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In the event that your pet is laying on your head or your face frequently, you could be wondering what the cause is and how you can do to stop it. This post will help you understand various possible reasons for why your dog is doing this and how you can do to stop it.
Why does my dog lie in my hair? The most likely reasons your dog lies on your head could be the fact that it’s trying to convince you to take action for it, such as feeding it, or perhaps you have accidentally rewarding the behavior or is doing it to get the attention of others.
There are numerous possible reasons your dog could be doing this, or it may be because of an array of causes. There are a few aspects to think about to determine the most likely reason , and there are actions you can take to stop it.


Why your dog sits on your head or face

Here are some common reasons dogs are guilty of this and what could make their chances higher to become the most important motive.

It wants something from you

The reason your dog is doing this may be because it is looking for some kind of reward from your. This is especially likely if it happens in the same way you’d normally offer it exercise or food and it is sitting on you to get you to stand up.


It could also be boredom. It’s more likely to happen if it does it after it hasn’t been exercising for the past few days and is known to be extremely active when doing it. In this instance it is important to make sure that it’s receiving the minimum amount of exercise recommended for the breed.

Encouraging the behavior

It could be you’ve taught it that it can get things it desires when it sits on your head or your head. If you are prone to giving it treats, toys or other rewards whenever your dog is sitting upon your back, it is likely to perform it more often to earn more rewards. It is better to reward it for doing things exactly how you want it tobehave, and to offer it reinforcement and to attempt to alter its behaviour when it is poised to sit on your head.

It wants attention

It is possible that it does this to draw more interest from you. It is more likely in the event that it tends to do it more frequently when you haven’t been paying it much consideration and you are inclined to pay greater attention to it when it happens.
It is better to pay it attention throughout the day by educating it by playing with it, and providing it with exercise. However, it is best to not reward the animal with attention whenever it behaves badly and wait until it calms to its level before paying attention.

It’s not likely to be dominance

Many people leap into the idea that their dogs are doing this in order to dominate. But, the alpha/beta dynamics is disproved by research showing that wolves rotate when it comes to taking the lead.
However the possibility is that it’s being aggressive because of bullying behaviour, which is more likely when it tries to force you to move or show indications of aggression while performing it. In this situation it is best to keep it from giving reasons to feel threatened , and to help it learn to behave in the way you’d like it to through training programs like NLIF (Nothing In Life Is free) Dog training.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when determining the reason behind why your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started sitting on your head

If your dog was not always behave this way It is helpful to think about what happened when it first began doing it. If it began doing the behavior suddenly, it could be because it learned that it is rewarded with rewards for it.

What is different when your dog sits on your head

It is also helpful to think about what happens when your dog is sitting in your hair. For instance If it happens while you usually exercise it It could try to convince you to exercise.

What to do about your dog sitting on your head

Here are some suggestions you can consider when trying to convince your pet to quit.

Positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement training is where you train your dog to behave the way you want by rewarding it when it shows signs of behaving the way you want it to. Another option is to teach your dog to sit at your command the use of positive reinforcement in the place you want it to sit in, and then ask it to do so several times a day and reward it for doing this. Repeating the procedure and repetition, your dog will learn that sitting in a new place results in receiving rewards.


How can I stop my dog from sleeping under the covers?

If your dog is attempting to sit in your lap at-home during playtime, there may be no need to end the practice since it could result in no negative consequences.
But, if your dog insists on instructions or constant nudges to keep the dog to avoid sleeping in your bed, you may have to address this issue.
Positive reinforcement can be the best method for doing this. You can do this by offering your dog treats and rewards whenever he does not want to leave your space and go to a different location. It is also possible to engage him by taking him out for an exercise to take advantage of the time he longs to spend with you.


The final option is entirely yours. The dog that is lying in your chair or any other areas of your body is usually a sign of affection that helps them show affection and love in addition to other things. When you’re required to remain in your own space however, you should inform your dog that. This could possibly affect your dog’s feelings slightly, but it’ll be okay.

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