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While on the go with your dog You may notice that they may move back and sit in between the legs of yours, or at your feet. Even if your pet doesn’t behave this way, you may have observed another dog showing the same behavior. Let’s look into what this means and whether it could cause issues to you, as a pet owner.


Misconceptions Behind This Behavior

A few people view the behavior of a dog lying on the feet of their owners to show protection. If a dog is yelling in this posture the interpretation may appear plausible, but this isn’t true. In reality, the majority of the times canines exhibit this type of behavior, it’s a result of anxiety and getting as close their owner as they can (e.i. being seated on their feet) will make the dog feel secure. If they are in a state of intense anxiety, dogs could become aggressive, which can cause them to growl or bite fearfully.

But, it is important to keep in mind that some dogs that lie on their owners feet are doing it because of fear. If your dog behaves like this when they are inside the home or in a secure area with no other pets in the vicinity, it could be a method of trying to draw attention from you or to assert their dominance over their owner when there are other pets within the home.

Dogs Sit On Your Feet For Warmth

Sometimes and especially the case in cold weather pets are cosying with you to keep warm. This is logical do you not think?

In earlier times the dogs served as night-guards and foot-warmers to the royals.

Shih-tzu Ko translate to Lion Dog, and you may have noticed that these enigmatic dog breeds fit the name. As per Pedigree.com, Shih Tzu’s were first bred by Tibetan monks. They later evolved into dogs of their royal family during Ming as well as the Manchu dynasties.

They were extremely soft and cozy, were the most beloved companions of the Emperor after they were presented to the emperors as presents and became Royal lap dogs! The Shih Tzus were used as guards and foot warmers , which doubled as companions and a source of entertainment also.


To Sit On You, Is To Love You

Research conducted in Budapest have provided us with the exact details of what goes through your dog’s brain when they smell, hear and see you . And the general consensus is that they love, man.

When your dog is at your feet, or anyplace close to you – they’re doing so because they view you as an individual.

Your Dog May Be Anxious (And You’re Their Safety Blanket)

Dogs who are anxious may choose to snuggle with their owners to ensure safety and comfort. Your dog might be curled on your feet as a method to say “hey, keep me safe, I’m really scared right now!”

As per PetMD, some signs of a pet that are anxious include a tail that is tucked back shaking, whimpering, or shivering. hiding. It can occur in various “nervous” behaviors including eating bizarre foods or destroying everything that is in view.

Similar questions surround the reasons why your dog could lean against you or follow you around – they might just be enthralled by you and love the company of you or be anxious about something. Examining the other behaviors of your dog (in conjunction with leaning, sitting and following) is the most effective way to figure out what’s happening in the dog’s brain.

Your Dog May Sit On You to Mark You As “Theirs”

Your dog is actually sitting at your feet, saying to other doggies, “This owner is mine.”

Pet owners with multiple dogs may be able to see the slight battle between dogs regarding which dog gets the top place. The most effective solution is to provide dogs with their own areas to lay down, close at your feet. Giving each dog an personal “me time” with you will help to reduce any possible jealousy problems.

Your Dog May Sit At Your Feet to Guard the Pack

If your dog sleeps in your bed, they’re doing it as a method of bonding with their pet’s owner, who many believe is the leader of the pack.

This is a reference to prehistoric times in which dogs had to depend on the leader – you, after all to protect them from predators. Dogs also are aware of who has the upper hand and will sleep next with the chief honcho in order to ensure nothing happens while head honcho takes time to rest.


To claim you

Sitting on your feet the dog is signalling to the world that they belong to you (and the reverse is also true). If you have multiple dogs may be able to see a battle between the dogs so as who has the most desirable place next to you. The best way to deal with this is to offer each dog an area close to your feet where you can lie down. You should not have any dog trying to claim both feet to themselves. It’s also suggested that every dog has their own individual time.

What to Do if Your Dog is Suffering from Anxiety

If you own a dog that appears to be suffering from anxiety, in particular when the public, or even out for walks, there are few things you can try. The first is training is an excellent starting point. Dogs who are trained to obey develop confidence and establish a structure. When your dog is aware of what they can expect from you It can decrease the anxiety of their owners significantly. Talk to Fido’s veterinarian to discover if there’s any medical reason for this kind of behavior. But, it’s essential to remember that every dog is different , and while certain dogs will quickly get out of their fear however, other dogs may require patience and patience.

While the simple act of a dog lying on the feet of their owner does not necessarily mean they’re suffering from anxiety but it’s usually the reason. If you suspect your dog has anxiety issues, the most effective thing you can do is to help them get the assistance you need, and also be mindful of their development.

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