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If your dog is waiting outside in the shower you may be wondering why , and what you can do to fix it. This article will help you understand several possible causes and what you could do to prevent it from happening.
Why is my dog not want to go in the shower? The reasons your dog doesn’t want to go in the shower could be because it suffers from separation anxiety or is protecting itself or it has learned that this behavior is rewarding or it just does it naturally.

If you’re a dog enthusiast and reside in the same home with your pet, then you will have to deal with certain situations. Certain behaviors that are typical of dogs can be quite shocking.
There are a variety of possible reasons, it might be helpful to think about what could make each one more than likely to represent the most important cause. Once you have an concept of the cause, it will be much easier to convince your pet to cease it.


Reasons why your dog sits outside the shower

Below are some possibilities for why your dog isn’t in the bathroom and what might make each one more than likely to represent the primary reason.

Separation anxiety

It could be because there is a sense of separation anxiety. It is more likely if you notice signs of anxiety while you take the shower , and gets anxious when you leave your home or getting ready to go to sleep in the evening. The signs of anxiety may include crying or pacing.


It could be because it’s being protective. It is more likely if it is known to become overly protective when animals or other people are present. It’s also more likely not to display any indications of anxiety and does not appear to be waiting to hear from you.

Encouraging it

It is possible that the animal has realized to earn rewards for waiting outside of the shower. If you often give it something like more attention, toys or even treats, when it’s waiting outside the shower, it’s likely to perform it even more.


Animals evolved to be pack animals and it’s normal for them to want to be with the other members of their group. The reason your dog is following you to the bathroom could be due to the fact that it wants to be near you, so it feels as if it’s part of the group and is more secure. This is especially true in the event that it tends to go with you to other places after having been given food and exercising.


Things to consider

Here are some points to think about when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If your dog didn’t always take a shower outside it is a good idea to think about what happened when it first began doing it. If it started to do it at a momentary rate it could be due to something like the realization that it is rewarded or some other reason that caused it to become nervous when it is alone, for instance the time you bought an animal that is new.

What is different when your dog sits outside the shower

In the event that there’s a particular moment when your dog is likely to be outside of your shower area, it could be helpful to look into what’s different about the time of the day. For instance If it doesn’t do it after it’s been fed or exercised It could be that it does this in anticipation of the things it is waiting for.

The body language it shows

It’s also useful to think about the body language is displayed when it is waiting outside of the shower.
If it displays symptoms of anxiety, like crying, appearing smaller or pacing around It is more likely to be acting out due to something that makes it scared or anxious like separation anxiety.
While if it’s calm, waiting in the shower, it is more likely to do it instinctively since it feels more secure in your presence or is feeling more secure.


What to do about your dog sitting outside the shower

Below are some choices you can choose from when trying to get the dog off.

Avoid encouraging it

Like we said it could be the case that it’s been taught that certain behaviors are reward. It is better in rewarding the behavior when it doesn’t go to the bathroom and not reward it whenever it does.

Limit reasons why it might be anxious

It can also be helpful to identify the reasons that it could be anxious. A few things to consider include making sure it is fed, active and that it is able to go outside to pee prior to leaving for a bit.

Positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement training involves encouraging the behaviors that you want to see by rewarding them and discouraging unwanted behaviors by not rewarding them. In order to encourage your dog to not follow you to the bathroom, you can make it appear like you’re taking a shower, and reward it when it isn’t following you.
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Final Thought

I suggest you start by removing the fear of being in a different place from your dog’s brain. Since as long as he is suffering from such anxiety in his head it will make him unhappy. Inspire him to believe that you’ll not leave him but you will only be gone for only a short time.
If he can see that you’ll never let him go, he will not be worried in his head. Furthermore, with a little repetition and positive reinforcement, any habit he has can be altered. If you believe that my post can help you, and you want to stay with us, then do so. Thank you!

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