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Most likely, you’ve sat in your favourite chair with your pet after a tiring, long day. Dogs are awestruck by spending time with their pet pets and will follow their owners all the way to the end of the globe in the event that they could. Sometimes, they’ll even lie on your feet while you drift off to sleep.
This makes us vulnerable as we aren’t able to understand them in the same way they comprehend us. Dogs typically are able to sense and have an intuitive perception of how humans feel, even if we don’t know about.
As responsible pet owners We are responsible owners and must do our best to view all the things around us through our dogs’ eyes and try to meet the needs that they are unable to voice. One of them is sitting down.
Although this isn’t an issue for us humans however, there are certain messages our dogs want to communicate to us while they’re in our shoes. Sometimes, when we fail to pay attention to their messages to us it weakens or breaks the bonds we have, and your dog may not be as trusting of you as they should.
Imagine living with a dog who doesn’t know your body language, and then smirks your face every time you try to communicate. This article will help discover what you need to be aware of the reasons your dog has this behaviour.


Reasons Your Dog Likes to Sit On Your Feet

This article will provide a summary of the most popular motives for this dog’s behavior.

Showing Their Love

It is a common occurrence for dogs to lie to their owner’s feet. It could be a method to show affection, much as you’d prefer to sit with your loved ones or a friend.
Some dogs prefer to lie on the ground instead of being seated close to you on the sofa and tend to be right next to your feet or sitting on the floor. Your dog may like the feel and texture of tile, carpet or even wood, or perhaps being next to someone is too cozy for them.
Some dogs might prefer to be near their owners feet to be able to walk alongside them when they move.
Other dogs may choose to lay down or rest on the feet of their owners. It is possible that dogs find physical contact with their owners can be soothing for dogs.


In some situations the dog might decide to lay down or sit on your feet as they’re anxious or fearful. If your dog usually does not lie down on your feet but suddenly does this for a few minutes, look at their body signals:

  • Are they showing signs of stress and anxiety like excessive crying or panting?
  • Do they have their tail hanging down or hidden beneath them?
  • Have their ears been pulled up? Are their heads lowered?

When dogs become nervous dogs, they attempt to be close to their owners as they can. This could happen at the time of a vet visit or when they visit an area that is not familiar to them.
Dogs may display this behavior in their homes whenever they are exposed to sounds like fireworks or thunder or construction sounds. It is also possible that they show this behavior when they are around children, people or dogs who cause them to be uncomfortable.
If your dog is anxious or uncertain, keeping contact with them can make them feel more comfortable. It could be like the child who wants to hold their parent’s hands in times of fear.
A small portion of the population is affected by separation anxiety. These dogs can also lay down on their owners feet. Some dogs with separation anxiety display this behavior. The dogs who do probably are at ease when they are close to their owners.
The idea of sitting on the floor can be a way to keep your feet close to you.


Learned Behavior

Dogs will certainly be taught sitting on or lie on your feet and lie down, they are more likely to grab your interest.
It’s a natural reaction to stare at or speak to the dog when they decide to lie on top of your feet. Your dog might have been taught that you offer them physical affection through pet or ear rubs while they rest at your feet.
Positive reinforcement can make the dog more inclined to be near your feet.

Dogs Sit On Your Feet Because It’s Their Instinct

The dogs still have a significant amount of their pack instincts after hundreds decades of domestication. In nature, the whole group of wolves would slumber closely together. This isn’t just to warm themselves however, it’s important to also protect the other wolves and, of course their leader. Naturally the leader will have the ideal sleeping spot and usually, it’s at a higher elevation.
Consider how this is related to your dog’s sleeping position on your feet? At home you’re clearly identified as the chief of the group. So, your subordinate dog will be sleeping near you, to protect you.


Final Thoughts On Why Do Dogs Sit On Your Feet

What is the reason dogs lie in your shoes? There are many reasons for this that can range from needing attention or to provide you the assistance you require after an exhausting day. This could be due to they’re worried, afraid or suffer from separation anxiety, in which case it is recommended to have your child checked by a qualified expert immediately.
We don’t want to think of trying to express our opinions and getting ignored. We shouldn’t be creating the environment of our home in which your pet is feeling the same way.
Our pets aren’t the main people in our lives. There are so many things to do and obligations aside from caring for them and taking care of our own needs.
They have the majority of their lives contemplating and worry about us. Their primary purpose is to care for our emotional requirements when they notice us in distress and provide us with companionship when we appear depressed and sad and lonely. They’re not even allowed out on the yard or go for an outing without our assistance as a result, and we have a responsibility to be as helpful to them as possible.

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