is always resting on your chest, you might be wondering what is the reason and what you can do to stop it.
This article will provide the various reasons it is doing it and how you can stop it. in order to prevent it from happening.
Why does my dog rest in my lap? The most likely reasons your dog lies on your chest is the fact that it suffers from anxiety about separation, needs attention or exercise, or is trying to protect you, you’ve inadvertently encouraged the behavior or is doing something dominant.
There are a variety of different things you could think about in trying to determine the reason your dog is sitting upon your back. Once you have an idea of what could be, it becomes much easier to make it stop.


Why does my dog sit on my chest?

The various reasons that your dog is laying on your chest is likely to have some clues.
Below, I’ll list some of the reasons they might be doing it and what could make it more likely.

Separation anxiety

The reason it is sitting on your chest may be because it suffers from separation anxiety. It is because your dog isn’t happy being left on its own and when left alone, it causes anxiety. This is likely to occur when it appears to be nervous when you’re about to go away. The ways it could become anxious might be through running around or crying.
If it appears to be the case that it is experiencing some anxiety around separation, it is helpful to lessen it by allowing it to get used to having to be away for brief periods , and then gradually build gradually to longer periods.

Wanting attention

The reason for it doing it might be because it’s looking for your attention. This is especially likely if it happens more frequently when you haven’t paid it enough attention, and you are inclined to give it more notice whenever it happens.
If you do pay it more attention when it is trying to sit in your lap, it could aid in training it to move away and to not give its attention when it behaves badly.

Wanting exercise

The dogs are expected to be given plenty of exercise each day. Based on breed, they may require about an hour of physical activity per day. If they don’t get sufficient exercise, it may result in behavior issues. If your dog isn’t exercising, it’s best to make sure you are doing it.


The reason it is trying to do this could be that it’s protecting itself. It is more likely if it was one of the breeds that are more guardian like one like a German Shepherd. It’s also more likely to keep you in the loop and become extremely protective when other animals are present.

Reinforcing it

It could be that you’ve been accidentally rewarding the behavior and thus causing it to be conditioned to do it again. It is more likely if your strategy for stopping it from doing it is to offer the animal treats, toys or even attention.
Instead of this, it’s better to teach it to move away in order to reward it for its sitting and give it a reward when it’s good behavior.



In the wild, dogs will show their superiority over other dogs by arranging themselves in higher places. This could be one reason why your dog lies upon your shoulders. This is especially likely if the dog tries to make itself appear more elevated than you in different ways, and is not responsive to your commands.
In this situation it is essential to provide it with lots of instruction and avoid placing it in a position in a position that is higher than you, so that it can respect you as the owner.

It’s just being affectionate

It is possible that it’s just trying to show affection. It’s more likely if it attempts to make you touch it or kiss its belly as it lies in your lap.

Spreading its scent

It is possible that your dog is trying to transfer its scent over you, in order for other dogs to detect it. This is the way it is affirming that you are part of it and that dogs will avoid your scent.
To avoid this, you’ll have to train it to lay down in certain areas. In the meantime, you can stop it from laying in your lap by instructing it to lie down or sit in a different location.

Is There Anything to be Concerned About?

The dog is sitting upon your shoulders. It is clear that it’s an adorable act! However, shouldn’t you be concerned about any thing?
If your dog exhibits uncontrollable or aggressive behavior while lying on your chest but you might require remedial measures. This could mean that your dog has begun to ignore you as the pack leader.
This kind of behavior isn’t ideal since it can cause snapping, gnashing and disobedience when in public.
If you’re uncomfortable with your dog’s sitting in your lap, then you need to be working to get rid of your dog’s association with this kind of behavior.
Get your dog off and have him or her keep away. Make sure your dog is disciplined when this happens.

Why is my dog suddenly sitting on my chest?

If your dog recently started to rest on your chest It could be that something has caused your dog to become nervous even without you. Your dog has come to understand that the behavior is reward-based and you’ve begun feeding your pet later in the daytime. It’s helpful to look at the other events that have occurred recently which could have influenced the behavior of your pet.


Why does my dog sit on my chest in the morning?

If your dog has a habit of sitting on your chest during the early morning It could be that the dog is waiting for your food or to exercise it. It’s more likely if the dog is doing it prior to you having given it the food it needs or has exercised. It might also be that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety , if it does it after you leave the home.

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