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If your dog loves to sit on your lap often, and you’re contemplating the reason.
This post will give you the various reasons it could be sitting on your lap, and how you can do to fix it.
Why does my dog lie upon my lap? One of the reasons that your dog is sitting on your lap could be because it’s looking for attention or you’re sitting in the same spot and you’ve inadvertently rewarding the behavior, or it’s waiting for some reward from you.
There are a lot of factors to look at in trying to determine the reason why your dog lies in your lap. When you’ve got a clear concept of the reason for doing this, you’ll be able to convince it to stop quickly.


Why does my dog sit on my lap?

The various reasons for your dog to sit on your lap could have a few indications of how it is doing it.
Below, I’ll list several reasons for why it could be on your lap, and the factors that make them more likely.

Your dog wants attention

The reason that your dog sits on your lap may be because it’s in search of attention. This is especially likely if you pay more attention to it when it is on your lap. Likewise, if it is doing it more often even when you aren’t paying attention to it.
If you’d like to train the animal to cease, it will be beneficial to not reward it whenever it does this and also to teach it to stop at a different place.

It is unlikely to be due to dominance

Many people come to the conclusion that dogs are sitting high or on their laps due to the dogs want to establish dominance. The alpha/beta relationship has been proven false in research which show that wolves alternate when it comes to taking the lead.
In reality you could find that it is being aggressive because of bullying behaviour, which is more likely when it tries to make you be quiet and displays signs of aggression when performing the act. In this situation it’s best to keep it from giving reasons to be afraid and to teach it to behave in the manner you’d like it to through classes like NLIF (Nothing In Life Is free) Dog training.

You’re in your dog’s spot

The reason it sits on you might be due to the fact that you’re in a place it would like to be. If that’s the case then it’s crucial to instruct it to go in a different spot when you tell it to. In the event that you do not you risk the possibility of it becoming aware that you’re not the only one who is in charge which can cause it to become difficult to control.

To spread its scent

The reason it is sitting on your feet could be because it’s trying to diffuse its scent over you , so that dogs are able to be able to smell it.
To avoid this, you’ll have to work on training it to sit in specific spots and also to deter it from laying on your back by ignoring it when does, and rewarding it when it does not.

The behavior has been reinforced

It is possible that you’ve inadvertently taught it to rest on you. It is more likely if you are inclined to offer it things it would like when it is sitting on you like attention and treats, or toys.
Instead of giving it items it would like, if it is sitting on you it can be helpful to teach it not to rest on you, and to be rewarded when it is acting well.

Separation anxiety

The reason for this is it could be because it is suffering from separation anxiety. It is not a fan of being in its own space and makes it anxious. It is more likely the cause when it begins to become anxious as you prepare to leave and rests on you around the time you usually take your leave.

Your dog is waiting for something

It could be because it is waiting for something from you like eating or exercising. This is especially likely if it prefers to lie on your lap around the time that it is normally getting the items or does this when it’s been a while since it was fed.


Things to consider about your dog sitting on your lap

Below, I’ll highlight the most helpful points to look at in trying to determine the reason why your dog is laying on your lap all day. When you have a clear concept of what is causing it, you’ll be able to take the necessary course of action.

When your dog first started sitting on your lap

It’s helpful to look at the exact date the moment it first began to lie on your lap as it could be because there was a trigger incident that caused it to begin doing it.
It is possible that it could have been because you rewarded it after it was doing something once, then you stopped giving it the attention it deserved or it didn’t get enough walks.


How to get your dog to stop sitting on your lap

There are numerous options you could take to stop your dog from sitting on your lap. The most effective solution for your dog’s needs will depend on the reason behind the behavior.
Below, I’ll list several options you can take to address it.

Ignore your dog

Because the reason it is laying on your lap is likely be because it is searching at you, it’s best to keep it from paying the attention it deserves when it does. It can be done by removing it from your by standing up, and waiting for it’s calm down, and then repeating the process again in the event that it attempts to do the same thing again.

Train your dog not to

You can also teach your dog to not sit on you by teaching it to remain on the floor while you’re sitting down. It can be achieved by encouraging it to sit or lie down, and gradually teaching it how to stay in place for longer durations.

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